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Clubs and Organizations

These on-campus clubs and organizations reflect various religious communities. These organizations provide education as well as spiritual and emotional support. Not all of the religions of the world have a group represented on campus; however, the Office of Spirituality and Inclusion is here to serve all students, faculty, and staff, and help provide for the spiritual needs regardless of religious affiliation.  Please let us know how we can serve you.

Student Interfaith Leadership Council

Led by the University Office of Spirituality and Inclusion, this group strives to provide interfaith programming as well as service projects that focus on our common faith foundation.

Moravian University Spiritual Fellowship
Advisor: Larisa Fava

The Moravian University Spiritual Fellowship is an interdenominational group that gathers for spiritual formation opportunities, worship, and fellowship.  

Hillel Society
Advisor:  Jason Radine

The Hillel Society provides a Jewish community within Moravian University, and shares Jewish heritage and traditions with the Moravian University community. Moravian’s Hillel has a partnership with B’rith Sholom Synagogue in Bethlehem, whose rabbi, Rabbi Michael Singer, serves as the University’s Associate Jewish Chaplain. All are welcome to join in the celebration of Jewish holidays, and to attend Hillel events as they occur throughout the year.

Muslim Students Association (MSA)
Advisor: Belinda Waller-Peterson, PhD

MSA is an organization devoted to strengthening the Muslim community through service and activism, educating both Muslims and people of other faiths about the religion of Islam, and facilitating a better environment for students on campus.

Catholics on Campus
Advisor: Carol Traupman-Carr

Catholics on Campus assists the Roman Catholic community of the University in maintaining and strengthening its faith commitment by study, participation in sacraments and worship, and integration of the faith into the community. Students establish respectful sharing with non-Catholic colleagues, who are welcome to participate in all activities. The group also strives to provide personal, spiritual, and emotional support.