Summer Research Grants

Past Proposals - 2014 Summer

Metaphysics of Moral Responsibility and Moral Justification for Legal Punishment
Student: Monica Perone 
Mentor: Dr. Arash Naraghi

Classroom Working Memory Assessment and Reading Outcomes in Young Children
Student: Kayla Poole 
Mentor: Dr. Jean DesJardin

Kittatinny Ridge Ecological Monitoring
Student: Kerry Reider 
Mentor: Dr. Diane Husic

DNA Unwinding by Cytotoxic Rhodium Compounds
Student: Kathleen Sicinski 
Mentors: Dr. Shari Dunham and Dr. Stephen Dunham

Characterization of a navel bang-sensitive gene in Drosophila melanogaster
Student: Ghazal Stity 
Mentor: Dr. Christopher Jones

The use of neuromarketing and consumerspace to create customer experiences at Walt Disney World: An Exploratory Study
Student: Alexis Silvoy 
Mentor: Dr. Gary Kaskowitz

Citizenship and the Public sphere; The Absence of public space in a globalized age
Student: Colton Krial, Leah Triber 
Mentor: Dr. Khristina Haddad

Development and Teaching of a Multi-Sensory Sign Language Guide for Teachers
Student: Rachel McSorely 
Mentor: Dr. Jean DesJardin

Moravian Music: Creating Performance Editions from the Archives
Student: Tim McGorrey 
Mentor: Dr. Hilde Binford

Creation of an annotated bibliography of Kittatinny Ridge as a tool for developing 
conservation and research priorities

Student: Laura McBride 
Mentor: Dr. Diane Husic

Creation of a Complete Performing Edition for Hasse's "La Spartana generosa"
Student: Michael McAndrew 
Mentor: Dr. Hilde Binford

Health, Disease and Gender in Medieval England: The Osteological Evidence
Student: Paige Malewski
Mentor: Dr. Sandy Bardsley

Kinematics of prey capture and swallowing in sand boas: balancing conflicting functional demands
Student: Elizabeth Mack 
Mentor: Dr. Frances Irish

Development of Astrological Thought in the Ancient World
Student: Daniel Macarro 
Mentor: Dr. Jason Radine

Estimating Willingness to Pay for Water Quality in Low Income Areas of Bangladesh
Student: Emily Lambright 
Mentor: Dr. Sonia Aziz

The Impact of Land Preservation on Water Quality in the Lehigh River Watershed
Students: Shannon Bensetler and Alejandra Kaplan 
Mentor: Dr. Frank Kuserk

Creating a Model for the neurological disease PCCA in Drosophila melanogaster
Student: Caitlin Hyland 
Mentor: Dr. Christopher Jones

The Economic Development of Vietnam from International Trade and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Perspectives.
Student: Huy Quoc Huynh 
Mentor: Dr. James West

Intranasal Administration of DNSP-11 in a Chronic 6-Hydroxydopamine Model of Parkinson's disease
Student: Adam Ghoweri 
Mentor: Dr. Cecilia Fox

Memoir as a Cornerstone for Peace and Justice Education
Student: Dylan Grubb 
Mentors: Dr. Daniel Jasper and Dr. Kelly Denton-Borhaug

Honor and Masculinity, The Experiences of a Soldier in World War One and the Rise of Right-Wing Radicalism in Germany, 1914 - 1923
Student: William Christman 
Mentor: Dr. Heikki Lempa

Characterization of Two Orientational Isomers of a DNA-binding Dirhodium Compound
Student: Caroline Bartulovich 
Mentors: Dr. Stephen Dunham and Dr. Shari Dunham

Teams, Tones and Tensions
Student: Victoria Alupke 
Mentors: Dean Christopher Hunt and Dr. Debra Wetcher-Hendricks

Constructing Curriculum Materials from Primary Source Archival Materials
Student: Mary Nehme
Mentors: Dr. Robert Mayer and Janet Ohles

Summer Art Camp, Scultping Peace in Our Community: Working Three-Dimensionally with Elementary Students
Studenst: Colleen Hait and Abby Jeffries 
Mentors: Dr. Kristin Baxter

The Lehigh Valley and the American Civil War
Student: David Gaspar 
Mentors: Dr. Jamie Paxton

The Role of Action Research in Reclaiming Teachers' Professional Lives in an Era of International Accountability"
Students: Christopher Ossont and Brianne Schoolcraft
Mentor: Dr. Joseph Shosh

Shyness, Loneliness, and Locus of Control as Predictors of Gaming Use and The Effects of 
Gaming on Social Relations On and Off-Line

Student: Elisabath Nielsen and Anwar Hadeed
Mentor: Dr. Stacy Zaremba