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German Studies Conference

Welcome to the...

Undergraduate Research Conference in German Studies

April 6, 2024

at Moravian University and Lafayette College, Pennsylvania

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all students who attended the thirteenth annual conference and presented their research projects in German Studies. The large variety and high quality of the papers and the meaningful and stimulating discussions following each session were truly impressive. We also want to convey our deep gratitude to our colleagues for mentoring their students to reach these remarkable levels of achievement in German Studies and also for moderating a session.

The jury had a difficult task to select the best papers. The decision was aided by the following criteria:
                 1.             Clarity and subtlety of the thesis (argument)
                 2.             Recognition of and critical work with the multiplicity of interpretive voices
                 3.             Recognition of the complexity of primary sources
                 4.             Elegance and persuasiveness in answering the questions from the audience

The Max Kade Prize for the best research project and presentation is awarded to (in alphabetical order):

Arushi Nair (Macalester College, MN)
Grace Philippon (Georgetown University, D.C.)

Honorable Mentions (in alphabetical order):

Phaedra Kelley (Hillsdale College, MI)
Charlie Scott (Rutgers University, NJ)
Emily Trujillo (Rutgers University, NJ)
Tabitha Watson (Emory University, GA)

Axel Hildebrandt, Professor of German, Moravian University
Margarete Lamb-Faffelberger, Professor Emerita of German, Lafayette College