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Physical Education

Designed to provide contemporary information about the beneficial effects of a positive, healthy lifestyle, as well as how to implement and live such a lifestyle.  Students are encouraged to participate in fitness classes to meet their personal health, wellness, and fitness needs. 

Veterans who have successfully completed Basic Training in any branch of the service receive 1 unit of  elective credit.

Courses in Physical Education

PHED 107.2. Concepts of Fitness and Wellness. Provides cognitive and behavioral skills needed for a healthy lifestyle, based on personal needs, to promote lifetime health, fitness, and wellness.

PHED 236. Health and Safety. For prospective teachers. Aspects of health and safety in the classroom. Topics: safety, child abuse, HIV/AIDS, substance abuse, suicide prevention. For junior and senior education students. 
190-199, 290-299, 390-399. Special Topics.

PHED 190-199, 290-299, 390-399. Special Topics.
PHED 286, 381-383. Independent Study.
PHED 384. Independent Research.
PHED 288, 386-388. Internship.