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Senior Class Gift

About the Gift

We have all benefited in one way or another from the generous contributions of Hounds that have come before us, and now it is our turn to invest in the Hounds that will follow us. Tuition and fees only cover approximately ⅔ of a Moravian education, and support from dedicated donors make up the rest. The Senior Class Gift helps to bridge that gap, and make Moravian a stronger institution. This year’s contributions to the Senior Class Gift Campaign will benefit current and future Hounds.

The members of the Class of 2018 have determined that gifts made to the Senior Class Gift Campaign will support an Annual Fund area of their choice, from Athletics, to Academic Departments, to the Center for Career and Civic Engagement, or the Moravian Scholarship Fund. The Senior Class Gift Committee’s participation goal is 65%. Help us in achieving our goal by following the link above, and making your own gift today! Thank you for your support. As always, it’s a great day to be a Hound!


Gold Lapel Pin

$5.00 - a polished gold lapel pin to be worn at graduation and future professional events

MoCo Class of 2015/Roosevelt's 21st Pint Glass

$10.00 - polished gold lapel pin and a MoCo Class of 2018 pint glass


$20.18 - polished gold lapel pin, 2018 pint glass, and a 2018 custom t-shirt

Participation Goal

As of May 15th, the Class of 2018 has raised $5,774.78 from a total of 182 gifts, with a participation rate of 47.89%. We are currently 74.87% towards our 65% participation goal.

Meet the Committee

  • Melissa Cheong, President
  • Tamara Garraway, Vice President
  • Brianna Richards, Secretary
  • Rose Roberts, Prospect Manager
  • Josh Toth, Event Chairperson
  • Mikaylah Ott, PR/Social Media Chairperson
  • Angela Kilburg, Creativity Chairperson
  • Rachelle Antoine
  • Alyssa Boursiquot
  • Jake Carlson
  • Jackie Cook
  • Rebecca Fulton
  • Brandon Harkins
  • Michael Kopach
  • Eric Morton
  • Julianne Shino

Senior Class Gift Honor Roll

Thank you to all the seniors, listed below, who made a gift to the Senior Class Gift Campaign.

* Indicates a gift of $20.18 and above.

Dana Abboud *

Ashton Galasso *

Emily Metzger *

Conor Abrams *

Tamara Garraway *

Andrew Mitchell *

Caitlin Adams

Richard Gazzola *

Eric Morton *

Kaitlyn Allison *

Courtney Graham *

Rebekah Munyan *

Kyle Allison *

Lauren Greene *

Sophie Myers *

Velvet Alvarez *

Kaitlin Habermehl *

Nicholas Noto *

Justice Anderson *

Carol Hanna *

Josephine Novak *

Rachelle Antoine *

Shane Hansen

Kayla Oakes

Nathan Arnold *

Brandon Harkins *

Danielle Oehlert *

Brittani Assise *

Kristy Harrison *

Kelsey O’Gorman *

Katherine Bahnck *

Jamie Hartmann *

Kelly O’Hanlon *

Anthony Barberio *

Kayla Hartz *

Skylar Oliwa *

Kristin Bertholf *

Tyler Heffelfinger *

Mikylah Ott *

Lauren Bertucci *

Margaret Heft *

Nina Pastrof *

Mykayla Biechy

George Heim *

Adam Pauley *

Olivia Biery *

Jessica Hergenrother *

Michelle Pomposello *

Theresa Blumberg *

Jordan Herr *

Elisabeth Pontius *

Alyssa Boursiquot *

Adam Howard *

Stephen Rahn *

Tiffany Brahn *

Aaron Hudson *

Pablo Ramos *

Aaron Brown

Sarah Hunter *

Nicole Reichert *

Kelly Burke *

Gina Innamorato *

Kurtis Reif *

Katherine Burlas *

Emese Jordan

Khalil Rhett *

Ra’Von Burton *

Jenna Joseph *

Brianna Richards *

Robert Cahill *

Ryan Kahn *

Monica Richardson *

Vincent Caporrino *

Danielle Kaiser *

Rosemary Roberts *

Nicole Capuano *

Kelly Keegan *

Connor Rooney-Roche *

Matthew Cardonne *

Angela Kelly *

Alexandrea Sabo *

Amanda Carisone

Kerena Kemmerer *

Inderjit Sandhu *

Jake Carlson *

Patrick Kerssen *

Rosanna Snakari *

Molly Caruso *

Angela Kilburg *

Alexa Sarisky *

Shane Casserly *

Daniel Kilgallen *

Bryan Schoch *

Jessica Castro *

Corey Klaskin

Madison Sauers *

Jennifer Cella *

Michael Kopach *

Benjamin Seitz

Melissa Cheong *

Genevieve Kopec *

Skylar Sheriff *

Abigail Conage *

Travis LaBarre

Julianne Shino *

Kyle Conroy *

Brooke Leacott *

Caitlin Shoener *

Jacqulyn Cook *

Kimberly Leamon *

Hayward Smith *

Casie Cronk *

Kirsten Lebo *

Jane Spadaccini *

Emily Crowley *

Elicia Levandoski *

Ciara Stewart *

Kayla Csencsits *

Jack Lippin

Samantha Stoler *

Trista Cunningham *

Kian Linton

Austin Strain *

Matthew Czyzewski *

Molly Lokitis *

Brittany Strausser *

Brigid Darrah *

Brett Lubben

Kordell Theadford

Beth Davies *

Natalie Lukehart *

Carly Thorpe *

Jamie Davis *

Katie Lynskey *

Colleen Torrey *

Sarah Davis *

Alyssa Madl *

Joshua Toth *

Deanna DeFuria *

Shelby Maigis *

Jacquelyn Vanic *

William Demmel *

Maria Manz *

Marisa Vinciguerra *

John Desmond *

Jacqueline Marshall *

John Vonelli *

Matthew Dignazio *

Alexis Matejka *

Daniel Waller *

Jessica Dranzik *

Chelsea Matos *

Kristen Weaver *

Breonna Duckworth *

Janae Matos *

Sara Weidner

John Dugan

Dariana McAloon *

Logan Welles *

Mary Kate Duncan *

Victoria McCaslin *

David Wodzisz *

James Durick *

Dorothea McFadden *

Bryan Yaskowski

Tanisha Falcon

Kyleigh McGovern *

Joseph Yavorski *

Charlotte Finnerty *

Kendall McLaughlin

Haley Young *

Brookelle Fleming *

Eileen McMenamin *

Giulianna Young *

Nina Foley *

Andres Melgar *

Natasha Zacarias *

Taylor Freeman *

Bethany Mensinger *

Mary Zacher *

Rebecca Fulton *

Joshua Mercado *


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Senior Class Gift Campaign?
The Senior Class Gift Campaign is long standing tradition at Moravian College. It is an effort to raise awareness, educate, appreciate, and celebrate philanthropy on our campus. The Senior Class Gift Campaign is your first introduction to alumni giving, and is your opportunity to help your class leave a legacy by paying it forward for future Hounds! The Senior Class Gift Committee is responsible for spearheading all campaign efforts, including educating their peers about the campaign, soliciting for the campaign, attending weekly committee meetings, and planning all senior events hosted by the Senior Class Gift Committee. These events include: 100 Days Til Graduation, 45 Days Til Graduation, and Senior Wine & Cheese.

How can I give to the Senior Class Gift Campaign?
The Senior Class Gift Campaign accepts gifts from a variety of outlets. Seniors may make their gift using cash, check, credit card, M-Flex, or their security deposit.

What is my Security Deposit?
All students who came to Moravian as resident students their Freshman Year paid a $150 security deposit. This security deposit is not used until after you graduate, in order to cover the costs of any damages that might occur in your residence hall during your senior year. If no damages occur, Moravian sends this security deposit back to you. You may give all or part of this deposit as your gift to the Senior Class Gift Campaign. If you use only a portion of your deposit, you will receive a check for the remainder after graduation. If you have a security deposit and do not wish to use it for this purpose, you can still give to the campaign using cash, check, credit card, or M-Flex.

How do I make a gift to the Senior Class Gift Campaign?
You can make your gift a number of ways! The Senior Class Gift Committee will host table sits in the HUB throughout the semester, so that seniors can learn more about the campaign, fill out their pledge forms in person, and receive important updates from committee members. If you can’t get to the HUB to make your gift in person, you can also make your gift online at Follow the link at the top of the page that says “Click here to give your gift online today,” and it will take you to the Senior Class Gift pledge form on AMOS.

Where does my gift go?
This year, the Senior Class Gift Committee has decided that gifts made to the Senior Class Gift Campaign will benefit the Annual Fund. The Annual Fund is all-encompassing, and acts as the foundation of fundraising at the College. Seniors may give to areas that are supported by the Annual Fund, such as: the Moravian Scholarship Fund, the Blue and Grey Club, Academic Departments, or the Center for Career and Civic Engagement. We encourage you to give to an area of the College about which you are most passionate!

What is our Campaign Goal?
This year, the Senior Class Gift Campaign goal is 65% participation. Every little bit counts towards the goal, even if it is a small contribution. If you reach 65% participation, an alumni match will contribute $6,500 to the 2017 Senior Class Gift Campaign!

Can I make my gift in honor of someone?
Absolutely! We encourage seniors to make their gift in honor of a favorite professor, coach, mentor, or staff member that greatly impacted their experience at Moravian College. To make your gift in honor of someone, simply provide his or her name on the bottom of your pledge form. A personalized letter will be sent to this person indicating that a member of the senior class made a gift in his or her honor.

Do I have to make a gift to go to the events hosted by the Senior Class Gift Committee?
No, all seniors are invited to the events hosted by the Senior Class Gift Committee! However, giving to the campaign is highly encouraged, and greatly appreciated! Every contribution will help your class reach their 65% participation goal.