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Kwame Nkrumah National Park Memorial - Ghana


ENGL 240/AFST 240/WGSS 240

Post Colonial Literature: In Ghana

2024 Trip Cancelled.

This course serves as an introduction to postcolonial literature, focusing on the nation of Ghana. Broadly defined, postcolonial literature is the literature produced by individuals from formerly colonized nations (e.g. Ghana), and concerned with the myriad of effects of that colonization. Since there is no way to assemble into a single course all that is considered postcolonial literature, this course focuses on a single—yet, still rather large—question: The question of history. Reading various texts (e.g., films, novels, short stories), we will approach the question of history from three points--cultural history, national history, and personal history--in an effort to understand some of the ways postcolonial authors have grappled with the effects of colonization.

Faculty Facilitators

Dr. Robert LaRue

Assistant Professor of English

Dr. Chris Hunt

Vice President and Dean for Equity and Inclusion


  • Program Fee:  $1,300
  • Airfare & Transportation: $2,500
  • Self-Pay Total Cost:  $3,800
  • Elevate Total Cost:  $1,200
  • For all travelers:
    • Insurance Fee:  $75 charged directly to your Student Account
    • Recommended for Personal Funds: $300
    • Tuition: None, if taken in spring semester course load.

Quick Facts

  • Application Deadline:  November 15, 2023
  • Program Length: 12 Days
  • Units: 0.5
  • Eligibility: Sophomore standing or higher
  • Language: English

All the landmarks mentioned in this itinerary will be visited. Some changes may be made in the order they will be visited depending upon the weather.

Schedule coming soon.

COVID Disclaimer

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