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Moravian University offers baccalaureate-level students the opportunity to earn post-secondary certificates, in addition to their major.  Students may not earn a certificate and a minor in the same field.  For example, students may not earn a certificate in history and a minor in history; however, students might use HIST375 both for their history minor and for a certificate in indigenous studies.

Certificates consist of 3.75 to 7.50 units (15 to 30 credit hours) from a single department or other organized area of study.  In many cases, departments specify certain courses that must be included in a certificate. These are listed in the descriptions of the respective departments within the catalog.  At least half of the course units must be taken for a letter grade at Moravian (or through cross-registration), and must include at least one course unit above the 100 level.  Students must have a 2.00 GPA in all selected course units in order to be awarded the certificate.

To declare a certificate, students must complete a declaration of certificate form, which must be approved by an advisor within the program of study.

Moravian also offers post-baccalaureate and graduate certificates in selected areas.  Graduate certificates are composed of a minimum of 12 credit hours of graduate study. To earn a graduate certificate, courses must be taken for a letter grade, and students must finish the courses with a GPA of 3.00 or higher in all courses in the certificate program.  Post-master’s certificates are also available in selected areas of study in nursing; consult with the department on requirements.