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The following end-of-term policies apply to all courses (except where designated).  Students are advised to be aware of these policies in preparing to finish any remaining work or preparing for final exams.

  1. In determining the final grade, please note that no single element (including the final examination) may be counted as more than one-third of the final grade.
  2. No final exams may be scheduled during the last five days of classes (but other exams and quizzes may be administered).  This restriction applies only to final exams offered in a full fall or spring term, and does not apply to accelerated courses, winter, or summer terms.
  3. No tests, quizzes, papers or projects worth more than 20% of the final grade for the course may be scheduled for the last 5 days of classes.
  4. If any test is given during the last week of classes, it must not overrun the allotted time period of the class.
  5. The regulation regarding length of exam does apply to take-home final examinations, which are due at the scheduled time during the final examination period.  Take-home finals may be given to students at any time, however they are due back to the instructor at the date and time the “in class” final was scheduled (as per the exam schedule on AMOS).
  6. All tests and quizzes are to be returned no later than two weeks after they are given and, in any event, no later than the next-to-the-last class meeting, with the exception of final exams or final projects due during the last week of class or final exams.
  7. All papers are to be returned no later than three weeks after the due date or in any case no later than the scheduled final exam for the class, or by the last day of classes in courses with no scheduled final exam.
  8. Students who have more than 2 final exams scheduled on a single calendar day have the right to move one to another day. Students in this situation are asked to work through their Dean and with a faculty member to determine a mutually agreed upon date to move the exam, which must be scheduled during the normal exam period for that term.


If a student is unable to take a final examination, the instructor's permission must be secured in order for a makeup exam to be arranged. The University does not recognize airline schedules or other travel plans as a legitimate reason for rescheduling final examinations. Students must check the final exam schedule before making travel plans. The schedule is posted on AMOS prior to the start of each term. Appeals of the decision of the instructor should be directed to the appropriate dean. A student scheduled for three final exams on a single calendar day is entitled to have one exam rescheduled. Requests for any changes in the exam schedule must be submitted in writing to the appropriate academic dean (arts, humanities, and social sciences; or natural sciences and health sciences) by midterm.

The University generally provides 1 or 2 reading days prior to or during final exams each fall or spring term. The purpose of these days is for students to prepare for final exams and presentations without the distraction of other activities and work. Nonetheless, the institution does allow student-organized activities during the reading days, with the permission of the dean of students and provost.  Requests to schedule such activities must be made in writing to both vice presidents, with a clear description of the intended audience, schedule of events, and facilities needs.  No mandatory events are permitted during reading days.  All events offered must be voluntary.