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Support Team & Mentorship Opportunities

First Hounds

Support Team & Mentorship Opportunities

Your First-Gen Support Team

The First-Gen Advisory Committee is composed of members of our faculty and staff who were first-generation students or who are strong supporters of first-gen students. They will provide guidance to the Center for First-Generation Students at Moravian University. Please feel free to reach out to them for advice on your first-gen experience!

  • Dr. G. Christopher Hunt, Vice President and Dean for Equity and Inclusion; co-chair of the advisory committee
  • Dr. Carol Traupman-Carr, ’86, Vice Provost and Vice President of Accreditation and Assessment; Professor of Music; co-chair of the advisory committee; Founder and President, Alpha Alpha Alpha National Honor Society for First-Generation College Students
  • Dr. Anize Appel, Executive Director for Global Education, Associate Dean for Study Abroad
  • Ms. Shelley Bauder, Assistant Director of LifeSkills, Volleyball Coach
  • Ms. Allison Berger, Counselor of Admissions, Moravian Theological Seminary
  • Dr. Jane Berger, Professor of History
  • Mr. David Brandes, ’20, Chief Information Officer
  • Ms. Monica Cottrell, Director of Academic Advising
  • Ms. Christina Crawford, Assistant Director of Career Development
  • Dr. Cecilia Fox, Professor of Biological Sciences; Director of the Neuroscience Program
  • Ms. Jenelle Holden, Leadership Annual Gift Officer
  • Dr. Allison Holliday, Associate Professor of Chemistry
  • Dr. Diane Husic, Dean of the School of Natural and Health Sciences, Professor of Biological Sciences
  • Mr. Austin Long, Office Manager, FMPC
  • Dr. Nicole Loyd, Vice President of Student Life and Dean of Students; Secretary, Alpha Alpha Alpha National Honor Society for First-Generation College Students
  • Dr. Rebecca Malinski, Assistant Professor of Sociology
  • Mr. Gregory Meyer, Dean for Community Wellness
  • Ms. Erika Mondok, ‘91, Executive Director of Transfer Recruitment
  • Mr. Matthew Nesto, Assistant Director of Student & Young Alumni Engagement
  • Ms. Taylor Patino, Career Development Strategist
  • Dr. Michelle Santiago, ‘96, Assistant Professor of Clinical Counseling
  • Ms. Kristina Scesa, Director of Civic Engagement
  • Ms. Naree Simmons, Director of Financial Aid Services
  • Ms. June Thompson, Administrative Assistant, Hall of Sciences
  • Ms. Jessica Weaver, Leadership Gift Officer, Family Philanthropy
  • Ms. Elizabeth Yates, Associate Dean of Students
  • Ms. Brittany Yenser, Director of Event Technology

Academic Mentors

Research shows that first-gen students are less likely to engage with faculty outside of the classroom––but we understand that faculty connection is important to a first-gen student's success. You might be surprised to discover that so many of your favorite instructors and advisors were first-generation students!

That's why we have designed programs to help facilitate interactions between first-gen students and faculty. Each undergraduate program has identified a first-gen faculty mentor to provide guidance and support to our first-gen students. Please seek them out to share ideas and discuss opportunities with faculty mentors! (Those marked with an * were first-gen college students themselves.)