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Apple Tech

Apple Technology

Before you even begin classes, you’ll receive your new Apple technology—a MacBook Pro, Apple Watch, iPad, and Pencil. These are yours to keep during your time at Moravian and even after you graduate!

Career Assessment

Career Readiness Assessment

Take an online career readiness assessment to help you understand where you’re at with your marketable skills coming into college. You’ll work with your career development strategist to continue to develop your skills during your four years at Moravian University.

New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation welcomes new students through building relationships and introducing opportunities and resources that assist in the adjustment to college, such as our Center for Career and Civic Engagement that supports you on your service journey and career exploration path. We aim to foster a sense of community and Moravian pride to enhance your overall college experience. 

Advising Team

Advising Team

Connect with your advising team, including your academic advisor and career development strategist, for the first time during New Student Orientation. Your academic advisors provide you with the resources you need to make well-informed decisions and take ownership of your education. Your career development strategist supports you as you begin the career exploration process, helping you make decisions and create a plan about your next steps beyond college. Your advising team will be with you throughout your four years at Moravian!

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Career Readiness Digital Badges

To stay on track toward completing the Elevate experience, you should earn 50 points in all eight badges by the end of your first year!

This year is all about getting acclimated and transitioning from high school to college. You’re encouraged to get involved with our student organizations and sports teams, participate in special programming such as the First-Year Student Experience Set, get comfortable with your Apple technology, attend lectures and events happening on campus–Moravian’s annual day of service, Heritage Day, is a great way to get involved–and take classes that push you out of your comfort zone. These activities are how you earn your points in your Career Readiness Digital Badges!

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