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Computer Science

Take Your Problem-Solving to the Next Level

Computer Science

At Moravian University, we want to break away from the traditional definition of computer science. It doesn’t matter if a topic “belongs” to computer science, information technology, software engineering, or information systems—real-world problems do not fit nicely into these boxes. Students need to be able to combine technological know-how, problem domain knowledge, teamwork, and communication skills to solve complex real-world problems.

A graduate of the Moravian University computer science major has:

  • a strong foundation in programming
  • the ability to learn new technologies and evaluate their applicability to a problem
  • the ability to work on a team and with clients
  • skills to communicate technical information to any audience

We prepare students to meet these challenges by utilizing student-centered, activity learning techniques of teaching.  We recognize that technical content is freely available on the Internet, and so our courses engage students to do things in class.  Each semester we change the examples and assignments in classes to illustrate relevant applications of technologies.  We engage students in real-world projects that ask them to combine concepts from multiple courses.

CS Program Contact

Ben Coleman
Phone: 610-625-7781

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