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Moravian College
Counseling Center

Counseling Center

The Moravian College Counseling Center provides professional and ethical counseling for the psychological, emotional, social, educational and developmental needs of students. The Counseling Center staff strives to provide a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment so students can enhance their emotional and mental well-being. All counseling services are confidential and no challenge is too big or too small. 

1 in every 5 students at Moravian College seek support through the Counseling Center at one point in their college experience.png  


Not sure if counseling is right for you? Questions about what to expect? Check out our FAQ page.  Also, take an online screening test to learn about yourself or someone you are concerned about. It is anonymous, free, and specifically geared toward college students, with self-help articles and resources. Click below to start the screening. 

SELF-EVALUATOR Screening Tool 


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