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Greenhound Fund

The concept of the fund was developed by then chairs of the Sustainability Committee, Mark Reed and Frank Kuserk. Dollars are drawn from the fund to pay for campus projects designed to have a positive impact on the environment as well as the University’s budget, and the savings accumulated over time pay back the money spent. These funds can then be used for future sustainability projects on campus.The Moravian University Greenhound Fund (GHF) is a sustainability revolving loan fund established to provide a formalized method for funding campus-based projects that advance operational efficiency and reduce the University’s environmental impact. Additionally, the GHF promotes hands-on educational opportunities and collaboration across the campus community. The fund started with $100,000 through a generous contribution from alum Jon Soden ’91 and his parents along with the University’s budgetary reserves accumulated from a few years of low energy costs.

It's a Success Story!

Read about the projects paid for by the Greenhound Fund and the significant energy savings we've seen.