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Spirituality & Inclusion Staff

Jennika M. Borger

The Reverend Jennika M. Borger (she/hers)

University Chaplain

Our College Chaplain is ordained in the Moravian Church.  She is a graduate of Moravian University and Moravian Theological Seminary.  The Chaplain coordinates campus spirituality and inclusion activities; plans chapel services and special programs; works with the Catholic and Jewish Chaplains, Muslim prayer leader, and with the staff Interfaith Council; provides counseling; and participates in ceremonies such as Matriculation, Convocation, Baccalaureate, Commencement, as well as Vespers.

Larisa Fava

Larisa Fava (they/them)

Assistant Director of Spirituality and Inclusion

Our Assistant Director for Spirituality and Inclusion is a Moravian Theological Seminary Master of Divinity student. They are a graduate of the Moravian University Class of 2021. The Assistant Director coordinates campus spirituality and inclusion activities; participates in weekly worship and special programs; and works with the religious clubs on campus.

Rabbi Michael Singer

Associate Jewish Chaplain

The Rabbi will be present on campus for activities and service opportunities.

To contact any of the above, please email In-Chi Chow-Rivera, Executive Administrative Assistant at


1224 Lenox Ave
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Phone: 610-861-1583