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Consortial Institutions 

Moravian has consortial agreements with several colleges across the country. Students can register for classes in these consortial schools through the links below and/or find applicable instructions for registration.

The following policies apply for courses registered through any of our consortial partners:

  • An undergraduate student in good academic standing with at least 6 earned units (24 credit hours), may enroll for up to two consortial courses per term, to a total of eight (8) course units over the span of their work toward their degree. 
  • Courses through our consortial partners will not incur additional tuition charges to the student beyond normal Moravian tuition charges when applicable.
  • A student cannot register for a course through a consortial institution if an equivalent course is available to the student during that same term.
  • Consortial courses cannot include private music instruction, nursing courses, independent study experiences, internships, Honors courses, or student teaching fieldwork.
  • Any course from a consortial school carrying 3 or 4 credits (or semester hours) will count as a full unit course on the student’s Moravian transcript.
  • Any consortial course a student registers for contributes to the student’s total course load for the term, including determination of full-time status or overload.
  • All grades earned in courses taken from a consortial school will be recorded on the Moravian transcript and computed in the cumulative GPA.
  • Many consortial institutions operate on different academic calendars. The student is responsible for add/drop dates, beginning and end of term dates, last dates to withdraw, and final exam dates of the consortial institution hosting the registered course.
  • Students registered for courses at consortial schools are subject to the academic standards of the consortial school hosting the course.

LVAIC Consortium

Moravian, with Cedar Crest College, DeSales University, Lafayette College, Lehigh University, and Muhlenberg College, is a member of the Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges (LVAIC). One of the benefits of this association is the opportunity for full-time students to take courses at one or more of the member colleges at no additional tuition charge within approved course load.

Students who register for courses at other LVAIC institutions assume responsibility for the costs and means of transportation for any in-person courses and are subject to limits on class size, course prerequisites, and the regulations in place at the Host institution.   View the LVAIC Cross-Registration Policy

    Cross-registration requests must be completed online through the LVAIC website at:  
    Cross-registration requires paper forms, available via email (

COLA Consortium for Online Liberal Arts 

Moravian is an active participant in Consortium for Online Liberal Arts (COLA).  Undergraduate students from participating institutions will be invited to enroll in various course offerings, for credit, but subject to limits on class size, course prerequisites, and the regulations in place at Host institution. Qualified students will be accepted on a first-come basis. There will be no additional tuition or fees for students who enroll in these courses within approved course load. 

Acadeum Consortium

Moravian undergraduate students can access a list of pre-approved courses through the Acadeum College Consortium.

Students must visit the Consortium website, sign up for an account using their Moravian student email, verify their institutional email address, and complete their Profile before making a request to enroll.  

**Students need to list “Academic Advising” under Advisor Name and for the Advisor Email.**

Academic Advising staff will verify approval with the appropriate academic advisor and confirm approval with the Registrar’s Office. Final approval will be subject to the Host institution.

If you cannot see a pre-approved course on the Acadeum website that fits your course need, please email Include your name, student ID number, and the Moravian course or requirement you are seeking to fulfill.  Please note that this option is generally only available for Winter and Summer terms.