Discover the Benefits of our Revolutionary Charitable Partnerships

Leave Your Paw Print on the Future of Moravian While Taking Care of Your Family Today!

The essence of a true partnership is that both parties must benefit. Harnessing the power of specially designed charitable remainder trusts, Moravian’s Revolutionary Charitable Partnerships provide substantial benefits for you and your family to enjoy now, while building your charitable legacy for later.

We Offer 3 Unique Revolutionary Charitable Partnerships

The IRA Rescue Plan®

Designed for our “grayer” hounds with substantial holdings in an IRA (or other tax-qualified retirement plans), this strategic charitable partnership provides a safe way to protect your retirement plan for your family while benefitting Moravian.

When compared to a traditional IRA, our IRA Rescue Plan® can:

  • Reduce your taxes over your lifetime by up to 80%
  • Provide more than twice the income for your family
  • Create a substantial charitable legacy for Moravian from dollars that would otherwise go to taxes!

If you are 60 and over and desire to leave your paw print on the future of Moravian AND substantially benefit your family in the process, you owe it to yourself to explore this unique partnership. You’re never too old to rescue your IRA from tax devastation, or too young to start planning.

The Give it Away and Get it Back Again Trust

Coming soon ...

The Greyhound Supplemental Retirement Trust

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