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Double Majors

A student who wishes to complete full majors in two areas of study indicates one as the primary major, which determines the degree (B.A., B.Mus., or B.S.). Both majors will be noted on the transcript. Courses in each major must be independent of each other; students may not "double dip" one course between two majors, or between any major and a minor.

Double Degrees (Undergraduate)

Students who wish to earn multiple baccalaureate degrees from Moravian University must complete multiple majors (one major per degree awarded), all requirements of the Learning in Common program (excepting Add-Venture students), and at least eight additional course units beyond the first degree for each additional degree. For example, a student wishing to earn two undergraduate degrees must complete at least 40 units; a student wishing to earn three undergraduate degrees must complete at least 48 units.

Double Degrees (Graduate)

Students who have earned a graduate degree from Moravian University are invited to pursue a second graduate degree from the institution. Students must apply for admission to the new degree program, and fulfill all requirements of that degree program. The program director of the second degree will determine if credits from the previous degree may be applied to the new program; up to a maximum of 50% of those credits may apply the new degree program. Students who are simultaneously enrolled in two master's programs may count courses towards both degrees, as long as at least 50% of the courses in each degree program is completed independently of the other.

Some external accrediting bodies may have policies on transfer and sharing of credits between degree programs. Where these policies are more stringent or specific than the Moravian University policy stated above, the accreditation policies take precedence.

Students must complete the double degree within seven years of the first course in the program; exceptions on the time limit may be granted by the appropriate graduate program director.  Students who have already completed a master's degree at Moravian University who wish to use this policy towards a second master's degree must have earned the first degree within three years of applying to the second degree program; exceptions on the time limit may be granted by the appropriate graduate program director.