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Environmental Studies and Sciences

The Environmental Studies and Sciences program at Moravian University acquaints students with the myriad environmental issues that face us today. It seeks to develop a framework in which students can work closely with faculty and one another to analyze problems, test assumptions, and debate issues as they affect our lives as citizens of our community, our nation, and the world. The perspective we seek to develop is strongly interdisciplinary, incorporating the natural sciences as well as economics, history, philosophy, and political science. In addition, it is designed to transcend national boundaries. All students in the program, regardless of their area of concentration, will share important common experiences, including a unique capstone course in which they will work in teams to investigate environmental issues.

Cooperative (3-2) Program with Duke University

Moravian University is a partner school of Duke University's Cooperative College (3-2). The program enables students to earn both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in a total of five years of study, offering maximum education with minimum investment of time and money. 

Proceed directly from three years of undergraduate study at Moravian to two years of study at Duke University’s Master of Forestry or Master of Environmental Management Program.

Students who pursue Environmental Studies and Sciences at Moravian have the option of earning either a B.S. in Environmental Science or a B.A. in Environmental Policy and Economics. All students in both majors will have a shared body of knowledge through common coursework before the upper-level courses in their respective tracks, and through the capstone seminar course, which B.S. and B.A. students will take in combined sections. The balance of shared experience and field-specific knowledge is designed to foster cooperative work and learning among students and faculty.

Program Director

Dr. Diane White Husic
Interim Program Director
Environmental Studies & Sciences
Phone: 610-625-7100


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