Disclosure Process

For students to receive accommodations, they must self-disclose their disabilities and submit supporting documentation to determine eligibility under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the ADAAA.  Below is the disclosure process.  

  1. Register for services.
    • If the student has never disclosed a disability or worked with the Office of Disability and Accommodations, complete our Intake Form.
    • If the student has disclosed a disability, already has approved accommodations, and would like to request NEW accommodations, log in to Accommodate, click on AccommodationSupplemental, and Add New.
    • If you are an incoming student for an upcoming semester, visit our New Students page for more information on registering.  The official review process for the 2023-24 academic year will begin during the middle of May 2023.  
  2. Submit comprehensive documentation.  Visit the documentation guidelines section of our website that contains more detailed information.
  3. When the student is ready to share their supporting documentation with us, please use one of the secure methods. Do not send medical documentation through email as it is not safe.
    • Secure portal by clicking here
      • Use your Moravian log-in information.
      • Click on DocumentsApproved Documents, and Add New.  
      • Give your documentation a label (Example:  Letter from Doctor)
      • Select the document type.
      • Choose file(s).
      • Click Submit.
      • Additional Information:
        • You can upload more than one document to the form.
        • Upload your documents in PDF, if possible.  Do not upload multiple, individual JPG files. For example, if your diagnostic report has 12 pages, upload these as one PDF document, not 12 separate JPG files.
        • You will not be able to make changes directly to the form once submitted. Please communicate changes and additional accommodation requests to the Office of Disability and Accommodations by sending an email to oda@moravian.edu.
    • Fax to (610) 625-7877
  4. Once the Office of Disability and Accommodations receives the completed intake form and documentation, they will send a confirmation receipt to the student.
  5. The Office of Disability and Accommodations will add your file to the queue for review and review files in the order received.  Allow two weeks for the Office of Disability and Accommodations to review the student's materials.
  6. Our review committee will meet to evaluate the student's documentation.  
  7. After the staff reviews documentation, they will contact the student using the student's Moravian email address and request that the student schedule an appointment.  
  8. Initial appointments can be in person at the Student Life Center, lower level of the HUB, or be virtual using Zoom.  
  9. During the meeting, the Office of Disability and Accommodations staff member will discuss the following with the student:
    • The impact of the disability.
    • Reasonable accommodations that the student may find helpful based upon disability-related functional limitations.
    • The services the student used in the past.
    • Beneficial support services.
    • The Office of Disability and Accommodations staff and the student will discuss how to communicate and work with their professors and other appropriate departments to implement their accommodations.  
    • The Office of Disability and Accommodations staff member will explain how to request approved services. 
  10. Once the staff sends letters of accommodation to professors or other appropriate departments, the student should schedule a meeting with the right individuals or departments to discuss their accommodations.

Please note:  Accommodations are only approved through the Office of Disability and Accommodations approval process and are not retroactive.