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Add-Venture Program

The Add-Venture program is designed for students who come to Moravian with a clear sense of direction and a good idea of their educational goals. It allows such students maximum freedom in choosing and justifying their programs of undergraduate studies.

No more than 35 first-year students and 5 incoming transfers students may be enrolled as Add-Venture students each year. Incoming students who wish to be considered for the program must complete an online application to the Add-Venture program; more specific information can be obtained from an admissions counselor or institutional website. *Selection of Add-Venture students is made by the Academic Standards Committee on the basis of an evaluation of each applicant’s application, high school record, and SAT scores. Applicants are encouraged to provide pertinent additional information (special projects, unusual recognition) in support of statements made in their application.

Students selected for participation in the Add-Venture program are assigned a faculty mentor at the time of their selection and are required to design a plan of study during their first year at the University in consultation with their mentor. Though free to propose and select the courses they wish to take, approval of their program is subject to the mentor's certification that the course selections promote the educational goals identified in the plan of study. Completion of Learning in Common 101 is mandatory for all Add-Venture students. In addition, Add-Venture students selecting academic majors must also meet the departmental requirements and course sequences applicable to the major, including completion of a writing-intensive course in the major. However, Add-Venture students need not select a major. (Add-Venture students who do not declare a major still must complete at least one writing-intensive course as part of their degree program.) They may opt to pursue a course of study determined by the objectives of their master plan.

In order to qualify for graduation, Add-Venture students also must meet minimum graduation requirements (32 course units with a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or higher) and abide by all other policies governing student conduct at Moravian University.

Add-Venture students completing requirements for a major are expected to consult concurrently with their departmental major advisor and their Add-Venture Program mentor. Both advisors must sign and approve the student's course selections.

*Specific instructions will be supplied to all applicants.