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Dating back to humble beginnings of more than 20+ years, and in a phoenix blast of pride exploding from the ashes, Spectrum became recognized as the colorful undergrad student group by USG in 2015.

This vibrant student led LGBTQ+ group is well known, supported, and visible on campus. We welcome allies, accomplices, and questioning individuals alike. Representing all majors (i.e. chemistry, math, business, theatre, music, etc.) and activities (from marching band to sports), Spectrum encompasses many avenues of campus life. Spectrum is also in partnership with other affinity groups on campus and within the larger Lehigh Valley community to host drag shows, aid in the BRIT team, advocate for campus and community inclusivity, and to host the ever popular Second Chance Dance. Spectrum also presents and attends LGBTQ+ conferences at other PA colleges, but we aren't being academic, we're eating pizza and playing board games!

Spectrum works to create welcoming, safe, and inclusive spaces on Moravian's campus for those who are out, in the closet, questioning, or simply an ally, as well as share resources to help queer students in need. Spectrum works hard so all gayhounds have the quality of both a strong campus life and the academic experiences at the Nation's Sixth Oldest College (University!). Join us during any of our meetings to be part of our prideful pack!

For further info, meeting times, or to join, please email our general club email

          Our Goals          

Ensuring that people of all sexual orientations and gender identities feel heard, valued and respected 

Creating a community at Moravian University where all people feel safe and encouraged to express their authentic selves

Educating everyone about LGBTQ+ issues

Creating a safe space for LGBTQ+ community at Moravian 

Outreach/activism within the community


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Michelle Santiago

Laura Oesterle