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Memorial Trees

Memorial Trees

Memorial Trees

Memorial Trees are those that have been dedicated to honor someone who has made an impact on a Moravian University community member or has greatly impacted the University. On the Tree Inventory, each tree has an information page which will include if it's dedicated. Below are some of the stories of the memorial trees on campus.

Honoree: Mary Frances Dickerson
Contributor: Buck Tarboro
Dedication Year: 1995
Tree ID: 83
Author: MaryGrace Joyce

Mary Frances DickersonWhen Buck Tarboro from Moravian's Facilities Department discusses his late sister, the tenderness in his voice is profound. "She taught me how to be a man, and how to respect women," he says thoughtfully. "She was very loved." Buck is not alone in honoring his sister Mary at Moravian; the weeping cherry tree behind Memorial Hall was donated in her memory.

Mary Frances Dickerson was the second of ten siblings, a mother of five, and a grandmother to several grandchildren. She worked as a Lab Assistant for the Delaware Health Bureau, and was an active and loved member of her church community. On June 13, 1990, she was tragically murdered by her husband while attempting to defend and protect her daughter.

Despite her heartbreaking death, Mary's legacy and influence is ever present in those who loved her. She is remembered for her strong spirit and her intense love for her children, nieces, and nephews, and grandchildren. Buck credits her for the success of his children staying out of trouble and pursuing meaningful careers, as well as for his own fulfilling life.

Buck, who has worked in Moravian University's Facilities Department since 1980, received Mary's weeping cheery as a gift from fellow Facilities employee Larry Mayers one year after his sister's death. A close friend of Buck's, Larry offered to donate the tree as a way of honoring Mary in Buck's place of work. It is one of the many gifts he made to the University before his death in 2013.

The tree stands today as a testament to Mary's beauty and strength, its outstretched and flowing arms capturing her generous spirit. Buck knows that she appreciates its presence. "When I'm mowing [near it]," he says, "I can feel my sister. The leaves have that gentle touch."


Robert Snyder was a staff member from 1946 to 1984, serving as an assistant to the Rev. Dr. Raymond S. Haupert, former President of Moravian University. An avid lover of nature, Moravian University, and Bethlehem, Snyder donated and planted more than a dozen trees on campus dedicated to friends and family members. A few are still standing today.  Sally Margaret Snyder

Honoree: James Snyder
Dedication Year: 1952
Tree ID: 78

Honoree: Margaret and Sally Snyder
Dedication Year: 1954
Tree ID: 81 and 82


Larry Mayers was a groundskeeper at Moravian University from 1984 to 2010. Upon his retirement, Larry donated a handful of trees to the campus to honor those who inspired him during his 25 years of dedicated service at Moravian University. 

Honoree: Presidents of the University
Dedication Year: 2007
Tree ID: 34

Honoree: FMP&C
Dedication Year: 2007
Tree ID: 353

Honoree: Pat Cottom '72
Dedication Year: 1970 and 2007
Tree ID: 243 and 277 

Honoree: Dr. Robert "Doc" Windolf
Dedication Year: 2008
Tree ID: 273