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Moravian College


Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges (LVAIC)

Moravian College, with Cedar Crest College, DeSales University, Lafayette College, Lehigh University, and Muhlenberg College, is a member of the Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges (LVAIC). One of the benefits of this association is the opportunity for full-time students to take courses at one or more of the member colleges at no additional tuition charge. Regulations for Moravian College students include:

  1. A full-time day-session student of Moravian College in good academic standing who has earned at least six course units may enroll for up to two course units per term, to a total of eight course units, at any of the LVAIC institutions, provided:
    • The student has submitted the cross-registration form online at
    • The student cannot schedule a course at another LVAIC institution if it is offered at Moravian the same semester.
    • The student's total courseload for the term, including the cross-registered course unit, does not exceed 4.5 course units. 
  2. A course carrying three or more semester hours of credit at an LVAIC institution will be accepted at Moravian as a full course unit when taken as one course of a normal four-course-unit load during a fall or spring term.
  3. All grades earned in courses taken through cross-registration at LVAIC institutions are entered on the Moravian transcript and computed in the cumulative GPA based upon grade equivalencies determined by the College.
  4. Students who register for courses at other LVAIC institutions assume responsibility for the costs and means of transportation and accept the inconvenience of differing academic calendars.
  5. Online cross-registration is not available for courses offered during summer or winter terms. Cross-registration forms and additional information about policies and procedures for taking summer or winter courses at other LVAIC institutions are available at the Office of the Registrar.

LVAIC also has extended to part-time degree candidates the opportunity to cross-register for courses offered by member institutions with established programs for part-time day and evening students. Both grades and credits earned in one of the cooperating colleges under this policy will transfer automatically to the student's home institution. Cross-registration provides an opportunity to take courses not available at the home institution and thus eases the scheduling difficulties sometimes experienced by working adults. A part-time student may cross-register for a maximum of two courses for each year of equivalent full-time study. Students interested in learning more about this opportunity should contact the registrar.

Enrollment in cross-registered courses is permitted only on a space-available basis. At Moravian College, private music instruction, nursing courses, independent study, internship, Honors, student teaching (including the associated seminar), and online courses are excluded from cross-registration except by permission of the associate provost.


Moravian College is an active participant in The Council of Independent Colleges (CIC).  Undergraduate students from participating institutions will be invited to enroll in various course offerings, for credit, subject to limits on class size, course prerequisites, and the regulations in place at their home institutions. Qualified students will be accepted on a first-come basis. There will be no additional tuition or fees for students who enroll in these courses. 

The Council of Independent Colleges (CIC)

TRANSFER OF COURSES (non-LVAIC institutions)

Moravian College welcomes applications for admission from students currently attending other colleges and universities. A student may be admitted to Moravian as a transfer student at the beginning of either the fall or the spring term. A candidate for transfer admission must complete the College application, submit a nonrefundable fee of $40 (unless the student uses the College's online application form, in which case the fee is waived), and secure a recommendation from the dean of students at the institution he or she is currently attending. 

Candidates seeking admission for the fall term are encouraged to submit the application and supporting documents in accordance with transfer admission deadlines.

Credit is granted for courses completed with a grade of C (2.0) or better.  The courses must be the equivalent of courses taught at Moravian or be judged by the College to be consistent with Moravian's curriculum. In some cases, a portfolio review or proficiency test may be required (for example, in art or music) to determine the transferability of a particular course.

A maximum of 80 total credit hours (20 total course units) may be transferred for credit:

  • 80 credit hours (20 course units) maximum from both 2-year or 4-year institutions combined.
  • Transfer credit is awarded for grades of "C" or better -- "Pass/No Credit" does not transfer.
  • Students entering their senior year and/or have earned 20+ course units must attend a 4-year institution in order to transfer credits back to Moravian College.
  • Grades from non-LVAIC institutions are not recorded on the student record; only course units earned (grades of "C" or better) will transfer.
  • Credit hours from other institutions transfer to Moravian College as course units:
    • 4 credit hours = 1 unit
    • 3 credit hours = 0.75 units
  • Maximum of 16 credit hours (4 course units) may be taken in one summer or winter session

The final decision on transfer of credits rests with the Office of Registrar.

In order for transfer courses to count in fulfillment of most major requirements or in fulfillment of any Learning in Common course, the transfer course carry at least 3 credit hours (0.75 units). All degree candidates must complete with a passing grade at least one multidisciplinary (M) and one upper-division (U) course at Moravian College. A 3- or 4-credit hour course may be used to satisfy a LinC requirement with prior approval.  

Credits for courses completed at foreign institutions accredited by the respective Ministry of Education or with an official transcript evaluated by World Education Service (WES) with a grade of C (2.0) or higher may be transferred into Moravian College, provided that these courses are in subjects generally recognized as appropriate for liberal arts colleges and are either comparable to courses offered at Moravian College or are applicable to a degree program at Moravian College. Such credits must be evaluated and approved for transfer credit by the appropriate department or program chair and the Registrar. In some cases, a course description or syllabus, in English, may be required before a decision on transfer credits is finalized. If the course is approved for transfer, students will receive credit, but the grade will not be calculated in the student's grade point average.

Courses taken while a Moravian College student is on a college-approved study abroad program are eligible for transfer to Moravian College if the courses are taken for a letter grade (no pass/no credit or pass/fail) and the grade earned is equivalent to a C or better. Students must have their study abroad courses approved in advance of enrolling in the courses. 

Transfer students seeking AP, CLEP, or DSST/DANTES credit for examinations taken prior to matriculating at Moravian College must provide an original score report from the College Board. Credit for these examinations will not be granted based on a transcript from another institution. 

Approved transfer courses, including those taken at an approved study-abroad program, are posted to the student’s Moravian College transcript as credits earned only, without a grade. Students must complete at least half of any major or minor with courses taken for a letter grade at Moravian College or an LVAIC school. 

Policies regarding the transfer of graduate courses are established by program and are occasionally governed by external licensing and accreditation requirements. Please consult with the program director regarding transfer of graduate courses into a Moravian College graduate degree program.

Study Away/Study Abroad courses

Students who elect to participate in a domestic or international study abroad experience taken for credit may transfer credits back to Moravian College as part of their academic record, where the course was pre-approved by the department chair and/or dean and the course earned a grade of C or better. No credit will be awarded for courses taken on a pass/fail or pass/no credit basis. Final approval for transfer rests with the institutional registrar.  

Students who enroll for study abroad at a school using the ECTS system (European Credit and Transfer Accumulation System) should be advised that ECTS credits count for half of a standard US credit. So, for example, a student who earns 6 ECTS credits will receive 3 US credits or 0.75 Moravian College units for successful completion of those credits.