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Moravian College

Withdrawal from the College

Students who for any reason find it necessary to withdraw from the College and do not plan on returning, should inform the director of student success. The decision to withdraw is a serious one. Moravian College requires students to discuss withdrawal plans and decisions with their academic advisor.

The effective date of withdrawal and associated adjustment of tuition, fees, and financial aid is determined as the date on which the student began the formal withdrawal process by notifying the director of student success of their intention.

Students who do not attend classes by the end of the drop/add period of a given term, or who attend but do not register for classes, are considered withdrawn from the College. Exceptions to this policy may be granted only by the associate provost or dean of the faculty.

Resident students must vacate rooms within 24 hours of the effective withdrawal date, unless an extension is approved by the Office of Student Affairs.

Students are strongly encouraged to follow the withdrawal procedures in a timely manner. Each day of delay may affect their refund.

To withdraw from the College, students must follow the following procedures:

  • Student contacts the director of student success to inform him or her of his or her intention to leave the College. The director will provide the student the web address where he or she can access the step-by-step withdrawal instructions and forms. Note that the student’s transcript will not be released until all steps of the withdrawal process are completed.
  • Student completes and submits the withdrawal form electronically. Upon the student submitting the form, a signature form will be generated and the student is to print and sign that form.
  • Student meets with each of the following and subsequently obtains their signature on the withdrawal signature form:

Required signatures:

  • Academic Advisor
  • Business Office (Student Accounts)
  • Student Affairs Office
  • Center for Information and Technology (if College issued laptop/iPad)

Required signatures, if applicable:

  • Financial Aid (if student receives financial aid)
  • International Studies (for international students)
  • Athletics (for varsity athletes)
  • Student returns the completed signature form to the director of student success and participates in an exit interview with the director.
  • Student must return all computer equipment, including accessories. The student may incur additional charges if equipment is damaged or missing.
  • Student returns room keys, locker keys, and all other College property.

Once the withdrawal process is initiated, a student who changes his/her mind about withdrawing from the College may do so by rescinding the withdrawal in writing to the director of student success. If the separation is to take effect at a time when classes are in session, the rescission must occur within ten calendar days from when the process is initiated.

No refund of tuition and fees will be made for students who do not follow required procedures. Failure to follow the formal procedures may result in withdrawal by the College (see elsewhere in this handbook).

If a student withdraws from the College within the 60% point of the semester, charges and financial aid will be adjusted according to the following schedule:

  • On or before the first day of classes, 100% of tuition, room, board, and other fees will be cancelled. However, enrollment and room deposits, where applicable, will be retained by the College.
  • After the first day of class but within the 60% point of the semester, tuition and fees will be adjusted based on the number of calendar days remaining in the semester; room and board refund policies are outlined below.
  • After the 60% point of the semester, no adjustment is made in tuition and fees.

Note: The last day for any adjustment of charges for Fall 2016 is October 31, 2016; for Spring 2017, it is March 24, 2017.

Tuition and Fees: The adjustment will be made to tuition and fees included in the comprehensive fee (e.g., student activity fee, technology fee, Health Center fee). No adjustment will be made to other fees such as those associated with courses, labs, and physical education (i.e., after the first day of classes there will be no reimbursement of these fees).

Room Fees: Residence hall rooms are rented on an annual basis. A student who signs a room contract is expected to reside in College housing for the full academic year. After the first day of classes, in the event that a student withdraws from the College, he or she forfeits the housing deposit and will receive a pro rata refund of room charges only if the residence hall lease can be transferred by the director of housing to another student for whom no other College accommodations exist. If this condition does not exist, the student will be held liable for the full amount of the contracted housing charges for the term in which the withdrawal was initiated.

Board Fee: Board fees will be adjusted on a pro rata basis, based on the remaining number of unused weeks remaining in the semester. Unused dining dollars will be forfeited.

Financial Aid Reimbursement

Because financial aid is intended to help meet educational costs, withdrawal from the College also means that it will be adjusted based on the schedule above. Financial aid adjustments will be calculated and refunded to the source of the aid, such as federal, state, or institutional aid programs. Normally the amount returned to each source will be in proportion to the amount received unless federal, state, or other guidelines indicate differently. The College will observe the federally mandated process in determining the amount of money, if any, that must be returned.

The priority of return of financial aid funds will be as follows:

  • Unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loan.
  • Subsidized Federal Stafford Loan.
  • Federal Perkins Loan.
  • Federal PLUS Loan.
  • Federal Pell Grant.
  • Academic Competitiveness Grant.
  • National SMART Grant.
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG).
  • Other Title IV assistance (federal financial aid).
  • Other federal or state financial aid as required.
  • Institutional aid.
  • Other funds as required.

Reimbursement to Student

A student may be eligible for a reimbursement of a portion of the amount paid after all Federal Title IV funds and other financial aid programs are reimbursed as required and all outstanding balances with the College have been cleared. Private or alternative loans borrowed by or for the student are included with the student refund amount, if any.

Refund Policy

  1. The effective withdrawal date is the date on which the student began the formal withdrawal process by notifying the director of student success of his or her intention unless the student indicates the withdrawal is effective at the end of a term.
  2. Students required to withdraw from classes or from College housing for disciplinary reasons are not eligible for any refund, except pro-rated board, unless required by federal, state, or other regulations.
  3. Upon request, a detailed official policy with examples of application of the College's refund policy is available in the Financial Aid Office and the Office of Student Accounts.
  4. Dropping out of some classes, but not all classes, is not considered withdrawal; however, adjustments to financial aid still may be required. See Dropping Courses.
  5. If funds are released to a student because of a credit balance on the account prior to withdrawal or change in registration status, then the student may be required to repay some of the financial aid that contributed to that credit balance.
  6. Refunds will be determined, processed, and paid within 30 calendar days of the determination of the date of withdrawal.

Questions about the College's refund policy and its application in particular cases may be addressed to Dawn Snook, director of student accounts, Colonial Hall. Appeals concerning the application of this refund policy may be made in writing to Mark F. Reed, vice president for finance and administration, Colonial Hall, for final determination.