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Requirements for the Medical Sociology and Anthropology Minor

Students will complete five (5) courses to fulfill the requirements for the medical sociology and anthropology minor. Three (3) will be required courses, supplemented by two (2) elective courses. Of the five (5) courses to complete the minor, at least wo (2) courses must be at the 200-level or higher, and one (1) course must be at the 300-level. All courses listed for the minor are already offered within the Department of Sociology and Anthropology's existing curricular offerings.

Three (3) Required Courses:

Introductory courses (choose one):

  • ANTH 113- Cultural Anthropology (no prerequisite)
  • SOC 115-Introduction to Sociology (no prerequisite)

Methodology courses (choose one):

  • SOC 246: Basic Research Methods
  • ANTH 347: Advanced Research in Anthropology

Overview course:

  • ANTH 280: Health in Cultural Perspectives

Both methods courses require either ANTH 113 or SOC 115. As a part of the course curriculum for SOC 246 or ANTH 347, students develop research proposals. Students in the medical sociology and anthropology minor will design research projects for medical settings/involving medical practitioners and/or patients. 

Two (2) Elective courses:

Two electives from the list below. Other courses approved by the program advisor(s) may also fulfill minor requirements (such as topic appropriate independent study or an Honors project).

Elective courses (choose two):

  • SOC 262: Medical Sociology
  • SOC 362: Healthcare Inequalities
  • SOC 365: Bioethics: A Sociological Perspective