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Moravian College


Students register, online, via AMOS (student portal) during predetermined registration dates/times.

It is undergraduate students' responsibility to consult their faculty advisor and secure “registration clearance” (granted by the advisor, through AMOS).  Undergraduate students normally take four (4) course units in a term. In addition, they may schedule physical education activities, music ensembles (choir, women's chorus, orchestra, marching band, wind ensemble), music performance (private lessons), and certain other courses up to a maximum load of 4.5 course units.


With an advisor's approval, a student with at least sophomore standing (6.75 local earned units) and a 3.0 cumulative GPA at the time of request, may schedule a course overload in the Fall or Spring term. The requested course for overload must be open at the time of request. Students are not permitted to enroll in more than 5 units in any single term and cannot exceed 9 units per an academic year. An additional tuition charge will apply for a course overload when eligibility is not met and an exception has been granted.

Credit earned for English Tutorship, Amrhein Investment Club, LeaderShape, ROTC and Emerging Leaders are excluded from this restriction.


The Add/Drop period and official withdrawal deadlines are specified on the Academic Calendar for each term and Tuition Refund Policies apply.  No course may be added after the add/drop period. Dropped courses do not appear on the official transcript.  All course withdrawals will appear on the student's official transcript and carry a designation/final grade of W or WF. 

It is the student's responsibility to contact the Financial Aid Office to verify the effect that any change in course load will have on financial-aid eligibility.

Note that students in a cohort program may not drop a single course, but may only withdraw from all classes in a given term, in consultation with the program director/advisor.

Physical Location Policy

Due to federal and individual state regulations, Moravian College is limited in providing online courses and programs to students in certain states and countries. Acceptance into an online program or enrollment in an online course is based on where the student is physically located while taking the course(s). Activities such as completing clinical and internship requirements in a location outside of Pennsylvania are also governed by these regulations. Therefore, should an enrolled student CHANGE PHYSICAL LOCATION, he/she must notify the Registrar’s Office and Program Director at least 3 months in advance. Dependent on the new location, Moravian College may or may not be able to allow the student to continue taking online courses or approve clinical or internship placements.