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United Student Government

Position: Representative

Year: Sophomore


 I am very involved on campus.  I am a part of the Moravian College Choir, Vocalis ( a male and female A Cappella ensemble), Clarinet Choir, a male singing fraternity called Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, as well as a community service co-ed sorority named Gamma Sigma Sigma.  I am very passionate about the college, and I am inspiring.  I want to hear everyone's voice on campus, so that way we can make Moravian College better for everyone, including our surrounding communities because I love helping others.  That is why I joined USG.  We are all brothers and sisters, and it's important that we all stick up for one another and be proud that we're hounds, in order to unite us all into one family, so that we be strong in what we do throughout our daily adventures.