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Finance Committee

Above: Finance Committee - Ryan M. Burke, Za’Nya Wright, Grace DiDomenico, Jasmine Danweber, Ryan Younes

Finance Committee


The mission of the Finance Committee within the United Student Government is to offer financial assistance, logistical support, and information to all officially recognized student organizations, as well as those seeking funding. We collaborate closely with the business office to ensure that all internal and external financial transactions within the USG are accurately recorded. Our key responsibilities involve developing the annual fiscal budget and providing sound financial advice to the USG body on various directives, while taking into account trends, policies, historical events, and administrative initiatives. Please feel free to contact us at


What is a Point System Club?

A “point system club” is a club or organization that will earn money for their budget in the form of points acquired by hosting campus-wide events or attending a USG sanctioned event. Points will be awarded based on how many events the club hosts or attends. The point worth for a USG event and a mission statement event vary. Point system clubs budgets rollover to the next fiscal year at the end of each fiscal year

What is an exempt club?

An exempt club is “exempt” from the Point System. Instead of acquiring points that then equate to funding, exempt clubs receive funding by requesting them in the budget submission window. The functional distinction between the two is in how exempt clubs need a certain funding to exist (e.g. Rugby Team) because there is one primary action the club participates in, while point system clubs can host a variety of events that benefit their mission. Exempt clubs’ budgets do not rollover at the end of the fiscal year.

Departmental Budget Access?

Departmental Budget Access grants access to the President, Treasurer and advisor to see the clubs funds on AMOS, which are directly updated from the business office. They can track how much money they have left, what has been spent, what they were allocated, and what they rolled over. In order to receive Departmental Budget Access, the club must keep USG updated on who are in these executive positions.

How can I submit a discretionary request?

The discretionary fund is available for all individuals, clubs, departments, or organizations on campus to apply for. Each request must be submitted to the financial email, We will provide a Google Slide with instructions that will be brought before the governing body for approval. The individual, club, department, or organization that is requesting a discretionary fund must present their request to the governing body. Discretionary requests can be approved by a majority vote. If approved, funds will be distributed within the following week.

How do I submit a reimbursement voucher?

We have a brand-new system that is completely digital, which allows you to be reimbursed, receive a cash advance, or pay an outside vendor all in one place! All officially recognized student organizations will have access to the Reimbursement Sheet within the USG Club’s folder, which allows you to see real-time developments in the reimbursement pathway. Within the document are directions we require in order to create and process a voucher. Once these have been supplied, our team will be notified, will create the voucher to be sent off to the business office, and processed.

Please note that receipts are necessary and must be attached in order to validate the purchase.