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Moravian College
Fellowship Program


Internal Moravian deadlines are 2 months prior to scholarship deadline. Please reach out to Dr. Tabor for details.

Madison Fellowship

March 1, 2019

Be a teacher, or plan to become a teacher, of American history, American government, or civics classes where you will teach topics on the Constitution at the secondary school level (grades 7-12). (Up to $24,000)

Society of Physics Students Scholarships

March 15, 2019

These awards are made to undergraduate physics students. Each scholarship differs in criteria and can range from $2,000 to $5,000. 

Udall Scholarship

April 18, 2019

For undergraduates interested in conservation and environmental issues. For Native Americans and Alaska Natives working on an array of policy issues in Indian country For Native Americans and Alaska Natives pursuing health-related careers. (50 scholarships of up to $7,000 each.)

Math for America Fellowships

May 19, 2019

Teach math or science in middle school or high school and Interested in teaching STEM subjects. ($48,000 over 4 years)

Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship

July 1, 2019

Women studying business or business-related programs and are interested in living and/or studying in a Zonta region. Zonta strives to improve the lives of women and children and the areas in which they live. (32 scholarships of $2,000 each)

Mitchell Scholars

September 2019

College graduates fostering academic excellence, leadership, and a commitment to public service. (Full tuition, housing, living stipend)

Rhodes Scholarship

October 2019

Rhodes Scholars are chosen not only for their outstanding scholarly achievements, but for their character, commitment to others and to the common good, and for their potential for leadership in whatever domains their careers may lead. Scholars selected are required to be full-time students at Oxford for the duration of their degree programs, and are required to reside in Oxford during term time except where they obtain the permission of the Warden. (2 year full tuition stipend)

Fulbright Grant

October 2019

U.S. graduating college seniors, graduate students, young professionals and artists to study, conduct research, and/or teach English abroad. In addition, Critical Language Enhancement Awards are available to grantees for study of critical need foreign languages before or during their grant period (Round-trip transportation to the host country, funding to cover room, board, and incidental costs, based on the cost of living in the host country, and Accident & Sickness Health Benefits)

KAUST Fellowship

October 2019

M.S. program requires the satisfactory completion of an undergraduate B.S. degree in a relevant or related area, such as Engineering, Mathematics or the Physical, Chemical and Biological Sciences. (Full tuition, living stipend, housing, relocation)

Gates Cambridge Scholarship

October 2019

Students who wish to pursue a PhD or MS at Cambridge University. (Full Cost)

Schwarzman Scholars

October 2019

Students who wish to pursue a Masters in Global Affairs, with concentrations in one of the following disciplines: public policy, economics and business, and international studies. The concentration gives students an opportunity to focus on aspects of global affairs they may not have previously studied. (Tuition, fees, room and board, travel to and from Beijing at the beginning and end of the academic year, in-country study tours, required course books and supplies, Lenovo laptop, health insurance, and a personal stipend.)

Clinton Global Initiative

October 2019

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and currently enrolled in an institution of higher education at the time of application. To be considered for admission, all applicants are required to design a Commitment to Action in one of CGI U's five focus areas: Education, Environment and Climate Change, Peace and Human Rights, Poverty Alleviation, and Public Health.

Marshall Scholarship

November 1, 2019

Students that would like to pursue a graduate degree in the UK. (Full tuition, living stipend, housing, relocation)

American Scandinavian Foundation Fellowship

November 2019

Individuals to pursue research, study or creative arts projects in one or more Scandinavian country for up to one year. (Up to $23,000)

Public Policy & International Affairs Junior Summer Institute

November 2019

Students who wants to achieve a Master’s or joint degree, typically in public policy, public administration, international affairs or a related field. (Full tuition, Eligibility to receive assistance with travel, expenses, a stipend of up to $1,500, housing and meal plan, books, course materials, minimum of a one-time $5,000 scholarship at a PPIA graduate school if admitted for a Master’s degree, and fee waiver)

Soros Fellowship For New Americans

November 2019

Graduate students who are 30 or younger, who plan to be enrolled full time at an eligible program for the full 2018-2019 academic year, and who are immigrants or children of immigrants. (Up to $90,000 in financial support over two years)

Knowles Math Science Teaching Fellowship

November 2019

Graduates with a Math or Science degree that want to teach math or science.

The Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans

November 2019

This program honors the contributions of immigrants and the children of immigrants to the United States. Each year, this program invests in the graduate education of 30 new Americans (immigrants and children of immigrants) who are poised to make significant contributions to US society, culture or their academic field. (Up to $90,000 over two years)

The National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship

December 2019

Awarded to U.S. citizens and nationals who pursue a doctoral degree in one of the fifteen supported disciplines at a U.S. institution of their choosing. The fifteen supported disciplines are: aeronautical and astronautical engineering, biosciences, chemical engineering, chemistry, civil engineering, cognitive, neural, and behavioral sciences, computer science, geosciences, materials science and engineering, mathematics, mechanical engineering, naval architecture and ocean engineering, oceanography, and physics. (Full tuition along with a $3,200 monthly stipend and up to $1,200 a year in medical insurance)

Pickering Foreign Affairs Fellowship

January prior to cohort year

Students seeking a master's degree in fields relevant to the work of the Foreign Service (public policy, international affairs, public administration, business, economics, political science, sociology, or foreign languages) and be prepared to enter the Foreign Service in Summer 2020. (up to $37,500)

American Association of University Women Selected Professions Fellowships

January 2020

Awarded to women who intend to pursue a full-time course of study at accredited U.S. institutions during the fellowship year in one of the designated degree programs where women’s participation traditionally has been low (architecture, computer/information sciences, engineering, mathematics/statistics). ($5,000-$18,000)

Tompkins National Student Nurses Association Scholarship

January 2020

Undergraduate nursing students. Students currently enrollment and matriculated in a state-approved nursing program leading to an associate degree, baccalaureate, diploma, generic pre-licensure doctorate or generic pre-licensure master’s degree; or enrolled in an RN to BSN completion, RN to MSN completion, or LPN/LVN to RN program. ($1,000-7,500)

Ernest F. Hollings Undergraduate Scholarship

January 2020

Recognizes outstanding students studying in NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) mission fields. Student scholars receive up to $9,500 per academic year to support their studies, as well as paid summer internship opportunities at NOAA facilities across the US.


January 2020

Graduate work in NATIONAL SECURITY in Africa, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Eurasia, Latin America, and the Middle East. (Up to $24,000)

Sidley Prelaw Scholars Program

January 2020

College students in their second semester of junior or senior year at an accredited American college. This program's goal is to increase diversity in law schools and in the legal profession by reducing the cost of the LSAT course and law school application fees.

Gates Millennium Scholars Program

January 2020

This scholarship provides minority students (African American, American Indian, Alaska Native, Asian Pacific Islander American, and Hispanic American) monetary assistance to complete an undergraduate degree. This scholarship can also provide monetary assistance for minority college graduates that wish to pursue a graduate degree in computer science, education, engineering, library science, mathematics, public health or science. (Award is based on financial need)

The Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Foundation

January 25, 2020

Scholarship for college sophomores and juniors who are interested in pursuing careers in the natural sciences, mathematics, and engineering. (Up to $7,500)

Truman Scholarship

February 2020

College students who want to make a difference in the field of public service and want to be future "change agents" ($30,000 Scholarships)

Microsoft Scholarship

February 2020

Students enrolled in a four-year college studying Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or a related STEM degree. (Partial tuition for one academic year)

Project for Peace

February 2020

All undergraduate students, including seniors who would complete their projects after graduation are eligible—so long as the participation agreement from their institution has been fully executed. We encourage applicants to use their creativity to design projects and employ innovative techniques for engaging project participants in ways that focus on conflict resolution, reconciliation, building understanding and breaking down barriers which cause conflict, and finding solutions for resolving conflict and maintaining peace. ($10,000 each)

Internal Moravian deadlines are 2 months prior to scholarship deadline. Please reach out to Dr. Tabor for details.