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Self-Designed Majors

A student whose academic interests or career goals cannot be met by any of the departmental or interdepartmental majors listed above may propose a self-designed major. Such a program normally consists of 12 course units. The student chooses a title for the major and formulates a general rationale for it (including specific career objectives, where appropriate). Each of the 12 course units must be justified as a part of the program and related to the rationale. At least one course among the 12 must be designated as writing-intensive, and at least two courses must be at the 300-level. The student's faculty advisor works closely and carefully with the student in planning such a self-designed major. The student should be prepared to demonstrate that his or her goals cannot be met through existing options. As for the regular interdepartmental major, the Academic Standards Committee may meet with the student to discuss the program. Applications must be submitted for approval to the Academic Standards Committee no later than the announced date of midterm of the first term of the junior year.