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Internal Operations 


The Internal Operations committee consists of individuals responsible for ensuring the productivity of United Student Government. This will be obtainable by the following: delegation, communication, and carrying out initiatives. 

Internal Operations is responsible for communicating and assigning tasks to ensure a USG member represents the voices for the student body through initiatives. The committee will then facilitate and carry out the initiatives and goals produced by the USG group, including the Greyhound Discount Program. In addition, the Internal Operations committee serves to make communication more accessible for the student body in terms of the USG initiatives.


What is the Greyhound Discount Program and where can I pick up a business card?

The Greyhound Discount Program is a USG signature program that works with local businesses to offer students, staff, faculty and alumni discounts to their favorite businesses! The Greyhound Discount Program business cards can be picked up at the USG table at club fair or by visiting the USG office. If you stop by a local business and would like to have them join the program, all you have to do is let USG know through the QR code on the back on the business card or by emailing

The hygiene products are out of stock in a bathroom. What should I do?

Each bathroom has a basket with instructions taped onto it. Scan the QR code and fill out a form with a few basic questions – which campus it is on, as well as the floor and bathroom that is in need of a restock. Submit that form, and we will do the rest!