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New Member Period

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New Member Period

After accepting a bid, the formal orientation to an organization can last between four and eight weeks. The University expects that new member education does not extend into the final exam period.

The organizational history, mission, values, and purpose are taught during this period. New Members have an opportunity to become acquainted with the chapter’s functions, operations, ritual, and values. New member education is an additional time commitment, but should not conflict with academic commitments. At the conclusion of the process, new members are initiated into the organization.

Ritual & Tradition

Many who have knowledge about fraternities and sororities may not consider this aspect of Greek life to be of concern. However, many stereotypes that exist about Greek life cause the issue of secret societies to be of concern. Select aspects of an organizations’ membership ritual and traditions are unknown to the uninitiated.

The ritual does not exist to separate members of the Greek community, but instead are designed to bring together common bonds and shared values. In no ways is the ritual designed to be an elitist view that seeks to separate people along the basis of membership in an organization. Fraternities and sororities offer opportunities for students to experience leadership, scholarship, service, and lifelong friendships in a values-based ritual and tradition.

Commitment against Hazing

Hazing is defined as actions or situations that recklessly or intentionally compromise the mental or physical health of students for the purpose of initiation, admission, or affiliation with an organization and is in no way tolerate at Moravian University. The University's full policy is available in the Student Handbook.

At the beginning of each semester, this information is reviewed with each Greek organization. All members of the Greek community, including new members, are expected to sign an anti-hazing statement indicating that they understand what hazing is and that they will not participate or condone such behavior.

New members are encourage to inquiry about activities and events during the new member period. Each activity and event should have a purpose related to allowing the new and initiated members to get to know each other and the organization better. 

Concerns related to the new member education period, including potential hazing concerns, should be directed to the Office of Greek Life.


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