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There are a number of awards and prizes that psychology majors are considered for each year.

The Charles A. Albrecht Memorial Award

Awarded to the member of the senior class who has made the best four-year record at Moravian University in scholarship and effective participation in student activities.

The Alumni Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Social Sciences

Awarded to a graduating senior in the social sciences on the basis of Quality Point Average, independent study, and involvement in college and/or community affairs.

The Delta Kappa Gamma Society Delta Chapter Award

Given to a graduating woman student for her academic achievement and participation in extracurricular activities while preparing herself for a career in the education of youth.

The Psi Chi Service Award

Presented to graduating Psi Chi member who has shown outstanding achievement, dedication, enthusiasm, and participation in the field of psychology.

The Timothy M. Breidegam Memorial Student Service Award

Given to the student who has unselfishly given his or her service to the college community, following the example of Timothy M. Breidegam of the class of 1978.

The George Tyler Award

 Presented to a graduate from the Division of Continuing Studies for academic excellence, for contribution to the institution, a profession, or thecommunity, and for triumph over difficult circumstances encountered in pursuing a college degree.

Alumni Fellowships

Awarded by the Alumni Association to five students each year on the basis of scholarship and active participation and leadership in college and/or community service. To be eligible for nomination, the applicant must be a full-time student of the University, have been a student at least one class year prior to application, and have attained a minimum cumulative Quality Point Average of 3.0 for the class year prior to application.