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Moravian University


We are pleased to announce that we will hold commencement ceremonies for the Class of 2021 and the Class of 2020 on the University’s Main Street campus on Saturday, May 8, 2021!

TO GRADUATING STUDENTS: A few important reminders for commencement day

Arrive at the PPHAC patio an hour before your ceremony start time on Saturday in your cap and gown to line up for the Commencement procession. Leave ample time to find parking. It will be crowded!

You will see white rectangles spaced 6 ft. apart painted on the sidewalk starting at the PPHAC patio, running down to Main Street, then in front of Collier and DeLight's Cafe, and turning around the Sally building. This is the procession staging area. Pick an unoccupied rectangle and stand on it, keeping your distance from other graduates. Be ready to show the event volunteers your GradPass.

What to Bring and Do:

  • Bring your GradPass (on your phone AND a printed copy). You must have this to participate and it is specific to your ceremony time. It will not work for other ceremonies.
  • Bring your mask, cap, gown, hood and any other college-approved cords or stoles. Masks worn over the nose and mouth are required for all graduates and guests.
  • Bring any items you may need for the weather (umbrella, rain poncho, sunscreen, sunglasses)
  • Keep in mind that physical distancing guidelines will be in effect throughout the entire commencement ceremony process
  • Leave high heels, food, and gum at home. They are not permitted on Makuvek Field
  • Tell non-ticketed guests to stay at home in their comfy chair and enjoy the live streamed event. They will not be permitted on or around the field. Every graduate is eligible for a total of 3 guest tickets, and tickets are REQUIRED to gain access to the ceremony.
  • Leave dogs and all other pets at home. They will not be permitted on or around the field.

Have your GradPass handy during the ceremony. You will be scanning the QR code on your GradPass just before walking across the stage as it is what cues your name to be announced.

Be familiar with the severe weather plan. If we need to enact this plan, your campus arrival time for you and your guests is different from your outdoor ceremony arrival time and is listed on your GradPass.

Detailed instructions about graduation events and the severe weather plan are posted on the commencement website.

Enjoy the last few days!

Commencement ceremonies | Saturday, May 8, 2021

  • 9:00 a.m. Class of 2021
  • 1:30 p.m. Class of 2021
  • 5:30 p.m. Class of 2020

Two ceremonies will be held for the Class of 2021 and one ceremony will be held for the Class of 2020.  At this time, graduates for both classes are able to invite three guests to their respective ceremonies but this is subject to change depending on the most recent health and safety guidelines.  The ceremonies will be held outdoors on John Makuvek Field, rain or shine.

RSVP details are available in the For 2020 Graduates and For 2021 Graduates links on the left.

The commencement celebrations will also include virtual components.  These will augment the in-person experience and be posted the same week as commencement. The in-person events will be livestreamed for those that cannot attend. 

Moravian University is committed to the health and safety of all our graduates, guests, and community members.  Public health guidelines, state restrictions, and the University’s Health and Safety Plan for COVID-19 will remain in effect for all Commencement-related events.   All attendees coming to campus will be required to wear a mask and maintain physical distancing. All plans are subject to change dependent on COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions at the time of the event.