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The minor at Moravian University consists of at least five letter-graded course units from a department outside the student's major.  In many cases, departments specify certain courses that must be included in a minor. These are listed in the descriptions of the respective departments.  At least three of the course units must be taken for a letter grade at Moravian University (or through cross-registration institutions), and must include at least two course units above the 100 level.  Students must have a 2.00 GPA in all selected course units in order to graduate with a minor.

Notes on Double Majors and Minors

In seeking to establish a second major or a minor, a student may count a course only once. For example, a student may not count Economics 152 more than once in fulfilling the requirements of a major or minor in economics, management, and accounting. An alternate course, approved by the department, must be substituted in the second major or the minor.

Required collateral or co-requisite courses in departments outside the major, however, may be used to establish a second major or a minor if at least eight course units in one department are required for the first major. As an example, the major in chemistry requires eight chemistry course units and in addition three course units in mathematics and two course units in physics. In this case, the mathematics course units or the physics course units may be counted toward a second major or a minor in mathematics or in physics.