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In addition to the departmental majors, the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science degree also may be taken with an interdepartmental major consisting of six course units chosen from one department (called Set I) and six course units from one or more other departments (Set II), carefully selected, in consultation with an advisor in the

Set I area and with approval by the Academic Standards Committee, with a specific purpose. The Set I area of concentration determines the degree (B.A. or B.S.). At least one course among the 12 must be designated as writing-intensive. At least two courses must be at the 300-level.

The objective of the interdepartmental major is to incorporate sets of courses from two or more departments into an organized program of study. It is designed for the student who has an academic objective that cannot be achieved by the regular departmental major. It is not intended to accommodate the uncommitted student. Proposals for an interdepartmental major, therefore, must be submitted to the Academic Standards Committee for approval prior to registration for the senior year.