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Intercultural Advancement & Global Inclusion

LGBTQ+ Resources


Gender Neutral Bathrooms On Campus 

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Gender Inclusive Housing Policy 

Moravian College offers gender-inclusive housing, a residential space in which residents of any combination of biological sexes, gender identities, or gender expressions choose to live together in the same wing (in first-year halls only) or suite. It is not intended for romantic couples, but rather for students seeking to live in an open and inclusive community.

Full Gender Inclusive Housing Policy 

Safe Zone


Safe Zone is a community of LGBTQ+ allies on Moravian College and Theological Seminary campus who have all undergone and orientation to being and LGBTQ ally and signed the Safe Zone pledge.

Faculty and Staff who have undergone Moravian College and Theological Seminary Safe Zone training and signed the Safe Zone pledge are identified by the Moravian Paw Safe Zone symbol place in their office/ on their office doors.


Safe Zone Pledge

  • I am committed to fighting prejudice and heterosexism on Moravian's campus.
  • I believe that our campus is enriched by the presence and diversity of LGBTQ+ people.
  • I believe all people have the right to grow, learn and develop in a healthy and supportive environment free of prejudice and discrimination.
  • I will do what I can to ensure that LGBTQ+ individuals have a safe and comfortable learning environment on campus.
  • I will maintain a high level of professional confidentiality when an individual shares their identity or story with me.
  • I will continue to educate myself on LGBTQ+ concerns
  • I will guide, when requested, LGBTQ+ individuals to appropriate resources on and off campus.