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Moravian College Day of Giving, March 21, 2018

9 Really Good Reasons To Give to Moravian College—TODAY

It’s #MCGiveDay. What are you waiting for?

Wednesday, March 21st marks Moravian College’s third annual Give Day. On this day, Comenius’ 426th birthday, we’re engaging all members of our community (alumni, students, parents, faculty, staff and friends) through social media, emails, and some on-campus shenanigans to come together to give a little (or a lot!). The day's success isn’t measured in dollars and cents, but rather in donors: our goal is to get 1,200 of you—you know, to lean in and give a little something to Moravian College. Need a little convincing? Here are 9 reasons why you should make your gift on March 21st:

1. Giving makes you feel good, and science is here to prove it.


Studies have shown that people who give to charities experience greater happiness than their non-giving counterparts. Oh, do you not want to experience an increase in happiness today? Didn’t think so.

2. Use it as a tax write-off.


You read that correctly: all gifts made to Moravian College are tax deductible. Not only will your gift help future Hounds follow their dreams, you’ll be retroactively high-fiving yourself this time next year, when your taxes are looking that much better. #winwin

3. This is basically the definition of pay it forward.


Private colleges that are not funded by the state depend upon support from generous alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and friends of the college to run effectively and efficiently. As an alumna or alumnus, you have the chance to pay it forward for future students just as past alumni did for you. Doing so ensures that Moravian College students continue having transformational experiences! That’s something to be proud of.

4. Take ownership of your Alma Mater, no matter where you are in the world.


Alma Mater literally means “soul mother.” By giving back to it, you are taking ownership of Moravian College. Because Moravian is a private institution, it doesn’t belong to the government—it belongs to its alumni. Your gift signifies that you are proud to be a Hound, and want to assist in continuing Moravian’s amazing legacy! You do, right? Right.

5. Remember: tuition doesn’t cover everything.


Did you know that tuition only covers 85% of a Moravian College education? Your gift helps fill the gap by aiding students, enriching programs and activities, and funding major projects on campus. Essentially, support to the College ensures that students have educational experiences beyond the classroom that are equally as enriching and robust.

6. Your gift can go to whatever club, major, or organization you want.


Are you passionate about Moravian College athletics? Do you fondly remember your time as an English or Biochemistry major? Did you study abroad while you were a student? With our restricted giving option, you can reroute your gift to any of these areas (and so many more), so you know exactly where your money is going.

7. The biggest form of flattery—or in this case, gratitude—is imitation.


By giving back to your alma mater, you demonstrate your gratitude for every person that supported your own college experience. For so many, it’s likely that “alumna” or “alumnus” are titles that never would have been achieved if it wasn’t for the generosity of those before them. Thank donors that impacted your college experience by joining their ranks.

8. You can help maintain (and even mature) the enormous value of a Moravian College education.


Giving to your alma mater maintains and protects the investment you made in your education.  As Moravian continues to maintain its prestigious and revolutionary title throughout the years, the value of your own Moravian College degree increases. By giving a gift and helping Moravian grow and improve, you ensure that your degree continues being valuable.

9. Because what better day to leave your legacy than on Comenius’ 426th birthday?


Making a gift to Moravian College connects you to all the 16,000 Hounds that came before you, as well as the thousands of Hounds that will come after you. Once a Hound, always a Hound!