Anna Nitschmann Society

The society is named in honor of one of America’s first philanthropists, Anna Nitschmann. Anna understood the importance of education for all and was instrumental in raising funds to establish the Girls' School that would become Moravian University. Anna was a pioneer for women philanthropists, and like her, the society aims to be the nascent group for women philanthropists at the University. Anna worked tirelessly to ensure Moravian women were afforded a superior education at a time when many women had limited opportunities. Local indigenous women were even educated in early Bethlehem. Anna inspired, educated, and brought together all women for the betterment of her community, and the mission of the Anna Nitschmann Society is to do the same today.

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About the Anna Nitschmann Society

Letter from First Lady Lea Grigsby P’22, P’26

Alumna or friend of Moravian,

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the Anna Nitschmann Society, Moravian's first philanthropic society founded by women for women. It is a group of which I am so proud to have been the first member.

Women are a powerful force in philanthropy today and have been for centuries. Moravian women have been lighting the way for our students through their philanthropic support for over 280 years—this is why we chose to name this Society after Anna Nitschmann, an early female philanthropist who helped guide the vision and raise funds for the Girls School that later became Moravian University.

We launched this Society in 2021 to recognize our female leaders and philanthropists and to inspire the next generation. I am so grateful to our eleven other inaugural members who joined me this year to establish the Anna Nitschmann Endowed Scholarship Fund, which named its first student recipient this past fall. I invite you to view a profile on Catherine Lovett ’25. To join us in celebrating our strong female leaders and lighting the way for our students, their future, and the next generation as a member of the Anna Nitschmann Society, please click here or reach out to Marissa Zondag, Leadership Gift Officer and Director, Moravian Leadership Council.


First Lady Lea Grigsby P’22, P’26

Current Members

Mary Kate Turowski Andris ’96

Susan Chapman Boehret ’74

Lyn Trodahl Chynoweth ’68

Lea Grigsby P’22, P’26

Kathie Broczkowski Klein ’67

Deb Oplinger McKinnon ’73

Pat Schoenen ’70

LaurieAnn Yeisley-Drogin ’84

Julia Gasdaska Attanasio ’07

Kathleen Cannon ’86

Carolyn Felker ’68

Connie Stirling Hodson ’68

Bev Gaston Kochard ’73

Chris Nelson ’22

Hilary Martin Wandall ’93

Video Introducing the Anna Nitschmann Society

The following video details the legacy of Anna Nitschmann and features First Lady Lea Grigsby P'22, P'26 and Catherine Lovett ’25, inaugural recipient of the Anna Nitschmann Endowed Scholarship.


Meet a Student Pioneer Empowered by the Anna Nitschmann Society

The following video spotlights Marie Stella Addo ’24, a student inspired by the members of the Anna Nitschmann Society and their mission.