Student Philanthropy

Student Membership in the Comenius Society

Any freshman, sophomore, or junior student who contributes $42 (as in 1742!) to the University, and any senior who contributes $142, receives student membership in the Comenius Society. The Comenius Society comprises alumni, trustees, friends, parents, corporate leaders, faculty, staff, and students who share the conviction that Moravian defines what it means to be a 21st-century educational institution, carrying Comenius' ideals forward in a way that merits significant financial support. Student members will receive an invitation to a special recognition event, a social media shout-out, and will be recognized on the monitors across campus.

Senior Class Gift

We have all benefited in one way or another from the generous contributions of Hounds that have come before us, and now it is our turn to invest in the Hounds that will follow us. Tuition and fees cover only approximately ⅔ of a Moravian education, and support from dedicated donors make up the rest. The Senior Class Gift helps to bridge that gap, and makes Moravian a stronger institution. This year’s contributions to the Senior Class Gift Campaign will benefit current and future Hounds.

The members of the Class of 2021 have determined that gifts made to the Senior Class Gift Campaign will support an Annual Fund area of their choice, from the Moravian Scholarship Fund or Athletics to Academic Departments or the Center for Career and Civic Engagement. The Senior Class Gift Committee’s participation goal is 65%. Help us in achieving our goal by following the link above, and making your own gift today! Thank you for your support. As always, it’s a great day to be a Hound!


senior gift pin


A polished gold lapel pin to be worn at graduation and future professional events. 

Pint Glass & Pin 


A polished gold lapel pin and Class of 2021 Pint Glass

Pint Glass & Tshirt & Pin


A polished gold lapel pin, Class of 2021 pint glass, and a Class of 2021 custom t-shirt.

The Class of 2021 achieved outstanding results! Students designated the Annual Fund area they wished to support with their gifts.

Class Participation: 54.67%

Class Total Giving: $7,135.46

  • Kayla Valle - Exec. Board - President
  • Taylor Rasely - Exec. Board - Vice President
  • Harley Bender - Exec. Board - Prospect Manager
  • Hannah Katz - Exec. Board - Event Chairperson
  • Amanda Meinster- Exec. Board - PR/Social Media Chairperson
  • Brianna Boggs - General Committee Member
  • Emily Brandt - General Committee Member
  • Alexa Brown - General Committee Member
  • Chloe Conahan - General Committee Member
  • Hannah McHugh - General Committee Member
  • Chris Mills - General Committee Member
  • Carly Moor - General Committee Member
  • Billy Pritchett - General Committee Member
  • Julianna Riehl - General Committee Member
  • Haley Rudofker - General Committee Member
  • Blake Schuck - General Committee Member
  • Claire Smith - General Committee Member
  • Madison Van Duzer - General Committee Member

  • Brooke Adams
  • Trey Adams
  • Sean Agar
  • Brianna Avila
  • Kayla Balfour
  • Brianna Banes
  • Tanner Barr
  • Antoine Bassil
  • Meghan Bauer
  • Ethan Beeco
  • Jonah Beers
  • Nicholas Bergsma
  • Tasia Biege
  • Ethan Blakely
  • Kevin Brandt
  • Oonagh Breen
  • Alec Brisbois
  • Danielle Burke
  • Alec Buttner
  • Joshua Centeno
  • Melissa Charles
  • Gabriel Chlebove
  • Cat Cole
  • Jessica Collazo
  • Taylor Cooper
  • Vincent Correll
  • Cheyenne Creamer
  • Julia Cucci
  • Trevor Cunningham
  • Talia Daniel
  • Jesika DeDonato
  • Julia Dellaporta
  • Astrid Diaz Villegas
  • Sarah Donati
  • Kasey Draude
  • Jenevieve Eberly
  • Devon Elton
  • Emilee Engler
  • Michael Erickson
  • Nelle Evans
  • Amirbehnam Farbod
  • Omeed Farbod
  • Larisa Fava
  • Morgan Fehnel
  • Sydney Fielding
  • Caroline Flora
  • Ashlynn Forney
  • Lauren Freed
  • Jarod Frekot
  • Corinne Frick
  • Sean Gaida
  • Lauren Garza
  • Skylar Geffinger
  • Jordan Gensits
  • Destiny George
  • Delia Geyer
  • Christina Giacoletti
  • Emerson Gieryic
  • Tamar Giorgadze
  • Jamie Golubinski
  • Stephanie Grande-Brito
  • Nicole Grayuski
  • Trevor Green
  • Norah Grimm
  • Lauren Grossmith
  • Mia Guadagnino
  • Jakleen Hana
  • Erin Happel
  • Louise Harris
  • Megan Hauck
  • Paige Haycock
  • Erica Heaney
  • Emily Heiser
  • Austin Heisler
  • Kaitlyn Hlavinka
  • Cassie Hoffmann
  • Brady Hornbaker
  • Allison Howell
  • Mason Hudnall
  • Ashley Hutchinson
  • Dylan Hutchinson
  • Jacob Kanyuk
  • Paula Keenan
  • Hunter Kern
  • Brianna Keyes
  • Nicholas King
  • Riley Kirkpatrick
  • Adam Klatka
  • Kody Kolnik
  • Kyle Kooker
  • Alexa Koorie
  • Allyson Kovach
  • Claudia Krautkremer
  • Laurn Kubic
  • Ashley Kunsman
  • Thomas Lakata
  • Ashley Lamoureux
  • Kaylia Leon Lopez
  • Gabriel Leonardo
  • Austin Long
  • Raquel Lopez De Boer
  • Alyssa Machado
  • Livia Mackes
  • Emily Manda
  • Morgan Martin
  • Victoria Martin
  • Sabrina Masone
  • Shane Mastro
  • Thomas Mateo
  • Kayla Matthews
  • Michael Patrick Mayernik
  • Sean McFarland
  • Erin McHenry
  • Evan Mengel
  • Jessica Mickno
  • William Milburn
  • Cassandra Miller
  • Brianna Milstrey
  • Emily Mittl
  • Alexis Mock
  • Valerie Monaco
  • Olivia Moore
  • Brendan Morgans
  • Sean Moros
  • Mikayla Morton
  • Janelle Moser
  • Courtney Nealon
  • Daniel Nicolo
  • Alison Nicolosi
  • Shane O'Connor
  • Siobhan O'Sullivan
  • Janessa Ortiz-Delgado
  • Michael Pados
  • Hannah Pellicciotti
  • Lexi Peploe
  • Edemil Perez
  • Danielle Petrovic
  • Jordyne Pfister
  • Micaela Posh
  • Yaryna Pukalo
  • Janelle Pyar
  • Kylie Rayher
  • Bridgette Reed
  • Cailyn Reinhard
  • Naomi Rieth
  • Victoria Ritter
  • Pearly Rudy
  • Julius Sarkozy
  • Peter Scheer
  • Destinee Schulz
  • Derek Scott
  • Skylynn Seals
  • Lyndsay Shimkus
  • Lara Slabber
  • Brandon Sokalsky
  • Joseph Solis
  • Andrew Sonntag
  • Carolyn Spooner
  • Emma Standing
  • Sophia Starner
  • Diana Stavinski
  • Andrew Stein
  • Kara Stetler
  • Abby Stocker
  • Adam Strouse
  • Danielle Sullivan
  • Sara Tanzosh
  • Vitor Tavares
  • Elise Tomaszewski
  • Max Towers
  • Madelynn Turner
  • Skylar Vaughan
  • Benedict Versaci
  • Michaella Wallace
  • Brooke Wehr
  • Quincy Wellen
  • Joe Welsko
  • Camaryn Wheeler
  • Catherine Whitworth
  • Joshua Youwakim
  • Amye Zalesky
  • Peyton Zankel

What is the Senior Class Gift Campaign?

The Senior Class Gift Campaign is a long-standing tradition at Moravian. It is an effort to raise awareness, educate, appreciate, and celebrate philanthropy on our campus. The Senior Class Gift Campaign is your first introduction to alumni giving, and is your opportunity to help your class leave a legacy by paying it forward for future Hounds! The Senior Class Gift Committee is responsible for spearheading all campaign efforts, including educating their peers about the campaign, soliciting for the campaign, attending weekly committee meetings, and planning all senior events hosted by the Senior Class Gift Committee. These events include: 100 Days Til Graduation, 45 Days Til Graduation, and Senior Wine & Cheese.

How can I give to the Senior Class Gift Campaign?

The Senior Class Gift Campaign accepts gifts from a variety of outlets. Seniors may make their gift using cash, check, credit card, M-Flex, or their security deposit.

What is my Security Deposit?

All students who came to Moravian as resident students their Freshman Year paid a $150 security deposit. This security deposit is not used until after you graduate, in order to cover the costs of any damages that might occur in your residence hall during your senior year. If no damages occur, Moravian sends this security deposit back to you. You may give all or part of this deposit as your gift to the Senior Class Gift Campaign. If you use only a portion of your deposit, you will receive a check for the remainder after graduation. If you have a security deposit and do not wish to use it for this purpose, you can still give to the campaign using cash, check, credit card, or M-Flex.

How do I make a gift to the Senior Class Gift Campaign?

You can make your gift in a number of ways! The Senior Class Gift Committee will host table sits in the HUB throughout the semester, so that seniors can learn more about the campaign, fill out their pledge forms in person, and receive important updates from committee members. You can also make your gift online or TEXT "MC2021scg" to 71777.

Where does my gift go?

This year, the Senior Class Gift Committee has decided that gifts made to the Senior Class Gift Campaign will benefit the Annual Fund. The Annual Fund is all-encompassing and acts as the foundation of fundraising at the University. Seniors may give to areas that are supported by the Annual Fund, such as the Moravian Scholarship Fund, the Blue and Grey Club, Academic Departments, or the Center for Career and Civic Engagement. We encourage you to give to an area of the University about which you are most passionate!

What is our Campaign Goal?

This year, the Senior Class Gift Campaign goal is 65% participation. Every little bit counts towards the goal, even if it is a small contribution. If you reach 65% participation, an alumni match will contribute to the 2021 Senior Class Gift Campaign!

Can I make my gift in honor of someone?

Absolutely! We encourage seniors to make their gift in honor of a favorite professor, coach, mentor, or staff member that greatly impacted their experience at Moravian University. To make your gift in honor of someone, simply provide his or her name on the bottom of your pledge form. A personalized letter will be sent to this person indicating that a member of the senior class made a gift in his or her honor.

Do I have to make a gift to go to the events hosted by the Senior Class Gift Committee?

No, all seniors are invited to the events hosted by the Senior Class Gift Committee! However, giving to the campaign is highly encouraged, and greatly appreciated! Every contribution will help your class reach the 65% participation goal.

Make A Gift

I Love MU t-shirts

Student Philanthropy Week

Student Philanthropy Week is a series of interactive and educational events that serve to enhance students' awareness of how philanthropy on our campus impacts them.

When is it?

Student Philanthropy Week is celebrated during the month of February, which is Student Philanthropy Month!

Where is it?

Student Philanthropy Week will be celebrated all across campus, but most events take place in the HUB.

Get the “Dirt” on Philanthropy

Come get the “dirt” on philanthropy at Moravian University! Receive a schedule of events for Student Philanthropy Week and enjoy a free cup of “dirt.”

Student Philanthropy Fair

Want to learn about clubs and organizations that are doing good on our campus and beyond? Visit the Student Philanthropy Fair to find out about how you can get involved in giving back!

Love Moravian Thank-a-Thon

Celebrate Valentine's Day with us! Stop by the HUB Lounge to enjoy social media sweet treats, get a free "I <3 MU" t-shirt when you share why you #LoveMoravian on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and spread the love by being a part of a video thanking donors for all they do for Moravian.

Philanthropy Treasure Hunt

Search our campus high and low for hidden treasure! Where could this treasure be? Anywhere on campus, but places that have been impacted by donors might be a good place to start. Keep your eyes peeled for gold coins, fake money, and mini treasure chests. Once you’ve found your treasure, bring it to the Student Philanthropy Week table in the HUB to claim your prize! Happy Hunting!

Phonathon room


Every year, a group of enthusiastic and dedicated students call alumni, parents, and friends of Moravian University to chat about experiences, update record information, and fundraise for the University.

In the 2019-2020 year, our group of 24 students raised over $110,000 in support of Moravian University and its students. Thank you to everyone who answered our call and pledged their support!

Answer the Call!

When you get a call from Moravian, you are talking to a real student who is interested in learning about you and your own Moravian University experience. Please take a moment to share a favorite memory, impart some words of advice, or hear about what’s new on our campus! During the course of the conversation, your student caller will also ask you to consider supporting the University. Your gift of any size has a significant impact, and truly makes a difference! Whether it’s $5 or $500, we hope you will choose to support Moravian University in any way you can.

Don’t recognize our number?

We understand that you may have questions, or want to be sure that our call is legitimate. Phonathon’s caller ID is (610) 861-1336. If you have any questions, you can contact the Assistant Director of Student & Young Alumni Engagement at (610) 861-1339.

If you didn’t receive a call from our students, please email Lisa Brand at to verify we have your updated contact information.

What is the Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund is the foundation of fundraising at the University. It is an all-encompassing fund, but the primary focus is the Moravian Scholarship Fund (MSF) – the University’s greatest need. The Annual Fund has many different “funnels” such as, the Blue & Grey Club (Athletics), Friends of Reeves Library, Music Alliance, Center for Career and Civic Engagement, and academic departments, to name a few. We encourage alumni to give to an area about which they are passionate!

Do I have to support the Moravian Scholarship Fund?

While the Moravian Scholarship Fund is the area of greatest need for the University, we recognize that giving is very individual and personal in nature, and supporting student scholarships is not a passion for everyone. We encourage donors to support whatever area is a passion or priority for them!

Where does my money go?

Your money will go directly towards the area of the University you choose to support! You can support student scholarships, help an academic department, sponsor internship stipends, and much more.

Why do you ask for credit card gifts over the phone?

We understand that giving credit card information over the phone is not for everyone, and we have other methods of giving if this makes you uncomfortable, but we ask for credit card gifts for a few reasons. First, the University will benefit from your gift immediately. Credit card gifts are processed next day and allow us to jump into action right away. Additionally, credit card gifts act as an additional gift to the University because it saves us on paper and postage costs. Lastly, by cutting down on paper usage, credit card gifts are better for the environment!

How is my credit card information handled?

When you provide your credit card information over the phone, our student caller will record it and verify the information with you. The next day, this information is passed on to Lisa Brand, the Director of Advancement Operations, who processes all gifts made to the University. Your credit card information is not stored or saved, and is only processed by a full-time staff member.

Do I have to make my gift all at once, or can I spread it out across the year?

You have the option to do either! If you would like to make a one-time gift via credit card or by sending a check in the mail, we will happily accept! You can also opt into our monthly giving program called the JAC Pack. The JAC Pack is a group of loyal donors dedicated to making a difference in the lives of our students on a monthly or recurring basis. By giving a monthly gift through a credit card or electronic fund transfer, these donors have an immediate and consistent impact on our campus! When you enroll in monthly giving, you can choose a gift amount that works best for your budget. Our Phonathon callers can enroll you in the JAC Pack, and you can manage your monthly or recurring gifts at any time-- you can set up direct withdrawals based on the frequency and date you wish, increase or decrease your recurring gift, or opt-out of the program.