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Server room


The department is housed in the Sally  Breidegam Miksiewicz Center for Health Sciences (SMC), a 55,000 square foot, technologically advanced facility. The building was completed in 2017.

The Mathematics and Computer Science Department makes its home on the second and third floors.  On the second floor, the Computer Science faculty offices are across the hall from the new Informatics Lab. On the third floor, the Mathematics faculty offices surround a student/faculty common area. This common area includes comfortable seating and is utilized for club meetings, social gatherings or students relaxing between classes. Nearby is a reading/study room designated for math and computer science students. Tutors for calculus and statistics are available in the reading room Monday through Thursday evenings.

Computing Resources

The Math and Computer Science Department has a computer science laboratory located on the first floor of the Priscilla Payne Hurd Academic Complex (PPHAC) building.  The lab contains iMacs for general-purpose computing, 12 Raspberry Pis, and a super computer consisting of 12 quad-core processors and high-end GPUs. The equipment in this lab is supported through the John C. and Agnes M. Dolegiewicz Memorial Endowment Fund.

The computing facilities available to members of the department include technology classrooms and advance computing resources. In addition, the department is a member of the Moravian University Science and Instrumentation Network (MoCoSIN), which provides scientific computing opportunities.

In addition to housing the primary computing resources for the program, the CS lab acts as the hub for program activity. The plasma TV, Apple TV, and Mac mini facilitate frustration-free conference calls and team meetings. The lab has two couches and a set of cubbies where students can store their books and personal items. As a result, computer science students congregate in the lab between classes. And movable furniture and a whiteboard wall help the room transition seamlessly from classroom to club meeting space. 

The campus chapter of the ACM uses this space for their meetings.