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Moravian College Magazine - Spring 2019

Alumni Leading the Way in Business

Graduates of Moravian College have earned top spots on the rosters of big businesses, proving the power of a liberal arts education at a little college in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and the smarts, skills, and grit of its students. Here’s a sampling of that success.

Patrice Pluto '77, PepsiCo Pioneer

Pluto index.jpg

Surprising twists and turns marked the journey from college to career success for Patrice Pluto, director of operations of North America Beverages at PepsiCo.  Read More

A Formidable Foursome

Illustrations of David, Frank, Brian, and Dawn

Meet four Greyhounds at the top of their games in pharmaceuticals, communications, retail and entertainment.  Read More

Your Story - Mission: Possible 

Decker index1.jpg

Charlie Decker '63 tells the story of his journey from Madison Avenue to his work supporting orphanages in the Dominican Republic. 

Read More

The Amrhein Club: A Smart Investment


This student-run organization has turned $20,000 of seed money into more than $2 million.

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