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Computer Science Student Learning Outcomes

Merck meeting with students

Computer Science Student Learning

Mission, Goals & Outcomes


The computer science program prepares individuals for entry into technical professions where they can contribute to production-level software solutions and continue to learn and adapt to new technologies.


  • Programming Ability - Students will demonstrate an ability to translate the specification of a program into a working, efficient, and readable solution.
  • Program Specification and Design - Students will demonstrate an ability to write specifications for a project based on client input and to create an overall design for a project that utilizes standard software and architecture patterns.
  • Team Communication - Students will demonstrate an ability to communicate both orally and in writing with members of a software team, including clients, other software developers, and managers.


Upon completion of the computer science major, a successful student will be able to:

1.   Implement a solution for a problem using appropriate programming techniques.

  • Skills and Literacies, Knowledge

2.  Create a design for a software system using appropriate design principles and patterns.

  • Skills and Literacies, Critical Questioning, Create and Engage

3.  Utilize appropriate process and collaborative tools to contribute to a software project.

  • Perspectives, Critical Questioning, Create and Engage

4.  Evaluate and learn new technologies independently.

  • Perspectives, Critical Questioning