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Worried About Someone? 

Watching a friend or fellow Greyhound struggle can be very stressful and difficult. Understanding if, when, or how to help can feel confusing. Below is information and tools on helping others. 


On-Campus Resources 

Counseling Center 

  • The Counseling Center can help you process and cope with the stress and challenges that comes from worrying about a friend. Schedule an appointment if you would like support. As long as the information falls within the boundaries of confidentiality, the information you provide will be kept confidential. 
  • When appropriate, the Counseling Center can reach out to students who may be struggling and remind them of their resources. Please contact us if you believe this may be helpful for your friend. 

SHARE: Moravian University Student Help and Referral 

You are encouraged to share information any time you are concerned about an individual member of the Moravian University community or the community as a whole. This process can be anonymous but not confidential, the information you give will be shared to others. 

How to Help  

Online Screening Tool

Take the Self Evaluator For a Friend. Answer questions to understand what they may be experiencing and get resources on how you could help. 

How to be there for someone who is struggling 

Click the links below to learn more on how to help: 

Learn more about common college student struggles

Visit the Self-Help Resources page to learn more about the struggles and challenges that college students face.