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No single major is exclusively appropriate for pre-law students. Students should choose a single major, double major or a combination of major and minor that interests them most and requires rigorous critical thinking, reading, and writing. Traditionally, majors in Political Science, History, Sociology, Economics, Philosophy, and English have been the choices of pre-law students. However, an increasing number of students in Languages, Mathematics, Public Health, and Natural Sciences have chosen to pursue advanced studies in the Law. Following the guidelines of the American Association of Law Schools (AALS) the Moravian Pre-Law program does not recommend a particular major to students who wish to go to law school or pursue law as a career. However, the University has identified certain critical experiences that are highly recommended for students in their preparation for future legal studies. 

  1. A class in Philosophy that includes rigorous logical reasoning, such as PHIL 110 Introduction to Logic: Critical Thinking or PHIL 220 Advanced Logic: Sentential and Predicate Logic.

  2. Shadowing a lawyer. The University has a list of over 100 Moravian alumni who are lawyers and ready to offer shadowing opportunities.

  3. LSAT Preparation course. Contact the Director of the Pre-Law Program, Dr. Heikki Lempa, for different opportunities.  

Special Admission Programs to Law Schools

Moravian University has special early admission agreements with Rutgers Law School and Widener University Delaware Law School. We have a 3+3 program with both law schools. They are designed for incoming freshmen students to make them eligible to transfer to these laws schools after three years at Moravian. The acceptance to the 3+3 program does not guarantee admission to the law schools but a set of additional criteria has to be met. We also have an Express or Guaranteed Admission Program with Widener for those students who fulfill all the degree requirements at Moravian and then continue at the Law School. A set of criteria has to be met to get admitted to the Widener Law School.

A student interested in careers in law should speak with the Director of the Pre-Law Program, Dr. Heikki Lempa, as soon as possible. He is glad to answer any questions about the program or general preparation for law school.