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Senior Class Gift

About the Gift

We have all benefitted in one way or another from the generous contributions of Hounds that have come before us, and now it is our turn to invest in the Hounds that will follow us. Tuition and fees only cover approximately ⅔ of a Moravian education, and support from dedicated donors make up the rest. The Senior Class Gift helps to bridge that gap, and make Moravian a stronger institution. This year’s contributions to the Senior Class Gift Campaign will benefit current and future Hounds.

The members of the Class of 2017 have determined that gifts made to the Senior Class Gift Campaign will support an Annual Fund area of their choice, from Athletics, to Academic Departments, to the Center for Career and Civic Engagement, or the Moravian Scholarship Fund. The Senior Class Gift Committee’s participation goal is 75% this year, in honor of Moravian’s 275th Anniversary. If reached, the Class of 2017’s participation will break all previous Senior Class Gift Campaign records! Help us in achieving our goal by following the link above, and making your own gift today! Thank you for your support. As always, it’s a great day to be a Hound!


Gold Lapel Pin

$5.00 - a polished gold lapel pin to be worn at graduation and future professional events

MoCo Class of 2015/Roosevelt's 21st Pint Glass

$10.00 - polished gold lapel pin and a MoCo Class of 2017/Roosevelt's 21st pint glass


$20.17 - polished gold lapel pin, 2017/Roosevelt's pint glass, and a 2017 custom t-shirt

Participation Goal

As of May 12th, the Class of 2017 has raised $7,254.33, from a total of 233 gifts, with a participation rate of 61.32%. We are currently 81.75% towards our 75% participation goal.

Meet the Committee

  • Jaclyn Smith, President
  • Curtis Wetzel, Vice President
  • Chrissy Marinaro, Secretary
  • Cayla Pipan, Prospect Manager
  • Alex Rosone, Event Chairperson
  • Abagael Woleschok, Event Chairperson
  • Emily DeSimone, PR/Social Media Chairperson
  • Katie DeVito, PR/Social Media Chairperson
  • Rachel Kresge, Creativity Chairperson
  • Amanda Baez
  • Ljube Boskic
  • Morgan Calabrese
  • Cristina Cardinale
  • Crystal Collins
  • Katie Dickinson
  • Lily DiMattia
  • Morgan Farber
  • Angelo Fattore
  • Chris Hassay
  • Stephanie Owens
  • Kate Polles
  • Elizabeth Spence
  • Alyssa Torrisi
  • Adam White
  • Lauren White

Senior Class Gift Honor Roll

Thank you to all the seniors listed below who made a gift to the Senior Class Gift Campaign.

Zyad Alanazi Caroline Dooley* Hannah LaFronz* Matthew Pring*
Ali Alkhamis* Omar Doughan* Rowan Laitila * Robert Puszka*
Fahad Alnowaisir* Aisling Doyle* Taylor LaValva Yesica Quintero
Dennis Amadore Patrick Drum* Kayley Leiter * Jon Raso*
James Amorebella Christina Duddy Nicole Linnartz* Casey Raymond*
Nicolas Ampietro* Morgan Farber* Giovanni Lombardi* Khalil Raymond
Amanda Azar* Angelo Fattore* Gregory Longernecker Stephanie Reph *
Amanda Baez* Jacqueline Finnegan* Christopher Lott* Emeley Reyes*
Brendan Barca* Adam Fitzgerald* Maria Lusso Jelissa Rivera
Emily Benonis* Christopher Fleischman* Jessica Lynch Francis Rizzo
Andrew Bentzoni* Rebecca Flitcroft* Niki Maffettone* Kyla Rodrigues*
Tyler Bialoblocki* Lauren Forier* Shannen Mager* Jocselyn Rodriguez*
Jeremy Bolf* Ryan Frace* Maria Maka* Alexandra Rosone*
Crystal Bork* Jennifer Francesco* Violet Mandic Kaitlyn Rossi*
Ljuboslav Boskic* Anthony Gaetaniello* Saul Marcial * Erik Roxbury*
Marquiaw Bourgeois* Austin Gardener* Valentina Margiottiello* Torrey Rupp
Julia Brady* Alexandria Garin * Christina Marinaro* Elias Saba*
Kiara Bright* Andrew Garino* Paige Markus* Sabrina Signorelli*
Megan Brockett Taylor Gaspari* Adam Marsala* Kayli Silimperi*
Jessica Bruzzone* Julia George* Charlie McDonald* Julie Siragusa*
Kelsey Bull* Catherine Gladys* Brandon McGuire* Jaclyn Smith*
Gregory Cahill* Michael Guarino* Robert McKinley* LeRoy Smith *
Morgan Calabrese* Ryan Gunderman* Colleen McMahon* Michael Smith*
Stephanie Canete* Amanda Hadeed* Meghan Menagh* Naomi Smith*
Nicholas Capraro* Kyle Hagerty* Ronald Mendizabal* Hannah Smolko
Ian Carbone* Sean Hanna* Andrew Mengel* John Snyder*
Cristina Cardinale* Tyler Harka* Mackenzie Merrick* Vishu Solanki*
Michael Carnesale* Christopher Hassay* Nicole Metzger* Concepcion Sosa *
Sydney Charlie* Michael Hayes* Samantha Midili* Antonia Spadafora
Andrew Churchill* Andrea Hornbaker* Christine Miklas* Elizabeth Spence*
Thomas Cicalese* Matthew Hosty* Emily Miller* Patrick Starr*
Tyler Clore* Alex Hughes* Marlon Moraga* Lindsay Stauffer*
Crystal Collins* Sarah Hughes* Ryan Mulvihill* Brad Straight*
Jaime Conklin* Laura Hunter Erica Murphy* Magdalene Striluk*
Victoria Conner* Angelica Jackson* Nicole Murphy* Brian Strohmetz*
Katherine Corcoran* Emily James* Christian Negron* Larissa Strycharz*
Rebecca Coventry* Abigail Jeffries* Caroline Nehme* Lauren Suelke*
Matthew Craig* Shantelle Jeffries* Valerie Nicholas* Jordan Sweeney*
Andrew Cruz* Isaiah Jennings* Austin Nieves* Erin Tiwold*
Edward Delia* Matthew Jones* Liam Nolan* Katarina Tornich*
Nina DePalma* Gautam Kanakamedala Stephanie Owens* Alyssa Torrisi*
Emily DeSimone* Loukya Kanakamedala Marisa Pacitti* Kristen Vinges*
Kylie Desjadon* Swathi Kanakamedala Allison Parkes* Kahron Walker*
Elizabeth Deutsch* Megan Kanyuk* Michael Parra* Melissa Walko*
Katie DeVito* Vanessa Kariger* Shaun Pateman* Jennifer Wehrle*
Ryan Dibilio* Brett Keays* Alexander Pena* Curtis Wetzel*
Sherri Dickey* Catherine Kelly* Lowell Perkins* Adam White*
Katie Dickinson* Rebecca King* Cayla Pipan* Lauren White*
Lily DiMattia* Taylor Kornmann* Shauna Poling* Alexis Wiggley*
Lauren Ditizio* Kendra Kramer* Kate Polles* Abagael Woleschok*
Shelby Does * Sarah Krasinski Alexandra Poncelet*  
Breeda Donohue* Rachel Kresge* Jamil Poole*  
Jessica Donovan* Courtney Kruscavage* Sarah Post *  

* indicates made a gift of $20.17 or more