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Field Center

Deputy Environmental Field Center

The Deputy Environmental Field Center

The Environmental Studies and Sciences Program received a much-needed resource with a gift of 70 acres of land in northern Northampton County.

The A. John '50 and Lillian K. Deputy Field Center for Environmental and Biological Sciences, a gift from Jay Deputy named in honor of his parents, serves as an outdoor laboratory in which students and faculty can conduct various environmental experiments and research. The center is located approximately 30 miles from the college just north of the town of Roseto and within the Kittatinny Ridge Corridor. Many vernal pools that serve as breeding places for several endangered and threatened amphibian species are located on the property.

In December 2011, the Environmental Studies and Sciences Program also received a grant of $383,600 from the Margaret A. Cargill Foundation. In 2009, the program was awarded a grant from the foundation in the amount of $10,000 per year plus stock dividends for five years. One immediate use of the funds was the purchase of a new 15-passenger van that will be used to transport students and equipment to the Deputy Field Center and other locations to conduct environmental research.