Departmental Lock-Ups

Created for divisions, departments, and offices, the Moravian University lockup is a simple, readable, visual device that identifies areas as integral units of the university. 

Download your lock-up

Creating Your Lock-Up

By using an official department lock-up, Moravian University retains its visual identity, while still promoting your individual unit. This is necessary to present a united institution. 

Department lock-ups must be created by the Office of Marketing and Communications and may not be redesigned to appear otherwise. If your lockup is not currently available for download, please reach out to for development. 

Your social media profile photo is not your department lock-up.

Please do not create alternate lockups or alter the relationships of the existing lockups. This includes changing the placement and typeface. The “Moravian University” wordmark should not be recreated by simply typing it out. The official vector artwork should always be used.

Usage Recommendations 

For consistency, we advise using the Moravian University wordmark whenever possible on campus communications. However, if there is a need for departmental identification, please use the provided lockup. For advice on lockup usage, please contact the Office of Marketing and Communications. 


  • Use your lockup on printed materials, such as postcards, brochures, and flyers
  • Use your lockup on merchandise, such as t-shirts 


  • Use lockups in your email signature—only use the Moravian wordmark.
  • Use lockups on websites. The primary wordmark is already in the top navigation, and the department or office name appears as the site title.
  • Create taglines or place messaging with your lockup so that it appears as a tagline.

Custom Graphics 

To strengthen the university’s visual identity, the creation of custom logos is regulated. Moravian University encourages the use of our primary wordmark, as well as department lockups on all communication materials. It is not recommended that academic colleges and departments use custom logos. Custom logos for other campus units are allowed only in certain instances. 

Creation of a custom logo will be considered under the following circumstances: 

  • When an external grant or partnership requires a unique logo and/or results in the formation of a unit (i.e., a center or institute) 
  • When an administrative unit has compelling needs for a unique identity to complement the university’s brand identity 
  • For special university-sponsored events (such as Heritage Day)
  • For special university-wide initiatives 

If there is a compelling need for your unit to produce a logo or custom graphic identity, you should contact the Office of Marketing and Communications to discuss your needs.