Course Planning and Development

When faculty and instructors are tasked with creating a new course or redesigning an existing course, they act as course designers.

Faculty and instructors are subject matter experts, they know their content, but they may not have a background in learning theory, instructional design principles, online learning or instructional technology. This is where instructional designers and educational technologists come in!

This section of the website will guide you through course development using instructional design methods to create optimal learning experiences for our online student population. 


Model shows continuous loop - analyze, design, develop, implement, access


Analysis Phase

In the Analysis Phase the instructional problem is clarified, the instructional goals are established and the learning environment and learner’s existing knowledge and skills are identified.

Design Phase

In the Design Phase the faculty will work with the instructional designer to develop learning objectives, assessment instruments, exercises, content, lesson planning, and media selection. 

Development Phase

In the Development Phase the faculty work with instructional designers to create and assemble the content assets that were created in the design phase.

Implementation Stage

In the Implementation Phase the course is loaded into the LMS and is taught by the instructor.

Evaluation Phase

The Evaluation Phase consists of formative and summative evaluation.