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Past Project List

YearStudent NameTitleAdvisor(s)Area
2024Madison AmorimExamining Stress and Coping Behaviors Among Undergraduate Nursing StudentsJanice FarberNursing
2024Lillian BlomgrenNursing Students’ Emotions, Attitudes, and Educational Preparedness in Caring for Individuals With Intellectual DisabilitiesPaulette DorneyNursing
2024Kalasia BradshawImpacts of Environmental Microplastics on Larval Behavior Using an Amphibian ModelSara McClellandBiology
2024Hayley CarrollGenomics and Biochemical Analyses of a Cosmetid Harvester (Arachnida: Opiliones)Daniel ProudBiology and Chemistry
2024Christian ColciaghiInvestigating Baccalaureate Nursing Students’ Understanding of the Relationship Between Physical Disability and Mental HealthJohn MikovitsNursing
2024Megan CurtisWater Practices in Rural Bangladesh: an Economics and Peace and Justice StudySonia Aziz and Kelly Denton-BorhaugEconomics and Peace & Justice Studies
2024Victoria DonovanDoes PTEN, a Dual-Specificity Phosphatase, Dephosphorylate Connexin 43?Anastasia ThéveninBiochemistry
2024Liam FittingUsing Art Work to Trigger Different Specific Responses Based on Personality TraitsAngela FraleighStudio Art
2024Jacob FreehDetermining the Mechanism of Seleno-L-Methionine Protection of Burkholderia-Infected MacrophagesKara MosovskyBiology
2024Courtney GordonBreaking Barriers: An Analysis of Culturally Inclusive Nursing CareBelinda Waller-PetersonNursing and Africana Studies
2024Joel HendricksApplying Rhetorical Theory to the Narratives of Interactive Media to Understand the Player ImpactCrystal Fodrey and Christopher HassayCommunications and Rhetoric
2024Helaena HoljesRooting for Resilience: The Impact of Belowground Root Interactions on the Growth of Morella Shrub on Barrier IslandsNatasha WoodsEnvironmental Studies
2024Gwen KesterBiomolecule-Binding, Cytotoxicity, and Cellular Targets of Novel Dirhodium ComplexesShari Dunham and Anastasia ThéveninBiochemistry
2024Lauren LatchfordRegulatory Effects of MAPK Signaling Pathways on Cx43-Src InteractionsAnastasia ThéveninBiochemistry
2024Pia Mazzella-DiBoscoEducational and Ethnic Influences in Adolescent Obesity ManagementKaren GrollerNursing
2024Megan O'BrienAnalysis of Predator Avoidance Behavior of Grass Shrimp DominanceJoshua LordBiology
2024Rebecca RevittThe Impact Chronic Medical Conditions Have on the Mental Wellness of College StudentsMaryfrances WatchousNursing
2024Riley SchollChildhood Experiences Effects on Future Well-BeingRebecca MalinskiSociology
2024Sophia ShienvoldConnexin 43: A Molecular Scaffold for Csk-Src-PTEN InteractionsAnastasia ThéveninBiochemistry
2024Gianna TullyWomen in Their World: A Detailed Analysis of Creative Genres Produced during Second Wave FeminismAngela Fraleigh and Liz GrayArt History and English
2024Alexa Van DorenLanguage Sample Analysis Knowledge & Understanding: A Survey of University-Based SLP StudentsRebecca BawayanHealth Science
2024Jordan VargoAwareness of Mental Health, Individualized Friendship Development, and Friendship Interaction in College-aged IndividualsDebra Wetcher-HendricksSociology
2024Brendon WardThe 1910 Bethlehem Steel Strike: Schwab vs. WorkersRichard AndersonHistory
2024Lucas WolkSystemic Racism in the American Education System: A Case Study Analyzation from Early Desegregation through Present DayJamie Paxton and Tristan GleasonHistory and Education
2023Kaitlyn AustinFrable Court: An Exploration of Nostalgia, Emotions, and Experiences Through the Lens of Childhood MemoryAngela FraleighStudio Art
2023Ariadae BaettcherExamining Registered Nurses’ Perceptions of Working with Nursing Colleagues Diagnosed with Mental IllnessJohn MikovitsNursing
2023Austin BoguskiA Mixed Methods Study on Opioid Addicted Individuals: Examination of the Label “Addict”Rebecca MalinskiSociology
2023Christina CartyA Black Woman's Time at a PWI: The Cost of Living and Let LiveRobert LaRueAfricana Studies
2023Jillian ConnellyPredator Avoidance Behavior in the Grass Shrimp Palaemon PugioJoshua LordBiology
2023Brooke CoonrodUnderstanding the Mechanism of Seleno-L-Methionine Protection of Burkholderia-Infected MacrophagesKara MosovskyBiology
2023Delanie CrabtreeThe Effects of an Ecologically Relevant Level of Malathion on the Behavior and Neurodevelopment of the Model Organism Northern Leopard Frog TadpolesSara McClellandBiology and Neuroscience
2023Garrison KochOn the n-attack Roman Dominating Number of a GraphNathan ShankMathematics
2023Scott KornfeindUnderstanding the Effects of Microplastics on Anuran Larval DevelopmentSara McClellandBiology
2023Kyle LaubSystematic Evaluation of Costa Rican Cosmetid HarvestmenDaniel ProudBiology
2023Helen MeckstrothSocial Media Usage and Levels of Consumerism of College Students in the United StatesVirginia Adams O'ConnellSociology
2023Matteo MonteroTranssexual Sex Ed: Understanding Body, Identity, and the SelfRobert LaRueWomen's, Gender and Sexuality Studies
2023Chad PropstTitanocene (III) Catalyzed Syntheses and Study of Basic Motifs Found in Antitumor & Anti-Inflammatory AgentsGodfred FianuChemistry
2023Gabrielle RaderAnxiety in Adolescents: Strategies, Experiences, and Nursing ImplicationsElise ColanceccoNursing
2023Tyler RiveraImpacts of Synaptic Plasticity Within the Cerebellar Golgi Cell CircuitJeffrey BushComputational Neuroscience
2023Victoria SamuelsLinear Regression Measurement Error Model: Applications with Added Sugar IntakeBrenna CurleyStatistics
2023Lila ShokrReestablishing Human And Nature Relationships Through Classical FablesCamille MurphyGraphic and Interactive Design
2023Brian UtzatThe Impact of COVID-19 Policies in Germany and the United States: A Case Study of B. BraunAxel Hildebrandt and Eva Marikova LeedsGerman and Management
2023Emily WellsUnderstanding the Role of PTEN in Src Recruitment and Inhibition by Cx43Anastasia ThéveninBiochemistry
2023Frederick YounesDirhodium Complex Binding and Folding of Poly-L-Glutamic AcidStephen DunhamChemistry
2022Mikayla DennisPretreatment of Curcumin and Vitamin E as a Protective Measure in the 6-Hydroxydopamine Model of Parkinson’s DiseaseCecilia FoxNeuroscience
2022Nadea DundoreA Comparative Evaluation of Two Models of In-Vitro Infections Utilized in Melioidosis ResearchKara MosovskyBiology
2022Kaitlyn FurstThe Contributions of Jazz and Cabaret Music to the Cultural Life of TerezínLarry LipkisMusic
2022Eliza GrigsbyDo Selenium Antioxidants Affect the Mechanism of Bacterial-Induced Macrophage Death?Kara MosovskyBiology
2022Elliott GuidoSynthesis and Characterization of Dirhodium Compounds with Folic, Butyric and Carbohydrate AcidsStephen Dunham and Anastasia ThéveninBiochemistry
2022Danielle HansonFrom Buddhism to Stoicism: How Philosophy Can Help Us Cope with AnxietyCarol MoellerPhilosophy
2022Hannah KatzThe Individual Within the Collective: Liberty in the Face of Public Health CrisesYayoi KatoPolitical Science
2022Emma MillerOn the Expansion of Combinatorial GamesMichael FraboniMathematics
2022Johanna PearsonThe Schübler ChoralesLarry LipkisMusic
2022Liz PerezRegulation of Src and Cx43 Interaction in Mammalian Cells by MAPKsAnastasia ThéveninBiochemistry
2022Charlotte ReidCellular Targets of Novel Dirhodium ComplexesAnastasia Thévenin and Shari DunhamBiochemistry
2022Rachel RileySynergistic Inhibition of Src Activity in Prostate Cancer Cells by Connexin 43 and PTEN ProteinsAnastasia ThéveninBiochemistry
2022Emily SaulinoSynthesis and Cytotoxicity Study of Novel Dirhodium ComplexesStephen Dunham and Anastasia ThéveninChemistry and Biology
2022Rim TurkRole of Gap Junction Phosphorylation by MAP Kinases in Src Recruitment from Cancer CellsAnastasia ThéveninBiochemistry
2022Damian WasieczkoThe Protective Potential of Capsaicin in the 6-Hydroxydopamine Rodent Model of Parkinson’s DiseaseCecilia FoxNeuroscience
2021Trey AdamsGraphically Enhanced Augmented Reality’s Role in Daily LifeCamille MurphyArt and Graphic and Interactive Design
2021Rey AnayaChromatic Number ReductionNathan ShankMathematics
2021Sonal AroraDoes c-Jun N-terminal Kinase (JNK) Regulate Tumor Suppressive Function of Cx43 Gap Junctions?Anastasia ThéveninBiochemistry
2021Madeleine BakerThe Benefits of General Music Class on Middle School Adolescence and Brain DevelopmentCarole LutteMusic Education
2021William BrandesAutomated Detection of Print Errors in Fused Deposition Modeling 3D PrintersJeffrey BushComputer Science
2021Alec BrisboisCapillary Electrophoresis Identification of Rhodium-DNA Interstrand Cross-linkage​Shari Dunham and Alison HollidayBiochemistry
2021Timothy BrunstetterThe Authority of Prophets: A Socio-historical and Literary Evaluation of Prophetic Authority in the Biblical Worlds and BeyondJason RadineGlobal Religions
2021Alec ButtnerDefining the Interactions Between Src, a Cancer Causing Kinase, and the Cx43 Gap Junctions in GlioblastomasAnastasia ThéveninBiochemistry
2021Jesika DeDonatoEffects of Sequence Context of DNA Bases on Stability and Metal Ion BindingStephen DunhamBiochemistry
2021Emilee EnglerA Comparative Analysis of Quorum Sensing in Two Pathogens, ​Bacillus cereus and ​Streptococcus pneumoniaeMichael BertucciChemistry
2021Logan FarinhasThe Effects of Leaf Litter Depth on Seedling Emergence of Invasive Species in the Lehigh Valley and Surrounding AreasNatasha WoodsBiology
2021Daniel FaudreeLumbricus terrestris Genome AssemblyChristopher JonesBiology
2021Caroline FloraGrowing Up on the Autism SpectrumCrystal FodreyEnglish
2021Ashlynn ForneyThe Impact of Bang Sensitivity and Induced Seizures on the Longevity in ​Drosophila melanogasterChristopher JonesBiology
2021Destiny GeorgeTerrorism in Africa: A Comparative Analysis of Boko Haram in Nigeria and Al-Shabaab in KenyaFaith OkpotorPolitical Science
2021Delia GeyerAnalysis of the CEO Pay RatioMark Koscinski and Daniel O'ConnorEconomics
2021Fadi HannaGenerating (ΔlamD) Lactobacillus plantarum MutantMichael BertucciBiology
2021Cassandra HoffmannSecurely InsecureNatessa AminStudio Art
2021Elizabeth HornEnglish’s Most Complex Four-Letter Word: An Etymological and Rhetorical Analysis of “Nazi”Crystal FodreyEnglish
2021Alexa HromyakAssessing Nurses’ Knowledge of the Care of Clients with Spectrum Disorder Seeking Treatment in the Emergency Department: A Mixed Methods StudyPaulette DorneyNursing
2021Riley KirkpatrickMassively Parallel Exact Histogram EqualizationJeffrey BushComputer Science
2021Elisabeth KleppingerThe Global Fashion Industry: Implications for Labor and CrimeFaith OkpotorPolitical Science
2021Allyson KovachFluorescence Quenching of a Known WW Domain with PolyprolineAlison HollidayChemistry
2021Lauren KubicInterpersonal and Intrapersonal Emotion Regulation Efficacy: The Role of Interpersonal Trust and AnxietyAleena HayPsychology
2021Raquel Lopez de BoerProtective Effects of Curcumin on the Production and Metabolism of Dopamine in the 6-Hydroxydopamine Model of Parkinson’s Disease: An Interdisciplinary StudyCecilia FoxNeuroscience and Chemistry
2021Sean McFarlandDigital Interpersonal Emotion Regulation and In-Person Interpersonal Emotion Regulation: The Role of Anxiety, Depression, and StressAleena HayPsychology
2021Riley McHughThe Neuroprotective Effects of Capsaicin in the 6-Hydroxydopamine Rat Model of Parkinson’s DiseaseCecilia FoxNeuroscience
2021Chloe MondokThe Neuroprotective Effects of Curcumin and Vitamin E in a 6-Hydroxydopamine Rat Model of Parkinson’s DiseaseCecilia FoxNeuroscience
2021Liam MulliganMusical Settings of Three Shakespeare PlaysLarry LipkisMusic
2021Sarah PennaThe Human-Faith Melody and the Power of the Common Soul: Charles Ives and the Concord TranscendentalistsLarry LipkisMusic
2021Samuel RappaportInfluence of Predator Cues on Social Hierarchy Formation in the Grass Shrimp Palaemon pugioJoshua LordBiology
2021Caitlin RothSex Role Socialization in Childhood and Its Impact on Future Career ChoicesVirginia Adams O'ConnellSociology
2021Daniel SalibModeling Low Velocity Collisions of a Viscoelastic Sphere with a Hard SurfaceRuth Malenda and Kelly KrieblePhysics
2021Lara SlabberQueer Representation in Young Adult Fantasy NovelsKate Racculia and Robert LaRueEnglish and Africana Studies
2021Gabrielle StanleyInvestigating Factors That ​May Influence the Development of Student Conceptions of Good WritingCrystal Fodrey and Meg MikovitsEnglish and Writing Studies
2021Melissa StromThe Role of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Strategies in Promoting Effective Communication and Confidence in ArtistsSusan Morelock and Kristin BaxterArt
2021Adam StrouseEffects of Divalent Cations on an Alkaline PhosphataseShari DunhamBiochemistry
2021Victoria VargasUnderstanding Gap Junction Phosphorylation by p38 to Inhibit Tumor GrowthAnastasia ThéveninBiochemistry
2021Morgan WeaverThe Effect of Ocean Acidification on Dominance Hierarchy Formation in Pagurus longicarpusJoshua LordEnvironmental Science
2021Tyra WentzEndurance Exercise Outcomes of Drosophila melanogaster as Determined by Cardiac Health and Dietary CompositionChristopher JonesBiology and Genetics
2020Joanne AugustinThe Medicalization of Black BodiesBelinda Waller-Peterson and Carol MoellerAfricana Studies
2020Alvaro BelmonteDifferential Equations on Path AlgebrasNathan Shank and Shannon TalbottMathematics
2020Steven BergerSimilarity Analysis of Hymns Using Polynomial RegressionsNathan Shank and Gregory SchaperMathematics
2020Emily BolgerNutrient Intake of Dancers: A Measurement Error AnalysisBrenna CurleyStatistics
2020Irene BonettiMutually Exclusive Interactions of Connexin 43 Gap Junctions with Src and Zona Occludens-1 (ZO-1) are Regulated Through PhosphorylationAnastasia ThéveninBiochemistry
2020Carly DanoskiDiversity of Costa Rican Harvestmen (Arachnida: Opiliones) and Their Evolutionary RelationshipsDaniel ProudEnvironmental Science
2020Sabrina DePueReconstructing the Evolutionary History of Cosmetid Harvestmen (Opiliones: Laniatores) from MesoamericaDaniel ProudBiology
2020Elena GalvanoDevelopment of Gap Junction-Based Therapeutics Against Src Oncogene in Glioma CellsAnastasia ThéveninBiology
2020Lauren HildweinEffects of Macroinvertebrate Decomposition on Native vs. Invasive Plant Species in Lehigh Valley StreamsNatasha WoodsEnvironmental Science
2020Hannah HookThe Implications of an Early Warning System on Cholera Prevention in BangladeshSonia AzizEconomics
2020Bryan Kelly Photometric Analysis of Variable Star SystemsRuth MalendaPhysics
2020Gavin KemeryA Narrative History: A Small Business in 19th and Mid-20th Century American ShippingJohn BlackEnglish
2020Megan KonrathRhodium Compound Structure Effects on Cancer Cell Entry, DNA Binding, and Cell DeathShari Dunham and Anastasia ThéveninBiochemistry
2020Austin LewisMusic as a Reflection and Catalyst For Social Change: A Case Study of Lilith FairJohn Reynolds and Debra Wetcher-HendricksPolitical Science
2020Kathleen MayerSocial Hierarchy Formation of Juvenile American Lobsters in an Acidified OceanJoshua LordEnvironmental Science
2020Jessica McCormickSynthesis and Characterization of a Novel Dirhodium ComplexStephen DunhamChemistry
2020Jillian McLuhanEnticing Vulnerability: The Complexities of PleasureAngela FraleighStudio Art
2020Kaitlyn NemesWill an Antioxidant Decrease Bacterial Burden in a Macrophage Infection Model?Kara MosovskyBiology
2020James PrekopaThe Relationship Between Honey Bee Colony Loss on Fruit Production and Food Insecurity in the United States, 2011-2018Sabrina Terrizzi and Colleen PaytonEconomics and Public Health
2020Shianne ReimerMax Schmeling: The Making of a Masculine Icon 1924-1938Heikki LempaHistory
2020Mary SampsonIncongruent Stereotypes' Effect on the Semantic NetworkSarah JohnsonPsychology
2020Gabrielle ScherffImplicit and Explicit Stereotypes towards Individuals with Down SyndromeSarah JohnsonPsychology
2020Christopher ShostedThe Rhetorics of Health Care on Reddit: How Ideologies Shape DiscourseCrystal FodreyEnglish
2020Alex TursiAnalysis of the CEO Pay RatioDaniel O'Connor and Mark KoscinskiAccounting
2020Crystal YautzThe Effects of Feedback and Directed Forgetting on Confidence for Eyewitness False MemorySarah JohnsonPsychology
2020Sara YitzchakiAssessing Meanings of Stigma within the Experience of Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) Members in the Lehigh ValleyAkbar KeshodkarAnthropology

YearStudent NameTitleAdvisor(s)Area
2019Rocco BeltramiInfluencing Initiatives: Campaign Contributions and Partisanship as Predictors of Success for Citizen-Initiated Ballot Measures in the 2008, 2010, 2016, and 2018 U.S. ElectionsJohn ReynoldsPolitical Science
2019Kayleigh BennettThe Creative Genius of Giacomo Puccini: An Analysis of Selected Arias of His Five Major OperasLarry LipkisMusic
2019Katie BoyleProlonged Effects of Ocean Acidification on Callinectes sapidusJoshua LordEnvironmental Science
2019Ashlyn CantrelElucidation of the Native Structure and Cyclic Linkage of LamD, a Signalling Peptide from Lactobacillus plantarumMichael BertucciChemistry
2019Kylie ChichuraThe Effects of Multiple Amino Acid Mutations of a Key Quorum-sensing Peptide, CSP-1Michael BertucciChemistry
2019Matthew ConnersInvestigating the Mechanical Quantities of an Inelastic CollisionRuth Malenda and Kelly KrieblePhysics
2019Sydney CostenbaderAll Wrapped Up: Prehensility and the Tarsal Flexor System in the Legs of Harvestmen (Arachnida: Opiliones: Eupnoi)Daniel ProudBiology
2019Marissa CusimanoDo MAP Kinases (MAPKs) Regulate Tumor-suppressive Functions of Gap Junctions?Anastasia ThéveninBiochemistry
2019Jaimeson ErnstSupporting Adolescent Literacy Development through Collaborative, Multimodal WritingCrystal Fodrey and Joseph ShoshEnglish and Education
2019Adriana FacchianoThe Neuroprotective Effect of Curcumin in the Striatal 6- Hydroxydopamine Rat Model of Parkinson's DiseaseCecilia FoxNeuroscience
2019Kyle FroehlichCan Ocean Acidification Interfere with the Ability of Mud Snails (Tritia obsoleta) to Sense Predators?Joshua LordBiology
2019Michael GalloAntiproliferative Effects of Gap Junction Protein Delivery to Glioma Cells Utilizing a Cancer-targeting PeptideAnastasia ThéveninBiochemistry
2019Austin GraceSystematics of Erginulus (Opiliones: Laniatores: Cosmetidae) from Mexico and Central AmericaDaniel ProudEnvironmental Science
2019Bryan HarveyFragment Alignment Analysis in Simulated Nuclear CollisionsKelly KrieblePhysics
2019Alayna KochMicrobiome Analysis of Soil from Palmerton Zinc Pile Superfund SiteKara MosovskyBiology
2019Jonathan NadrawsDeveloping Biological Assays to Determine Structure-Activity Relationships of Derivatives of LamD558, a Signaling Peptide from Lactobacillus PlantarumMichael BertucciChemistry
2019Brielle Popolla"Your Affectionate Father:" Family Relationships, Adolescence, and Education in the Robert Wormeley Carter PapersSharon MuhlfeldHistory
2019Madison PursellAnalysis of Legal and Illicit Opioid Use in the Lehigh ValleyAlison Holliday and James TeufelChemistry
2019Nathaniel RhoadsSocio-economic Analysis of Satellite Observations to Predict Cholera in BangladeshSonia AzizEconomics
2019Mia RomfoMental Health Care Services in American Prisons: Assessing Efficacy and SufficiencyVirginia Adams O'ConnellSociology
2019Erika SalusTable Talk: The Intersection Between Art and PoliticsAngela Fraleigh and Kelly Denton-BorhaugStudio Art and Peace and Justice Studies
2019Ellyn SiftarEcstatic ArtAngela Fraleigh and Leon NiemoczynskiArt and Philosophy
2019Katelyn SnyderKinship Roles in Danticat's Breath, Eyes, Memory, Silko's Ceremony, and Woolf's To the Lighthouse: A Survey of 20th Century LiteratureNicole TaborEnglish
2019Christopher SorichAn Analysis of Adaptive Management Strategies and Zinc Toxicity in Grasses of the Lehigh Gap Wildlife RefugeDiane HusicBiology
2019Vaughn TempestaPhysics: Fear of a Queer UniverseRuth Malenda and Robert LaRuePhysics and Queer Theory
2019Eliana ZebroSchoolgirl: A Modern Dance Piece Based on Osamu Dazai's NovellaLarry LipkisMusic Composition
2018Arianne AguirreEnhancing Contraceptive Knowledge, Co-responsibility, and Family Planning Competencies in a Population of First-year College StudentsBeth GotwalsNursing
2018Leanna AltenburgCRISPR-Mediated Mutation in Drosophila melanogaster Embryos Using ElectroporationChristopher JonesBiology
2018Nathan ArnoldDoes the Minimum Wage Affect the High School Graduation Rate?: An Examination of Eastern Pennsylvania and Western New JerseySabrina Terrizzi and Eva Marikova LeedsEconomics
2018Lauren BertucciThe Effect of Interior Packaging Color on the Perceived Sweetness and Healthiness of FoodGary KaskowitzManagement
2018Jacqulyn CookAnalysis of Municipal Climate Action Planning Processes and Plans to Determine Factors that Lead to Successful ImplementationDiane HusicEnvironmental Policy and Economics
2018Kaitlin HabermehlPediatric Palliative Care: The Impact Nursing Education has on the Delivery of CareJoyce BrillNursing
2018Carol HannaImagination and Dreams: Overcoming Hardship in Gisèle Pineau's Novels for Young AdultsJoanne McKeownFrench
2018Robert HillmanRegulation of Quorum Sensing in S. pneumoniae by Modifying the Length of the Amino Acid Side Chains in the Hydrophobic Face of the Competence-stimulating Peptide CSP-1Michael BertucciChemistry
2018Katie LynskeyDisrupted: Shatter Your Perceptions. The Portrayal of Women and Minorities in Video GamesCamille MurphyGraphic and Interactive Design
2018Maria ManzThe Effects of Ocean Acidification on Predator-Prey RelationshipsJoshua LordEnvironmental Science
2018Rachel MyersExploration of Potential Energy Functions of the 4³П₀ Electronic State of NaCsRuth Malenda and Shannon TalbottPhysics and Mathematics
2018Catalina PerezThe Effect of Dams on Water Quality in the Lehigh River WatershedJoshua Lord and Frank KuserkBiology
2018Alicia PisanoUnderstanding and Writing in an Emerging Literary Genre: The Short Story CycleJoyce HinnefeldEnglish
2018Rosemary RobertsThe Politics of Rhetoric: Analyzing the Words and Speeches of Barack Obama and Donald Trump to Understand Their Political SuccessJohn ReynoldsPolitical Science
2018Adel SharifChanges in the Mammal Community during Ecological Succession at the Lehigh Gap Nature CenterDaniel ProudEnvironmental Science
2018Brittany StrausserDetermining College Success Based on High School Performance: Fitting Linear Mixed ModelsBrenna CurleyMathematics
2018Kayla TroutmanIs Phosphorylation a Requirement for Src Recruitment to the Connexin 43 Carboxyl-Terminus?Anastasia ThéveninBiochemistry
2018Kristen WeaverFanny Mendelssohn Hensel's Das Jahr: An Orchestration of the Chorale Movements, and an Analysis of her Compositional StyleLarry LipkisMusic
2017Sarah AtwoodVulva: Female Sexuality in Interwar American ArtworkMartha KearnsArt History
2017Megan BrockettCollegiate Athletes: A Nursing Perspective on Challenges and Outcomes in Athletes with Eating DisordersPamela AdamshickNursing
2017Stephanie CanetePredictors of Abstinence Among College StudentsDebra Wetcher-HendricksSociology
2017Nina DePalma"Are We Truly the Land of the Free?" Mass Incarceration, Prison Reform, and the MacArthur FoundationVirginia Adams O'ConnellSociology
2017Ryan DibilioDuty, Honor, and Bravery in the American Civil WarJamie PaxtonHistory
2017Shelby DoesPainted Turtle Nest Predation and Inter-Pond Migration: Spatial Ecology at Three Ponds in the Lehigh Gap Nature CenterFrank KuserkEnvironmental Science
2017Ryan FraceThe War on Drugs: A Sociological Perspective of Constructing Power in SocietyDaniel JasperSociology
2017Jennifer FrancescoIdentification of Novel Genes in Bang-Sensitive Mutants through MutagenesisChristopher JonesBiology
2017Matthew HostyCauses and Consequences of InequalityEva Marikova LeedsEconomics
2017Gunnar HouseknechtExamining the Incidence of Burnout in Nursing StudentsJanice Farber and Robbi AlexanderNursing
2017Gautam KanakamedalaIdentifying a Novel Bang-Sensitive Gene in Drosophila melanogasterChristopher JonesGenetics and Biochemistry
2017Loukya KanakamedalaThe Neuroprotective Potential of Curcumin in the 6-Hydroxydopamine Rat Model of Parkinson’s DiseaseCecilia FoxNeuroscience
2017Swathi KanakamedalaInterstrand Crosslinking of Duplex DNA by Dirhodium ComplexesShari DunhamBiochemistry
2017Rowan LaitilaWomen in Art: Exploring the Role of Feminism for American WomenDiane RadyckiArt History
2017Jonathan LeSynthesis of Alanine-Substituted LamD Derivatives of Lactobacillus plantarumMichael BertucciChemistry
2017Christina MarinaroMapping bas in Drosophila melanogasterChristopher JonesBiology
2017Gabrielle MarottaSovereigns, Governance, and Due Process in Two Early Modern Spanish DramasClaudia MesaSpanish
2017Robert McKinleyQuantification of Misaligned Carapace Scutes in the Painted Turtle, Chrysemys pictaFrank KuserkBiology
2017Nathan NocchiThe Dilemma of Divine Foreknowledge and Human FreedomArash NaraghiPhilosophy
2017Patrick OswaldCommencement Exercises: Book of Madrigals for SATB Voices, Piano, & Percussion, and an Examination of the Madrigal GenreLarry LipkisMusic Composition
2017Lowell PerkinsSatellite Aided Outbreak Prediction and Household Willingness to Avoid Cholera in BangladeshSonia AzizEconomics
2017Matthew PringColor of Law: The Complexities of Power; A Case Study of Police Brutality Against African AmericansAngela FraleighStudio Art
2017Kristin SheanA Proposed Metacognitive Tutoring Program Between Individuals with Autism Spectrum DisorderRobert Brill and Sarah JohnsonPsychology
2017Kayli SilimperiSeizure Alleviating Compounds’ Effects on Bang-Sensitive Drosophila melanogasterChristopher JonesBiochemistry
2017Jordan SweeneyThe Role of Physical Activity in the Overall College Experience: How Students and Athletic Directors Perceive the Challenges and Benefits of Staying Physically Active While in CollegeVirginia Adams O'ConnellSociology
2017Alyssa TorrisiThe Effects of Extracurricular Engagement on Self-Efficacy in Leadership Ability: A Study of Women in the WorkplaceKatie Desiderio and Patrick van EschBusiness Management
2017Devon VukovichPartizan Graph Connectivity GamesNathan ShankMathematics
2016Alyssa AlessandraExploring the Perceptions and Knowledge of Immunizations in an Adult PopulationBeth GotwalsNursing
2016Zachary ArconaExploring Predictors of the Mental Readiness and Recovery from InjuryRobert BrillPsychology
2016John BarrFollowing Folding Transitions with Capillary Electrophoresis and Ion Mobility SpectrometryAlison Holliday and Nathan ShankChemistry and Mathematics
2016Taylor BlakeNucleotide Content Effect on the DNA-Binding of Dirhodium CompoundsShari Dunham and Stephen DunhamBiochemistry
2016Adam BuzzardThe k-Neighbor Component Connectivity of a GraphNathan ShankMathematics
2016William ChristmanPractices of Masculinity in Germany, 1918-1934Heikki LempaHistory
2016Andrea GiardinaEnding the Plight of the Elephant: A Human-Animal InteractionFrank KuserkEnvironmental Science
2016Emily HanesNon-pharmacological Management of Critically Ill Delirious Patients: Contrasting Current and Best PracticeElise ColanceccoNursing
2016Brett HarderAn Exploration of Lie Algebras and Kostant's Weight Mulitplicity FormulaShannon TalbottMathematics
2016Shane HarderUpper Bounds on the Birank Number of G3,nMichael FraboniMathematics
2016Natalie HerbCourtship Behaviors of Adult Bang-sensitive Drosophila melanogaster MalesChristopher JonesBiology
2016Paige MalewskiA Paleopathological Analysis of the Effects of Urbanization and Industrialization on Public Health in Medieval and Post-Medieval England (1100-1900)Sandy Bardsley and Diane HusicPaleopathology
2016Emily MarchelloThe Landscape Paintings of Gustavus Grunewald: the Role of Romantic Nationalism in Documenting Historic BethlehemKristin Baxter Art History
2016Laura McBrideAnalysis of Zinc Contamination in Plants in the Remediation Area of the Lehigh Gap Wildlife RefugeDiane HusicChemistry and Environmental Science
2016Perry MindoObamacare, and the Fight Against Income InequalitySabrina TerrizziEconomics
2016Monick PeronePhenomenology of Gender: Deconstructing the BinaryArash Naraghi and Leon NiemoczynskiPhilosophy
2016Peter PetrackWriting the Brethren's Voice: A Composition for Trombone Quartet and Wind Ensemble Based on Four Moravian Hymns and a Study of the Musical Culture and Hymnody of the Early MoraviansLarry LipkisMusic
2016Kaitlin RaseleyMapping a Bang-sensitive Gene in Drosophila melanogaster While Analyzing the Impact of Nicotine on the Survival of Bang-sensitive FliesChristopher JonesBiology
2016Alexandrea SestokThe Heat of Reaction of Luminol: Energy Flow in a Chemiluminescent ReactionCarl SalterChemistry
2015Kyle ApgarThe Political Discourse of the Sonnet: Amorous Language in the Public SphereNicole TaborEnglish
2015Caroline BartulovichCharacterization of Two Orientational Isomers of a DNA-binding Dirhodium CompoundShari Dunham and Stephen DunhamChemistry
2015Kelly CarmanA Qualitative Descriptive Study: Exploring Patients’ Perceptions about Quality of Life Pre-Post Weight Loss SurgeryKaren GrollerNursing
2015Alexis CowanIn vivo Oxidative Effects of Gold Nanoparticles in Drosophila melanogasterChristopher JonesBiology
2015Kyle DaviesRed Scare Fear: The Hollywood Ten and the 1947 House Un-American Activities Committee InvestigationJane BergerHistory
2015Dana FinemanSeed Preference in CFW Swiss Webster Lab MiceFrank KuserkEnvironmental Science
2015Adam GhoweriIntranasal Administration of DNSP-11 in a Chronic 6-Hydroxydopamine Model of Parkinson's DiseaseCecilia FoxNeuroscience
2015Colleen A. HaitUnderstanding the Mechanics of the Ceramics Studio using Teacher Action ResearchKristin BaxterArt
2015Elias HaseneczMineralization of Basic Copper Sulfates: A Study of Sulfate Inclusion and Compound IdentificationCarl SalterChemistry
2015Taylor HollyInvestigating the Relationship between Temperature Control, Glucose Control, Prophylactic Antibiotic Administration, and Skin Preparation, and Surgical Site Infections in Surgical PatientsJanice FarberNursing
2015Caitlin HylandRetention of Olfactory Memory through Metamorphosis in Drosophila melanogasterChristopher JonesBiology
2015Emily LambrightWillingness to Pay for Arsenic-Safe Water in Rural Bangladesh: A Contingent Valuation ModelSonia AzizEconomics
2015Elizabeth MackKinematics of Prey Capture and Swallowing in Sand Boas: Balancing Conflicting Functional DemandsFrances IrishBiology
2015Michael McAndrewThe Composition and Analysis of My Clarinet Concerto, Visions Unbroken, and a Study of Twelve Other Clarinet ConcertiLarry LipkisMusic
2015Nicholas MengucciPostoperative Registered Nurses' Knowledge Regarding Postoperative DeliriumDonna KeelerNursing
2015Patrick PeroneLeveraged Buyouts and the Public Exit StrategyEva Marikova LeedsEconomics
2015Carolyn RauchExamination of the Relationship Between the Length of Neonatal Hospitalization and the Perceived Level of Parental StressTaylor Grube and Susan ScholtzNursing
2015Sean RossiterSynthesis of a Novel Azulene-Based Metallochromatic IndicatorCarl SalterChemistry
2015Kathleen SicinskiDNA Unwinding by Cytotoxic Dirhodium CompoundsShari Dunham and Stephen DunhamBiochemistry
2015David SiepietowskiInvestigating Visual Learning and Memory in Drosophila melanogaster using Color AssociationChristopher JonesBiology
2015Ghazal StityCharacterization of a Novel Bang-Sensitive Gene in Drosophila melanogasterChristopher JonesBiology
2015Alyssa TallonExploring the Interrelationship of the Two Domains Challenging Student-Athletes: Trends and Predictors of Academic-Athletic Effort and SuccessRobert BrillPsychology
2015David YergerExploration of the Phenotypic Search Space of Grammatical EvolutionKevin HartshornMathematics
2014Shauna Amanda AbdoucheCharacterization of Small Molecule Inhibitors of Bacterial Virulence Protein SecretionHeather FeliseBiology
2014Alicia AltemoseLocking Conditions of Polygonal Chains in R3: A Model for Protein ChainsKevin HartshornMathematics
2014Marissa BloseRevolutions in Twentieth Century American PoetryJoyce HinnefeldEnglish
2014Stephanie L. ChristA Potential Chemical Inhibitor of Bacterial Conjugation SystemsHeather FeliseBiology
2014Dayna Erdman-StatesA Descriptive Qualitative Study: Neonatal Intensive Care Nurses' Perception of Pain and the Efficacy of Pain Management in High Risk NeonatesSusan Scholtz and Karen GrollerNursing
2014Daniel FermanMaximizing Behavior: A Tripartite Model of Adaptation, Social Comparison, and RegretStacey ZarembaPsychology
2014Michael GiacoumopoulosThe Political Economy of Austerity: A Case Study in GreeceGary OlsonPolitical Science
2014Aaron HarrisHow Political Marketers Target Voters: Do Campaigns Target Voters based on Information and Partisan Engagement Level?John ReynoldsPolitical Science
2014Casey HilfertyViolence, Memory, and Women in the Civil Rights MovementJane Berger and Robert MayerHistory
2014Alex HuynhA Characterization of Proanthocyanidins in Cecropia: Implications in Herbivore Defense TradeoffsJohn BevingtonBiology
2014Rachel JohnsonNative and Non-Native Leaf Decomposition in Urban and Rural StreamsFrank KuserkEnvironmental Science
2014Chelsea MurschThe Neuroprotective Potential of Combined Antioxidant Therapy in a 6-OHDA Rat Model of Parkinson's DiseaseCecilia FoxNeuroscience
2014Nicole OrenDifferences in Child, Parent, and Teacher Perceptions of Bullying and How These Attitudes Affect BehaviorMichelle SchmidtPsychology
2014Mary PetrikThe Formation of Mathematical Concepts in Semantic Memory: Does Explicit Integration Facilitate Transfer?Sarah JohnsonNeuroscience
2014Anika K. RiazInvestigation of Visual Learning in Wild-type and Presenilin Mutant Drosophila melanogaster LarvaeChristoper JonesNeuroscience
2014Elliot RonaghanTargeting Accelerators using ChapelMatt LangComputer Science
2014Rachel RuisardNationalistic Traits in French and English Music of the Hundred Years WarLarry LipkisMusic
2014Laura ShearmanChronic Wounds and Quality of Life: Patient and RN PerceptionsBeth Gotwals and Janice FarberNursing
2014Kasey SmithOjibway Environmental Ethics: A Model for Contemporary EcologyBill FallaPhilosophy
2014Mark A. WunderlyThe Case for Test-Optional Policies in PennsylvaniaSabrina TerrizziEconomics
2014Kate S. ZienOptimal Currency Areas: The Euro Zone ExperienceJames West and Eva Marikova LeedsEconomics
2013Andrew BensonBirank Number of Operationally Constructed GraphsMichael FraboniMathematics
2013Marla BiancaThe Impact of Heavy Metal Contamination on Plants at a Superfund Restoration SiteDiane HusicEnvironmental Science
2013Takumi BolteOptimizing Parallel Computer Vision Algorithms on the GPU using CUDAMatthew LangComputer Science
2013Elise BremerImages of Women in Late 19th Century French PaintingDiane RadyckiArt History
2013Caitlin N. CampbellThe Barnegat Bay Explorer Program: A Journey in Environmental Education Program DevelopmentDiane HusicEnvironmental Communication
2013Frank CapobiancoAn Agent-Based Approach to Modeling Evacuation SimulationsMatthew LangComputer Science
2013Victoria ClarkAttitudes toward Muslims as Seen Through the Cancioneros of 15th and 16th Century SpainLarry LipkisMusic
2013Jeremy DavidheiserHistoricizing MiddlemarchMartha ReidEnglish
2013Jessica L DaviesThe Effect of Stress Management Interventions on Students' Grades, Moods, and Overall Stress LevelsRobert BrillPsychology
2013Steve DelturkPoisonous Paragraphs: The Artists, Audiences, and Aesthetics of Hip-HopTheresa DougalEnglish
2013Margaret DeOliveiraInequalities in Health Care AccessVirginia O'ConnellSociology
2013Jacob DonchezSynthesis, Isolation, and Characterization of Novel Dirhodium CompoundsShari Dunham and Stephen DunhamBiochemistry
2013Nathaniel FerraroRegression Analysis of Environmental Goods: Individual's Willingness to Pay for Phosphorus Remediation of Lakes in MinnesotaSonia AzizEconomics
2013Sasha HalaszNeuroprotective Properties of DNSP-11 in a TaClo Model of Parkinson's DiseaseCecilia FoxNeuroscience
2013Meghan McLaughlinWorld War I English PoetryJoel WingardEnglish
2013Amanda Moreno-BonillaWhat Do You See? Stereotypes and Female Representation in Spanish CinemaClaudia MesaSpanish
2013Suzanne MoyerThe Effects of Media on Public Perception and Agent of MobilizationDebra Wetcher-HendricksSociology
2013Anna SantaMariaSmall Molecule Inhibitors of Type III Secretion Gene Expression in Salmonella enterica serovar TyphimuriumHeather FeliseBiology
2013Steven ScheirerFolding Three-Dimensional PaperKevin HartshornMathematics
2013Alexander ServinDNA Unwinding by Antitumor Active Dirhodium CompoundsShari Dunham and Stephen DunhamBiochemistry
2013Samantha SheridanThe Grieving Self: Dissolving the Gender Binary and Redefining AutonomyKhristina HaddadPolitical Science
2013Christopher H SkortonThe Momentum Effect Anomaly: Implications to Market Efficiency, Modern Portfolio Theory, and Small InvestorsEva Marikova LeedsEconomics
2013Haley SkymbaEmotional Memory in Aging and Alzheimer's Disease: Evidence from Implicit and Explicit Memory SystemsSarah JohnsonNeuroscience
2013Rianne StowellThe Effects of DNSP-11, a Pro-peptide of GDNF, on the MPP+ Rat Model of Parkinson's DiseaseCecilia FoxNeuroscience
2013Anthony E. SullivanOperations Research Modeling for Ranking Index ConstructionKay SomersMathematics
2013Melissa ZirkelMusik im Konzentrationslager: The Role of Orchestras and Musicians in Auschwitz-Birkenau and SachsenhausenAxel Hildebrandt and Larry LipkisMusic and German
2012James BellushDesign of a Fluorescently Labeled DNA Probe for Metal-DNA Lesion AnalysisShari Dunham and Stephen DunhamBiochemistry
2012Alanah A. CervantesPlaybills & Programs: Computer Science Theory for Theatrical Production PracticeChristopher Shorr and Matthew LangTheatre and Computer Science
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2012Diana M. FeldmannAlterations in Stream Discharge Patterns in the Lehigh River WatershedFrank KuserkEnvironmental Science
2012Shazmin GangjiThe Effect of Pheromones on EGR-1 Activation in GnRH-I Neurons in Male RatsJennifer SwannNeuroscience
2012Rudolph GarbelyThe Cultural Impact of Failing Lehigh Valley Railroads, mid-1950's to April 1, 1976James PaxtonHistory
2012Samuel GrigsbyThe Place and Practice of Interculturality in Contemporary EcuadorErica Yozell and Sandra Aguilar-RodriguezSpanish
2012Rania HannaOlfactory-Gustatory Associative Learning and Memory Differences Between Mutant Presenilin and Wild-type Drosophila melanogaster LarvaeChristopher JonesBiology
2012Michelle HannaOptimism and Twelve-Step Recovery from Sex and Love AddictionStacey ZarembaPsychology
2012Zachery KneelandThe Symphonic Essay: An Experiment in FormLarry LipkisMusic
2012Nelson KnudsenMass Spectrometry Analysis of DNA-binding of a Novel Dirhodium CompoundShari Dunham and Stephen DunhamBiochemistry
2012Timothy A. LayngLocation of bang senseless, a Bang-Sensitive Gene, on the X Chromosome of Drosophila melanogasterChristopher JonesBiology
2012Dana Maroldi"The Necessity of Dying": Violence and the Destruction of Self in Othello and OroonokoMartha ReidEnglish
2012Anna MeolaUsing Ecological Monitoring and Citizen Science to Better Understand Climante Change in Easter PennsylvaniaDiane HusicBiology
2012Rebekah OverdorfThe Computational Complexity of GamesMatthew Lang and Kevin HartshornComputer Science and Mathematics
2012Katherine PritchettThe Construction of Community in Turn-of-the Century Latin American CrónicasErica YozellSpanish
2012Zachariah RivenbarkThe Early Revolutionaries of the Lehigh Valley, 1774-1777: The Committee and the AssociationJames PaxtonHistory
2012Melissa M. StraubNurse Practitioner Management vs. Traditional Management of Pediatric Asthma on Specific Outcomes in the Primary Care Setting: A Comparative StudyMichele August-Brady and Susan ScholtzNursing
2012Jamie ThierolfBest Teaching Strategies for Spanish-Speaking English Language LearnersCamie Modjadidi and Nilsa Lasso-Von LangEducation and Spanish
2012Andrew W. WatsonOn the Unfoldability of PrismsKevin HartshornMathematics
2012Philip M. WeiserDevelopment of a Low Temperature Raman Sampling DeviceCarl SalterChemistry
2012Anna WhetstoneSex Differences in the Ability to Learn and Localize Sound in the Rat ModelStacey Zaremba and Sarah JohnsonNeuroscience
2012Ren A. WylderThe Modern Concept of Time and How It Affects Our Understanding of Mystical Experiences Religion
2011Stacy L. BoyerSetting the Mood for Acceptance: Exploring the Role of Emotions in Prejudice and Social DistancingDana DunnPsychology
2011Kate BrueningsenThe Consciousness Aware of Itself: Gothic Doubling and the Dissolution of the Enlightenment Model of the SelfGeorge DiamondEnglish
2011John F. CorbinThe Dynamics of Mammal Populations Following BioremediationFrank KuserkEnvironmental Science
2011Karen L. DuldThe Episcopal Controversy and the Struggle for Religious FreedomJames PaxtonHistory
2011Molly A. DuVallHeavy Metal Impact on Soil Microarthropod Populations Along the Blue Mountain in Eastern PennsylvaniaFrank KuserkBiology
2011Jason S. GintherAn Implementation of Video Games as Computer Science Teaching ToolsMatthew LangComputer Science
2011Kelly L. Grab"A Different Kind of Same Thing": The Continuity of Women's Issues in 20th Century American Drama as Analyzed in Trifles and Fefu and Her FriendsNicole TaborEnglish
2011Jessica S. GrochowskiPhysician Burnout: Structural Factors and Possible Solutions When Physicians Need HealingVirginia O'ConnellSociology
2011Rachel GundersonThe Relationship of Specific Variables on Patients' Self-Reported Perceptions of Living with Heart FailureMichele August-BradyNursing
2011Nicole HadeedDietary Selenium Protects Dopamine Levels and Improves Motor Behavior in the 6-Hydroxydopamine Rat Model of Parkinson's DiseaseCecilia FoxNeuroscience
2011Sienna Mae HeathSpeaking, Writing, and Typing: Human Voices of CommunicationJohn Black and William FallaEnglish and Philosophy
2011Ruby Lee JohnsonFaith and Feminism: Mormon Involvement in Equal Rights Politics, 1977-1982Heikki LempaHistory
2011Katherine KercherThe Prevalence, Isolation, and Confirmation of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in Collegiate Athletic FacilitiesFrank KuserkBiology
2011Rachel KleinerFamily Violence in Ancient Near Eastern and Greek MythologyHeikki Lempa and Jason RadineHistory and Religion
2011Corey C. KoenigAlumni Giving: Investigating the Relationship of Personality Attributes and Engagement in a Liberal Arts EnvironmentKatie P. Desiderio and Michelle SchmidtBusiness Management
2011Tara A. LattemanHerbivore defense in myrmecophytic and non-myrmecophytic species of Cecropia from the Peruvian AmazonJohn BevingtonBiology
2011Lauren E. LavelleBreast Cancer Culture: The Commercialization of DiseaseVirginia O'ConnellSociology
2011Jennifer E. MeadEffects of the Antibiotic Keflex on the Microbial Community in the Gastrointestinal Tract of RatsFrank KuserkBiology
2011Ryan M. O'DonnellThe Effect of Multiple Bang-Sensitive Mutations on Drosophila melanogasterChristopher JonesBiology
2011Ekaterina A. PonomarevaEast German Privatization Process during the German Unification: Evaluating Economic and Social Impact of Treuhand TransactionsEva Marikova Leeds and Axel HildebrandtEconomics and German
2011John ReeseInteractions of butterfly bush (Buddleja davidii) and its insect herbivores in metal-contaminated successional areas at Lehigh Gap Nature CenterFrank KuserkBiology
2011Jaime RenningerInvestigating the Impact of Lansoprazole on Cognitive Deficits in a Rat Model of Alzheimer's DiseaseCecilia FoxNeuroscience
2011Michael B. Solomon IIUsing φC31 Integrase-Mediated Gene Targeting to Study Alzheimer's-Related Mutations in the Presenilin gene of Drosophilia melanogasterChristopher JonesBiology
2011Jacob H. TazikMapping of the bas Gene in Drosophila melanogaster Using Deletion Crosses, Duplication Crosses and Recombination MappingChristopher JonesBiology
2011Michael WatsonWhere is My Place? An Exploration of Home, Locale, and Niche in the World Through Memoir, Lyric Essay, and PoetryJoyce HinnefeldEnglish and Writing
2011Charles R. Welsko IIIWe Have Come Father Abraham In Lieu of a Draft: The History of the 153rd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment During the Civil War, 1862-1863James PaxtonHistory
2011Suzanne M. YeagerVoluntary Task Switching in an Emotional Multitask EnvironmentSarah Johnson and Matthew LangPsychology and Computer Science
2010Alexander V. AgnorWhat Really Happened? Contemporary Role of Inhibitory Mechanisms in Susceptibility to Verbal and Visual MisinformationSarah JohnsonPsychology
2010Jessica L. AndersenBe This, Not That: The Battle for FrenchnessJean-Pierre Lalande and Gary OlsonFrench and Political Science
2010Susan N. BartosA Survey of Blood Glucose Levels in Peri-operative Patients with DiabetesJanice FarberNursing
2010Matthew R. BrossFlow Profile of the Radial Hydraulic JumpKelly KrieblePhysics
2010Cynthia L. DretelChristmas Behind Bars: Polish Szopki Written in Two Holocaust Concentration CampsLarry LipkisMusic
2010Jessica F. FreidlyClassical Mythology in French TheatreJoanne McKeownFrench
2010Kaitlyn N. LewisEthical Consumption: The Unification of Fashion with Environmentalism and Social ConsciousnessGary KaskowitzManagement
2010Alyssa M. MilanoThe Effects of Rapid Cold Hardening on Courtship in Drosophila melanogasterChristopher JonesBiology
2010Joseph J. MunleyAn Economic Evaluation of the Closer in Major League BaseballPeter von AllmenEconomics
2010Anthony V. PirrelloThe Determinants of Healthcare Expenditures for Dental Services and Prescription ProductsPeter von AllmenEconomics
2010Leslie A. PopeGratitude v. Expectation: An Examination of Customer Loyalty ProgramsGary KaskowitzManagement
2010Hadia K. RiazGel Electrophoresis Analysis of DNA Adducts Formed by Anti-Tumor Active Dirhodium (II,II) Compounds Using SYBR® GoldShari Dunham and Stephen DunhamBiochemistry
2010Colleen E. SitiThe Construction and Validation of a Weight Concern ScaleLori ToedterPsychology
2010Benjamin J. SofkaSegregation of Granular Materials in a Viscous MediumKelly KrieblePhysics
2010Kensi A. StaufferHealthy Sexuality: Developing a Sex Addiction Prevention Program for TeensStacey ZarembaPsychology
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2010Marisa N. VargoFamily Ties in the Films of Pedro AlmodóvarClaudia MesaSpanish
2010Nathania N. YoungMozart's Soubrettes: The True Heroines of Comic OperaLarry LipkisMusic

YearStudent NameTitleAdvisor(s)Area
2009Andrew AbrahamThe Crystallite Size Distribution in 2-D Beds of Randomly Close-Packed, Binary BeadsKelly Krieble / Yong W. KimPhysics
2009Victoria BartkusTelling Tales: Narrative Innovation in Three Novels by FaulknerMartha ReidEnglish
2009Kristina Cherrier"No More Masks! No More Mythologies!" Building a Gay and Lesbian Community in Lehigh Valley, PennsylvaniaFrancis P. RyanHistory
2009Deanne DorakMössbauer Spectroscopy Investigation of Ge Substituted Cobalt FerriteKelly KrieblePhysics
2009Scott EhrenburgPololos, Prostitución y el Palacio de El Pardo: Identity and Gender Role Contradictions for Spanish Women during the 1940s-1950sCarmen FerreroSpanish
2009Debra EvansIsolation and Identification of DNA-adducts Formed by Antitumor Active Dirhodium (II,II) CompoundsShari U. Dunham / Stephen U. DunhamBiochemistry
2009Jessica FenskeExplorations into Benford's LawNathan A. ShankMathematics
2009Perry FreifeldAchieving Sales Success through Trust-Based Relationships: An Investigation of Transactional vs. Relational SellingGary KaskowitzEconomics / Business
2009Angela GeositsGovernance, Marriage and Pastoral Care: Estates Satire in The Canterbury Tales, the Confessio Amantis, and Piers PlowmanJohn R. BlackEnglish
2009Nicholas HeimbachAmerica's Acid Trip: An Examination of the "War on Drugs"Bettie M. SmolanskySociology
2009Paul JacksonNewland Archer and His Failures in Old New York: An Examination of the Shortcomings of a Failed Man.Annette L. BenertEnglish
2009Jessica Jonas(Re)Considering Bradbury: The Sociological Impact of an American StorytellerGeorge S. Diamond / Joel Nathan RosenEnglish / Sociology
2009Amanda KingArchetypal Marketing and Professional SportsGary KaskowitzEconomics / Business
2009Samantha KozzaThe Role of Apology in Forgiveness of TransgressionsLori J. ToedterPsychology
2009James T. Long IIIThe Collatz Conjecture: A Conjugacy ApproachMichael FraboniMathematics
2009Tyler McCambridgeDietary Selenium Protects Dopamine Levels and May Improve Motor Behavior in the 6-Hydroxydopamine Rat Model of Parkinson's DiseaseCecilia M. FoxBiology
2009Sarah NaumesCreating Truth: A Comparative Study of the Truth and Reconciliation Commissions of South Africa and Former YugoslaviaGary L. OlsonPolitical Science
2009Carolyn RauferRedefining Normal: An Examination of the Biological, Psychological and Sociological Aspects of IntersexDaniel Jasper / Stacey B. ZarembaSociology / Psychology
2009Natalie ZedalisSynthesis of Potential Metal Chelating Derivatives of AzuleneCarl SalterChemistry
2008Beverly BeaverDiamonds are a Girl's Best Friend: Women's Baseball in the Twentieth CenturyFrancis RyanHistory
2008Danielle CorvacchioliI Am What I Do. The Politics of Speaking and the Crisis of the Language of GenderKhristina HaddadPolitical Science
2008Ryan CressThe Effect of Particle Mass on the Dynamics of Avalanches on Three-Dimensional Granular PilesKelly KrieblePhysics
2008Jonathan EnnisPatrons and Playwrights: Patronage in Tudor-Stuart EnglandJames SkalnikHistory
2008Andrew GoodbredSelenium as a Neuroprotective Agent in a 6-hydroxydopamine Rat Model of Parkinson's Disease: a Behavioral StudyCecilia FoxBiology
2008Casey S. JacksonDetermination of DNA Duplex Structure from 1H-NMR Spectra: The Effect of 6-Thioguanine on DNA ConformationShari U. Dunham / Stephen U. DunhamChemistry
2008Tiffany JamannSamuel Hahnemann and the Making of Homeopathic Therapy: 1790-1835Heikki LempaGerman
2008Kelly LaTouretteExplorations of the Collatz ConjectureMichael FraboniMathematics
2008Sheila LillThe Effect of Individual Reminiscence Therapy on the Memory of Individuals with Alzheimer's DiseasePamela AdamshickNursing
2008Erin MaherDieu qui est le plus fort: Selected Sacred Works of Three Members of "les Six"Larry LipkisMusic
2008Lisa MorkowchukComputational Study of the Ene Mechanism in Nicotinamide Hydride-equivalent TransfersCarl SalterChemistry
2008Abigail Perrin"the swelling and splendid moment": Intermediality in Virginia Woolf's The WavesMartha ReidEnglish
2008Christopher SchillingRemember to Forget It: Semantic and Lexical Inter-item Similarity in Retrieval-Induced ForgettingSarah JohnsonPsychology
2008Simon TabchiGenetic Mapping of the bas Mutation in Drosophila melanogasterChristopher JonesBiology
2008Christina TownsendThe Edge of Belief: Exploring Apparitions in the Witchcraft Debate of Early Modern BritainSandy BardsleyHistory
2008Anastasia YemelyanovaTransformation of Drosophila with Mutated Presenilin via φC31 Integrase-mediated Cassette ExchangeChristopher JonesBiology
2007Jenna AbramsonHugo Chávez and 21st Century Socialism: The Superior AlternativeGary OlsonPolitical Science
2007Stephanie Anderson"I doubt it's really about the men": The Collision of Politics, Literature, and Gender in the Body Poetics Novels and Contemporary Urban ChinaLisa FischlerEast Asian Studies
2007Shannon CaseySynesthesia: The Unification of the Senses through Painting and MusicJason Bell / Angela FraleighArt
2007Matthew DevlinA Study of Ga Substituted Cobalt Ferrite Using Mössbauer SpectroscopyKelly KrieblePhysics
2007Michael DiCindioMusic and Archetypes: Who, When and Why They Made an ImpactGary KaskowitzBusiness Management
2007Christina FleckA Holistic Approach to Student Well-being: Effects of a Nutrition, Exercise, and Attitude Intervention on Work PerformanceRobert BrillPsychology
2007Jennifer GillardMathematics: A Textbook Problem: Connections between Cultural Perception and Introductory Mathematics TextbooksKay SomersMathematics
2007Jennifer GrierAnagennisi: Recreating a Forgotten SoundLarry LipkisMusic
2007Ashley HugoA Cost/Benefit Analysis of the Impact of Sarbanes-Oxley on Public CompaniesBarbara VinciguerrasEconomics
2007Christine LaVecchiaEngland's Spirit of the Age: Comparing the Works of Wordsworth and His Musical Contemporaries within a Nineteenth-Century Social ContextTheresa Dougal / Hilde BinfordEnglish / Music
2007Samantha MadisonThe Dali SyndromeNaomi Gal / Joyce HinnefeldsEnglish
2007William MarxThe Economics of eBay Auctions: A Study of End Price Theory and Winner's Curse ProbabilityPeter von Allmen / Sean MulhollandsEconomics
2007Thad MillerThe Histological and Cytological Variance in Dental Follicles and Dentigerous CystsJames MitchellBiology
2007Valerie PhillipsCharacterization of DNA Adducts Formed by Dirhodium (II, II) CarboxylatesShari U. Dunham / Stephen U. DunhamBiochemistry
2007LeeAnna RobertsCommunity-acquired Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (CA-MRSA) among Division III Football Players at Moravian UniversityFrank Kuserk / Christopher JonesBiology
2007Chelsea ShepherdContemporary Challenges to the Modernist CanonDiane RadyckiArt
2007Peter SlivkaSynthesis of a Potential Molecular Indicator: N-Azuleneiminodiacetic AcidCarl SalterChemistry
2007Kristen SmithHappily Ever After?: A Study of Gender Roles and SocializationDaniel JasperSociology
2007Kelly StewardClosing the Achievement Gap in Urban English Language Arts Secondary School Classrooms: Summer School Students' PerspectivesJoseph ShoshEducation
2007Tyler WormanExamining Network Routing Algorithm EfficiencyBen ColemanComputer Science
2006Anthony S. BistiGangsters, Rebels, and Powerful Men: The Cinematic Deviant in AmericaDaniel JasperSociology
2006Amanda S. ClossenWhat Caused the Great Vowel Shift? A Labovian ApproachJohn BlackEnglish
2006Rachel M. ColanceccoBeyond Motherhood: The Women's Movement and the Shift in Women's Legal Status in the United States, 1945-1986Francis RyanHistory
2006Brian H. DaviesTaming Seventeenth Century Virginia: Wealthy Planters and the Colony They CreatedJames PaxtonHistory
2006Jeffrey R. FeistAnalyzing the Performance of a Computer Chess ProgramBen ColemanComputer Science
2006Vanessa A. FisherConflict between Two Worlds: When Jewish Religion and Secularism Collide in Four Novels by Chaim PotokGeorge DiamondEnglish
2006Brandi A. FogelStruttin' with Some Barbecue: The Life and Times of Lil Hardin ArmstrongFrancis Ryan / Neil WetzelMusic
2006Casey J. HoffmanAn Experimental Investigation of the Effects of Physical Parameters on the Circular Hydraulic JumpKelly KrieblePhysics
2006Veronica L. HowellInternet Addiction and Psychological Reasons and EffectsStacey ZarembaPsychology
2006Kristy L. LaTerraCase Study: Goodyear Dunlop Acquisition of 1999Eva Marikova LeedsManagement
2006Bryn S. LipovskyDNA-Binding of Antitumor Active Dirhodium (II, II) CompoundsShari U. Dunham / Stephen U. DunhamBiochemistry
2006Gerald N. McGlinnA Test of Motivational Models for Predicting Individual and Team Performance in Athletic ContextsRobert BrillPsychology
2006Karima N. ModjadidiExploring the Predictive Value of Personality Traits for Success in a Work-Release ProgramRobert BrillPsychology
2006Sarah C. MuellerLong-Term Selenium Administration as a Protective Agent in 6-Hydroxydopamine Lesion ModelCecilia FoxBiology
2006Michael A. PiersaThe History of Blast Furnace Technology at Bethlehem SteelJames PaxtonHistory
2006Jerry N. PiotrowskiThe Secret Identity of a Fractal Reality: Uniting Heraclitus and ParmenidesCarol MoellerPhilosophy
2006Rachel A. StapletonOld Masks, New Music: Characters of the Commedia dell'Arte in 20th Century MusicLarry LipkisMusic
2006Judith L. StevensonWomen's Work: The Production and Decoration of Textiles and Pottery in the Aegean Bronze AgeDennis GlewHistory / Classics
2006Alexis N. VergallaA Field Guide of MarrowJoyce Hinnefeld / Naomi GalEnglish
2006Courtney L. WernerAmerica's Neo-Gnostic Literature: What's Really Going on in Philip K. Dick's Valis TrilogyGeorge Diamond / Steve GordyEnglish / Religion
2006Brendan J. WrightThe Naked Citizen: The Constructive and Constricting Powers of Human Nature Claims within Political TheoryKhristina HaddadPolitical Science
2005Julie A. AndersonConstructing Sylvia Plath: A Study in Autobiographical WritingsTheresa DougalEnglish
2005Panayiotes AsimakopoulosThe European Union and the Dichotomy between the Federal and Intergovernmental Forces of IntegrationJean-Pierre LalandePolitical Science
2005Sarah E. BaerOnce Forbidden, Now Celebrated: A Study in the Rise of Women OboistsPaula ZerkleMusic
2005Margaret E. BennySocietal and Scientific Views of Human Genetic DifferenceKaren KurvinkBiology
2005Hillary S. DowlingCrossing the AisleSteve GordyReligion
2005Renee E. GarinRank-Order Tournament Theory and Its Effects on Player Performance in Professional TennisPeter von AllmenEconomics
2005Jana HavranovaUsing RNAi to Investigate the Function of the Thiodredoxin Reductase Genes trxr-1 and trxr-3 in Drosophila melanogasterChristopher JonesBiology
2005Aditya KhannaExploring the Nature of Environmental Feedback in DaisyworldKelly Krieble / Gordon WillliamsMathematics / Physics
2005Tara M. KissTransferring the Presenilin Gene from Arabidopsis thaliana to Drosophila melanogasterChristopher JonesBiology
2005Rachel M. KoralewskiMechanistic Model for Nicotinamide Coenzyme Mediated Reduction ReactionsR. Dan LibbyChemistry
2005John W. LoughneyCharacterizing the Phenotype of the slamdance Gene in Drosophila melanogaster Using RNAiChristopher JonesBiology
2005Allison M. McBrideWomen Industrial Workers and Community Development Organizations in the El Paso - Ciudad Juárez Region: A Comparison of the Centro de Orientación de la Mujer Obrera and La Mujer Obrera.Kym MorrisonHistory
2005Heather L. McGarvieContemporary Paper Art: Integrating Raw Botanical Fibers and Experimenting with CollageDouglas ZuccoArt
2005Ruth A. MoyerConsonance, Dissonance and Resolution: The Federal Music Project as a Government Arts OrganizationFrancis Ryan / Hilde BinfordHistory / Music
2005Joseph M. MoyerFreedom, Slavery, and the National Identity: The Evolution of American Political Thought from 1824 until 1860 through the Words and Careers of Abraham Lincoln, William Henry Seward, Stephen A. DouglasJohn Reynolds / Francis RyanHistory
2005Rachel M. ParobyA Review of In Vitro Fertilization and Retrospective Evaluation of Z-Scoring as a Predictor of Embryo MorphologyKaren KurvinkBiology
2005Sara SulemanBlack Tea and Other Stories / Exploring Different Forms of NarrativeJoel WingardEnglish
2005Sarah B. WagensellerBehaving Decently in an Indecent Society: Kurt Vonnegut and the Meaning of LifeGeorge DiamondEnglish
2005William J. WeberField NotesJoyce HinnefeldEnglish
2004Elise M. AlexanderThe Effects of Societal Perceptions of HIV/AIDS on the Quality of Life of Individuals Living with HIV/AIDSSusan DeSanto-MadeyaNursing
2004Renee M. BallietMutational Analysis of Possible Breast Cancer Susceptibility Gene BRCC45 in BRCA1 and BRCA2 Negative KindredsKaren KurvinkBiology
2004Anita M. BlackRegional and Overt Victimization in Elementary School: Gender Differences and Links to AdjustmentMichelle SchmidtPsychology
2004Leigh A. CarusoA Study of Moravian Communal Structures from 1722-57 and the ZeremonienbüchleinHeikki LempaHistory / German
2004Nicole E. CasolaThe Depiction of Feminine Beauty through the Eyes of Women Artists. Works by: Frida Kahlo, Alice Neel, Nan Goldin and Cindy ShermanDiane RadyckiArt History
2004Anthony G. CostantinoFoy, Peter, Dana: An Acoustical StudyJoseph PowlettePhysics
2004Joseph M. DoughertyMoral AttributabilityJonathan KastinPhilosophy
2004Ashley L. FarnschladerThe Palestinian-Israeli Conflict: Religious or Secular?Gary OlsonPolitical Science
2004Joshua N. GrossDeviance among College Students: An Empirical Test of General Strain TheoryBettie M. SmolanskySociology
2004Erica M. HeusserCorrespondences: Visual Analogies and Poetic ImageryAnne Dutlinger / Joyce HinnefeldEnglish
2004Adrienne E. KleintopThe Application of RNAi to the Study of the Drosophila melanogaster Presenilin GeneChristopher JonesBiology
2004Lucas D. MalishchakExploring the Effects of Sports Participation as a Predictor of Future Psychosocial Experiences among Athletes and NonathletesMichelle SchmidtPsychology
2004Jaime L. MarksInfluence of Marital Status, Family Environment, and Attachment on Parental Involvement and Family Decision Making in Middle ChildhoodMichelle SchmidtPsychology
2004Elizabeth A. McCannThe Relaxation Response: A Comparative Analysis of Several TechniquesArt LyonsPsychology
2004Borko MilosevMathematical Analysis of Equity Risk PremiumKay Somers / Linda RavelleMathematics / Economics
2004Emily M. RalphAliya: Writing and Composing an Original MusicalLarry LipkisMusic
2004Nicole A. SabaliauskasBehavioral Characterization of the Drosophila Bang-Sensitive Mutant slamdance (sda)Christopher JonesBiology
2004Mark K. SchlegelMechanistic Studies of NAD+ Requiring Dehydrogenases Using Model N-alkyl-1,4-dihydropyridinesR. Dan LibbyChemistry
2004Scott T. WilliamsThe Vulnerability of America's Electric Power System as a National Security IssueJohn ReynoldsPolitical Science
2003Morris A. BalaccoOn Subjective Naturalist Theories of the Meaning of Life.Jonathan KastinPhilosophy
2003Aaron W. BucknerAn Experimental Investigation into the Effect of a Rotational Non-Inertial Reference Frame on the Position of the Hydraulic Jump in a Radial Flow.Kelly KrieblePhysics
2003Amrita S. deZoysaCan the Arabidopsis thaliana presenilin Gene Substitute for the Drosophila melanogaster presenilin Gene?Christopher JonesBiology
2003Alyson E. DobrackiIsolation and Identification of Chitinolytic Bacteria from the Northern Pitcher Plant, Sarracenia purpurea, and the Characteristics of the Related Enzymes.Frank KuserkBiology
2003Stephanie S. GervasiEffects of Artificial Lighting on Seafinding Orientation of the Hatchling Loggerhead Sea Turtle (Caretta caretta).James MitchellBiology
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2003Stephen C. GrabowskiSoftware Engineering Metrics: Coupling and Cohesion.Stephen CorbeseroComputer Science
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YearStudent NameTitleAdvisor(s)Area
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1999Michael BabwahsinghInstructional Materials and Information DesignAnne DutlingerGraphic Advertising
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1998Scott C. GreenInterpersonal Interaction in the Information AgeArt LyonsPsychology
1998Katrina M. HeebnerArt and the Unconscious: Photographic Imagery as a Tool of IntrospectionJ. HurwitzArt
1998Kathleen A. JacksonThe Use of Employee Input as a Determinant of Worker Motivation and Organizational MoraleRobert BrillPsychology
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1997Christine CervelliAttitude Formation Regarding AIDS and Alcoholism through Film ViewingRobert BrillPsychology
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1997Gretchen DirnbergerWomen in Life, Women in Films: The Characterizations and Contexts of Women in Selected Movies of Alfred Hitchcock, c1930-1960Robert StinsonHistory
1997Dawn T. DodsworthArson InvestigationJ. DoughertySociology
1997Rose Anne EvansNegative Social Interactions and Depression Symptoms in Caregivers of a Mentally Ill RelativeDana DunnPsychology
1997Richard FischlEnhancing Classroom Access to the Global EnvironmentSanto MarabellaEconomics
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1996Philip M. GottshallThe Evolution of the Euomphalidae: An Exploratory Approach Using Shell Growth ParametersFrank KuserkBiology
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1996Samir StewartDevelopment Issues in India: The Past and the FutureJames WestEconomics
1995Nancy Beitel-KozeroCharacteristics of Senior Citizen Managers and Volunteer ParticipationS. MaierSociology
1995Adean A. BiblerAutomatic Speaker VerificationJames GreenComputer Science
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1995Thomas J. HartleThe Oxidation of Co(II)tim by Chlorate Ion: A Comparison between Co(II)tim and Vitamin B12rAl MartinChemistry
1995Gregory S. KienzlThe Tarnished Legacy of the Voting Rights Act of 1965: Has the Voting Rights Act been an Effective Means of Redressing the Problem of Minority Underrepresentation in the Electoral Sphere?John ReynoldsPolitical Science
1995Amy B. KohlerThe Cancer Patient and Chemotherapy: How Psychosocial Variables Affect Immune and Role FunctioningLori ToedterPsychology
1995Sedef KoktenturkTrade Liberalization in TurkeyJames WestEconomics
1995Nikolay Konstantinov KolevPrivatization of Russian Industrial Enterprises, 1992-1994: A Historical PerspectiveW. KohlsHistory
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1995Paula Marie KrisakFrom Lacy Bond to Lilly Raines: A Content Analysis of the Portrayal of Policewomen in Contemporary Feature FilmsJ. DoughertySociology
1995Eli MillerThe Perfect Rational CuboidAlicia SevillaMathematics
1995Jennifer MitchellReporting to America: A Case Study of the Congo Crisis, 1961Curt KeimHistory
1995Krisa Y. MurrayMechanistic Studies of Peroxidatic Reactions Catalyzed by the Enzyme ChloroperoxidaseR. Dan LibbyChemistry
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1995Carolyn I. VicchiulloExploring Three Correlates of Thought Suppression: Attention, Absorption, and Cognitive LoadDana DunnPsychology
1995Candace YoungThe Political Economy of Pregnancy OutcomeGary OlsonPolitical Science
1995Jill E. YoungkenParkmount Mill: A Study of the Social and Economic Relationships of One Mill during Industrialization's InfancyR. RemerHistory
1994Parvathy AnantnarayanOf Furrow and Spade: Unearthing the Concept of Land in the Poetry of Seamus HeaneyJoel WingardEnglish
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1994Deborah ZimmermanThe Music of TerezinLarry LipkisMusic
1993Janice AbadDispositional Optimism and Self-Complexity Act as "Buffers" against the Stress of a Major Life Altering EventDana DunnPsychology
1993Elizabeth C. DetweilerA Performance Practice Study of Selected Songs from the Spanisches Liederbuch of Hugh WolfLarry LipkisMusic
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1993Amy E. KellemanThe Role of Bacterial Food in Niche Partitioning of the Cellular Slime Mold GuildFrank KuserkBiology
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1990Susan Johnson WeinlickThe Art of Femininity: Edith Wharton's Lily Bart and Undine SpraggB. MichaelEnglish
1990Jeffrey Gene WhiteAn Evaluation of Pennsylvania's 1988 College and University Security Information Act: Tacit Neglect of Campus RapeJ. Dougherty / Bettie M. SmolanskySociology
1990Shannon M. O. WilliamsonA Reexamination of Thomas Cranmer's Practice and PolicyJanet LoengardHistory

YearStudent NameTitleAdvisor(s)Area
1989Lauretta A. BlacksonA Study of Cooperative LearningR. MayerEducation
1989Matthew John BurnardMonte Carlo Simulation of Electron Transport in a Helium GasY. KimPhysics
1989Gianine ChristianoThe Effects of Locus of Control on the Adjustment of College FreshmenDana DunnPsychology
1989Christopher L. DamandlA Study of Nazi Foreign Propaganda Policy within the Context of U.S.-German Diplomatic RelationsW. KohlsHistory
1989Bethann FelkerThe Hardy Personality: Investigating Stress and Coping in the University PopulationLori ToedterPsychology
1989Lorraine GyauchIda M. Tarbell: Pioneer and ParadoxRobert StinsonHistory
1989Andrea C. KohlsThe Home Rule Bill of 1912I. DuffyHistory
1989Waltraut Borck McCabeElder Abuse: A Thesis in Sociology and GerontologyBettie M. SmolanskySociology
1989Angela PiszelEugene O'Neill: Autobiographical Significance and the Human ConditionGeorge DiamondEnglish
1989Jeffry P. PollockPattern Recognition Applications to Fingerprint MatchingJohn StonebackComputer Science
1989Christine C. WasserThe History and Economics of Investment BankingJames RavelleManagement
1988Julie A. AndersonPerceptions of Males as Homosexual as a Function of Behaviors and CuingArt LyonsPsychology
1988Lea M. BlochGender Differences in Verbal Ability as a Function of Sex Role Type and Cerebral LateralizationWilliam DeedsPsychology
1988Stephanie Linda BrookeThe Effect of Context on Learning: A Comparison of Teacher-led Instruction and Computer-led InstructionJ. DilendikPsychology
1988Stuart Jude DavisThe Tuathan Poetry and Drama of William Butler YeatsR. BurcawEnglish
1988Karen L. HagermanChaucer and Courtly Love: Irving Singer's Contribution to the ScholarshipR. Burcaw / Carole BrownEnglish
1988Kimberlee L. LewisThe Relationship between Residence Hall Environment and Student Outcome Variables: A Social-Ecological ModelLori ToedterPsychology
1988Ignacio MosqueiraComputer Simulation for Shock Formation in a Free Expansion FlowY. KimPhysics
1988Diane R. SchafferTracking 2-D Articulated Body Movement by Utilizing Computer VisionJames GreenComputer Science
1988Beth Ellen SmithwickStudies of in Vivo Excystation of Echinostoma liei and Echinostoma revolutum metacercariea and the Stage of E. liei which Induces the Immune Response to Homologous Challenge Infections in ICR MiceDon HosierBiology
1988Michael Thomas WitkowskiA Study of Resonant Responses in a Nonlinear OscillatorJack RidgePhysics
1988Steven Joseph YounesConjugal Violence and the Treatment of the Male BattererJ. DoughertyCriminal Justice
1987Ruth Marie ColeBattered Women and the Law: Breaking TraditionBettie M. SmolanskySociology
1987Susan A. ErneyStress and Distress as Byproducts of Our Modern Technological AgeArt LyonsPsychology
1987Kathy MonicaA Cytogenetic Analysis of the Nucleolus Organizer Region of the Human GenomeKaren KurvinkBiology
1987Lynn ShankoMcCarthy and His Milieu: The Emergence of Senator Joseph R. McCarthy, 1950-1954Robert StinsonHistory
1987John L. StuartFactors Affecting Borohydride Reduction of Substituted Acetophenones, Cycloalkanones, and BenzonitrilesS. KulpChemistry
1987Mandy TaylorTheory and Practice of Newspaper Magazine DesignJoel WingardJournalism
1987Michele VitaccoThe Effects of Biased Questioning on Recall of Details during Eyewitness Testimony for Trained and Untrained ParticipantsWilliam DeedsPsychology
1987Randy M. ZiegenfussTeaching Principles Involved in Beginning Brass Instruction Using the Music Teaching Methods of Zoltan Kodaly, Carl Orff, and Edwin GordonP. LarsonMusic
1986Rebecca S. DodsonMicrobial Utilization of Carbohydrates in Continuous Culture.Frank KuserkBiology
1986Kelly KriebleMössbauer Spectroscopy of Amorphous Materials as a Function of Temperature near Their Curie TemperatureJoseph PowlettePhysics
1986David KutosRoma Greth's Windfall Apples: Analysis and Scene DesignJack RamseyTheater
1986Terence L. O'Rourke Jr.The Effect of Prednisone on the Rejection of Echinistoma revolutum by Female ICR MiceDon HosierBiology
1986Shawn P. PhillipsThe Evolving Resistant Line and Its Comparison to Related Methods of Data AnalysisKay SomersMathematics
1986Amy M. PotterThe Effects of Physical Attractiveness and Sex-Typing on Interpersonal Attraction in Opposite Sex DyadsA. KimmelPsychology
1986Debra A. RaboldThe Geography of Greenland: Similarities and Differences Between Graham Green's Entertainments and Major NovelsD. TaylorEnglish
1986Mary Hoban ScottDo You Really Want a Job? The Perception of the Pregnant Job ApplicantLori ToedterPsychology
1986Carol A. TraupmanThe Orchestral Technique of Gustav Mahler: A Formal and Timbral Analysis of Three Symphonies and Three Song CyclesLarry LipkisMusic
1985Elizabeth M. AllenStrategic Factors Affecting the Decline of Soviet Economic Growth RatesA. SearsEconomics
1985Alice A. GuilesIllustrations of Leonardo da Vinci's Animal FablesR. AckermanArt
1985Evan HarutaVisual Representations of Concepts in Group TheoryDoris SchattschneiderMathematics
1985Harris HokeAn Investigation of the Ferromagnetic and Paramagnetic Mössbauer Spectra of Fe32Ni36Cr14P12B6Joseph PowlettePhysics
1985Timothy Deemer LawParental Care and Reproductive Success in the Zebra Finch (Poephila castanotis)Frank KuserkBiology
1985Nancy Ann MeixellAn Analysis of Cooperation in Conflict SituationsKay SomersMathematics
1985Denise M. NazzariDesign and Implementation of a Robot Control LanguageJohn StonebackComputer Science
1985Mae Lynn NeyhartIs It as Funny when the Joke is on You (or Him or Her)?: The Effects of Gender and Affective Disposition on the Appreciation of and Ability to Create HumorWilliam Deeds / Art LyonsPsychology
1985Ronald D. RinkerThe Role of Eosinophils in the Immunity of ICR and SW Mice to Nematospiroides dubiusDon HosierBiology
1985Paul E. RogersA Study of the Immune Response of ICR and SW Mice to Echinostoma revolutum and an Examination of Infectivity Rates and Chemical Excystation of Metacercarial CystsDon HosierBiology
1985Jeffrey Scott RogersA Genetic Study of Alcohol Metabolism in MiceK. SteeleBiology
1985Laura S. RoweLaw and Private Morality: Not Society's Business Philosophy
1985Brenda Joan RuggieroThe Roots of Crisis in Iran and the Continuing LegacyGary OlsonPolitical Science
1985David Russell SchulteDevelopment of a View Editor System for Logical Database DesignD. MarchComputer Science
1985Jane Kay SmollingerAn Enzymatic Study of Alcohol Metabolism in MiceK. SteeleBiology
1985Marie A. SteltzThe Role of IGE and Anaphylaxis in the Acquired Immunity of Female ICR Mice to Nematospiroides dubiusDon HosierBiology
1985Eric M. SweterlitschA Light and Electron Microscope Study of Eimeria necatrix, a Parasite of the Domestic ChickenJames MitchellBiology
1985Michael E. TrappAT&T: Past, Present and Future: Transition from Monopolist to Competitor Economics
1984Kristen L. CoxThe Integration and Assimilation of Women into the United States Service AcademiesJ. Dougherty / J. HilanderSociology
1984Lori April FrantzAn Enzymatic and Genetic Study of AlcoholismK. SteeleBiology
1984Carolyn J. FrisoliThe Defective Corporation: A Problem in Legal HistoryJanet LoengardHistory
1984David L. GriscomInterfacing a Robot to the Human WorldJohn Stoneback / David LanghusComputer Science
1984Geraldine M. HnatinContinuous Speech Recognition by Computer: A System DesignJames Green / M. McAllisterComputer Science
1984Anthony L. RomanelliReductive Displacement vs. Addition of Grignard Reagents with Highly Hindered Nitriles and the Reduction Kinetics of the Resulting Hindered KetonesS. KulpChemistry
1984R. Scott ShellingtonConcurrency in a Real-Time EnvironmentJohn Stoneback / David LanghusComputer Science
1984David A. SteverA Menu- and Forms- Based Library to Promote Simplified User-Computer InteractionW. BrownComputer Science
1984David R. SwayzeA Morphological Study of the Sensory Structures Associated with the Ovipositor of the Flesh Fly, Sarcophaga bullata (Diptera: Sarcophagidae)James MitchellBiology
1984Janice M. ThomasThe Effect of Affirmative Action on Attributions about MinoritiesWilliam DeedsPsychology
1983Marian V. AdriganA Data Abstraction Facility for Standard PascalW. BrownComputer Science
1983Lillian K. AdriganThe Design and Implementation of a Structured Operating SystemJohn StonebackComputer Science
1983Linda BiechyFuzzy SystemsM. McAllisterMathematics
1983Annette P. BudzakThe Education of Frances PerkinsRobert StinsonHistory
1983Lisa CalabreseStress: A Scale Assessing Its Nature and Effects in a College EnvironmentR. JohnsonPsychology
1983Deborah M. CaseyThe Effect of Corticosterone and Adrenalectomy upon the Acquired Resistance of ICR Mice to Nematospiroides dubiusDon HosierBiology
1983Sean DivinyAn Original Full Length Play: Conflict CreationJack RamseyEnglish
1983Susan E. GuthrieThe Use of Data Type Abstraction in Operating Systems: The Use of Class Structures in Unix, Implemented on an LSI-IIJohn StonebackComputer Science
1983Elizabeth A. HallThe Cultural Influence on Group Decision-Making in American and Japanese Business FirmsA. Sears / L. FenningerManagement
1983Catherine J. HyndmanThe Kinetics of the Enzyme Catalase and the Mechanism of Its InhibitionM. BaderChemistry
1983Michele A. MoroAn Investigation of Germination in Samaras of Acer saccharum MarshJohn BevingtonBiology
1983Steven J. MoscirellaImplementing a Machine-independent Music LanguageW. BrownComputer Science
1983Carole P. RappAcid Precipitation: Deadly Hybrid in the RainGeorge DiamondJournalism
1983Joanne M. ReginaA Systematic Study of the Jury Selection and Deliberation Process within the Perspective of Social ScienceArt LyonsPsychology
1983Linda M. WanniskiFrom Silks and Slashes to Wools and Patches: A Study of European Dress From 1525-1668D. GilbertHistory
1983Joseph WashkoThe Bail System: Opinion, Practice, and Their Effects on the Operation of the SystemJ. HilanderCriminal Justice
1983Christopher J. WerteJudicial Implementation of Public Policy: A General Overview and the Specific Case of AbortionJohn ReynoldsPolitical Science
1983Robert T. Yavorski Jr.Immunological Comparisons of the Response of Swiss Webster and ICR Laboratory Mice to the Carcinogen 20-methylcholanthreneK. SteeleBiology
1983Tracy Lee YoungA Study of the Relatedness of Bacterial and Viral GenomesK. SteeleBiology
1982Tamara L. AdamsSex Roles in Advertising and the Media: Perspectives and ProspectsGeorge DiamondJournalism
1982Carlson F. BlakeThe Performance of the Press on Vietnam Issues in the Post-war Period, 1973- 1980John ReynoldsPolitical Science
1982Barbara A. CrothersThe Effects of Ascorbic Acid and Vitamin B12 Injections on Chemically-induced Tumors in MiceK. SteeleBiology
1982Keith HarleyHume's Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion and the Search for a Natural TheologyF. McConnellPhilosophy
1982Adrienne S. HuttaThe Role of Cyclic Nucleotides on the Aggregation of Cellular Slime Molds (Dictyosteliida)Frank KuserkBiology
1982Scott P. KardosDesign and Characterization of an Iron (III) Sensitive Coated Wire ElectrodeDavid LanghusChemistry
1982Susan Jane KresslyViral Competition in BacteriaK. SteeleBiology
1982Angelo J. LaDucaComplete Reduction of (Alpha,Beta)-unsaturated NitrilesS. KulpChemistry
1982Lisa D. LauryThe Morphology of Rumen Ciliates from Eastern Bos taurus Viewed with the Light Microscope and Scanning Electron MicroscopeJames MitchellBiology
1982Donald J. LewisLight and Transmission Electron Microscope Comparison between Normal and Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Skin.James MitchellBiology
1982Joseph P. LynnA Study of Crystallization of Amorphous Iron Bearing Alloys by X-ray DiffractionJoseph PowlettePhysics
1982Susann R. McCreadyDifferences in Self-Esteem and Assertiveness among Career Women, Job Women, and HomemakersJ. BlauPsychology
1982Alene MinchewBehavioral and Physiological Parameters of Hypertension and Environmentally Induced StressR. JohnsonPsychology
1982Lisa OrlichAspects of Change in the Late 18th-century LiedA. CallenMusic
1982Laurie Ann RileyChildren's Creative Ability in Relation to Locus of Control, Self-Concept, Gender, Birth Order and Family Career OrientationArt LyonsPsychology
1982Frank A. SchwingComputer Video InterfacingJames GreenComputer Science
1982Ronald J. SemanickInformative Sources for AuditsL. BezdzieckiEconomics
1982Christopher A. ShumanA Multivariate Statistical Analysis of the Interrelationships between Selected Physical and Chemical Variables of Coals Sampled from a Five County Region of Western PennsylvaniaJoseph GerencherGeology
1982Jennifer WeberChanges in the Blood of ICR Mice Infected with Plasmodium bergheiDon HosierBiology
1981Terri Lea AscaniThe Evaluation of Bacterial Classification by Nucleic Acid HybridizationK. SteeleBiology
1981Dianne M. BorkowskiThe Distributive Process in a Real-Time Computer Generated Music Synthesis SystemJames GreenComputer Science
1981Kathleen Dickens CebulkaFlowgraph TheoryM. McAllisterMathematics
1981Debe J. CerinoThe Effects of Specific Drugs on Male Mice as Prospective ContraceptivesA. GaumerBiology
1981Madeline E. CollinsAspects of Existentialism in Selected Works by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.George DiamondEnglish
1981David A. HnatowLight and Transmission Electron Microscopic Comparison of the Epidermal-dermal Junction between Normal and Neoplastic Basal Cells of SkinJames MitchellBiology
1981J. Stephen LongTeratogenic Effects of the Insecticide Carbaryl (1-Naphthyl N-Methylcarbamate) on the Embryonic Development of the Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos).James MitchellBiology
1981Regina J. MarshThe Effects of Maternal Employment on the Development of Psychological AndrogenyJ. BlauPsychology
1981John M. MidgleyChristian Realism and Recent History: An Analysis and Application of Reinhold Niebuhr's Philosophy of PoliticsF. McConnellPhilosophy
1981Beverly J. RaymondLeadership as a Perceptual PhenomenonR. JohnsonPsychology
1981Scott SchnalzerA Graphic Presentation of Selected Works by Edgar Allan PoeC. EngleArt
1981Jean L. SiegfriedThe Effects of High Protein and High Carbohydrate Diets on the Production of Diabetes Mellitus in Laboratory RatsK. SteeleBiology
1981Barbara J. StaudtA Case Study of Compiler-CompilersW. BrownComputer Science
1981Eric J. SternMonoaminergic Regulation of Growth Hormone Secretion in the MouseA. GaumerBiology
1981Faith M. WilsonCommon Cause and the Quest for Civic BalanceJohn ReynoldsPolitical Science
1981Veronica C. YarnellStress Management in IndustryL. SchroederPsychology
1980Douglas AndersonA Challenge to DeterminismF. McConnellPhilosophy
1980James D. ArtusoMorphological Studies of the Pancreatic Beta-cell and Endocrine Tissue in Alloxan-diabetic and Pregnant MiceA. GaumerBiology
1980Louise M. BowyerIssues in the Decriminalization of ProstitutionP. DowCriminal Justice
1980Ann T. BryanLight, Scanning and Transmission Electron Microscope Comparison between Normal and Neoplastic Basal Cells of SkinJames MitchellBiology
1980Walter R. HeppThe Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in Laboratory MiceA. GaumerBiology
1980Leslie A. KachureDevice Drivers: A Case Study of an Operating System FeatureW. BrownComputer Science
1980John F. KlementCompetition between Two Cellular Slime Molds, Dictyostelium mucoroides and Polyspondylum violaceum, for a Common Food SourceFrank KuserkBiology
1980Kim K. KochA Critical Analysis of Pennsylvania v. MimmsP. DowCriminal Justice
1980R. B. LudewigOn the Tender Wings of Blessed Death: Moravians and Death in Two Generations, 1740-1820Robert StinsonHistory
1980Michael J. McGeeThe Oxidation of Disubstituted Acetonitriles by Dimethyl Sulfoxide with BaseS. KulpChemistry
1980Shari L. MillerWomen and SuccessBettie M. SmolanskySociology
1980Barbara J. MillerLearning as a Function of the Quality of InstructionJ. DilendikEducation
1980Daniel A. PolanskiCapitalist Class Consciousness and Its Impact on American PoliticsGary OlsonPolitical Science
1980Lawrence ReaganThe Politics of UnemploymentGary OlsonPolitical Science
1980John E. SnyderThe Mössbauer Effect of an Amorphous Iron-Containing Material near the Curie TemperatureJoseph PowlettePhysics
1980Yvonne M. StrohThe Effects of Anti-microbial Agents on the Lactobacilli of the MouthFrank KuserkBiology
1980Renee A. SullivanThe Questing Spirit of D. H. LawrenceB. MichaelEnglish

YearStudent NameTitleAdvisor(s)Area
1979Jon R. AllenPension Funds as a Catalyst for Social Change in AmericaGary OlsonPolitical Science
1979Roger J. BleilerThe Determination of the Paramagnetic Susceptibilities of First Row Transition Metal Complexes via Nuclear Magnetic Resonance SpectroscopyM. BaderChemistry
1979Beth BrysonLord Byron: Neoclassical Satirist or Romantic Egotist?L. BurkhartEnglish
1979John Francis BurkeHannah Arendt's Political Philosophy: "To Think What We are Doing"H. JungPolitical Science
1979Lauri A. DiFeliceThe Catholic Syndrome: James Joyce and Graham GreenE. RhodinEnglish
1979Susan J. DuhHungary Since the Revolution of 1956: An Era of LiberalizationL. GreensteinPolitical Science
1979John R. FisherThe Effects of Castration, Testosterone Propionate, and Estradiol Valerate on the Wheel-running Activity of the Male MouseA. GaumerBiology
1979Doreen C. KnottsStochastic Processes with Emphasis on Markov ChainsM. McAllisterMathematics
1979Diane LukacOn the Degradation of Work and the Need for Self-management in the United StatesGary OlsonPolitical Science
1979David A. MeckstrothVariations for Orchestra: The Compositional Process of a Piece in ProgressLarry LipkisMusic
1979Becky Lynn ParkerAn Analysis of The Burghers of Calais by Georg KaiserJack RamseyEnglish
1979Richard J. SzarkoThe Sodium Borohydride Reduction of Carbon-to-Carbon Pi BondsS. KulpChemistry
1978David W. AbbuhlThe Myth of Conversion: Ideology, Economics, and National DefenseGary OlsonPolitical Science
1978Traylan AndersonA Study of Two Dimensional PredictionJ. LeeMathematics
1978Vicki L. BrownThe Effectiveness of Child Welfare Services: A Study of Foster Family CareBettie M. SmolanskySociology
1978Richard E. HawkinsAssay of Thyroid Hormonal Activity in Mice by Body Weight and Oxygen ConsumptionA. GaumerBiology
1978Gary M. PanikThe Effect of Cation Concentration Changes in the Developmental Mediums of Sea Urchin (Arbacia punctulata) EmbryosA. GaumerBiology
1978Kathryn W. PavelecFrom the Moon-eye, Mouth-pipe: Toward an Understanding of the Poetry of Sylvia PlathR. BurcawEnglish
1978Diane M. SharkeyThe Effect of Testosterone on the Wheel-Running Activity Patterns of Ovariectomized Female MiceA. GaumerBiology
1978Diane C. SheelerA Continuum of Classification of Presidents: An Inquiry into the Combined Fields of Political Science and Psychology and an Insight into the Characterization of James E. CarterR. HammelPolitical Science
1978Carol A. SlompakThe Effects of Genetic Variability on the Fitness of Drosophila melanogaster PopulationsL. SprechmanBiology
1978Mark S. YuhaszAn Electron Microscopic Study of the Basal Cell Tumor of the SkinJames MitchellBiology
1977Gail S. AdamsA Critique of the Apocryphal Quijote by Alonso Fernandez de AvellanedaM. EliasSpanish
1977Gayla L. BremnerThe Force Behind: A Study of the Spirit of Tragedy and Eugene O'Neill as a Modern TragedianGeorge DiamondEnglish
1977Thomas A. CooperPhysiological Differences between -Glycerophosphate Dehydrogenase Allozymes in Drosophila melanogaster and Their Bearing on Balanced PolymorphismsL. SprechmanBiology
1977Susan L. HerrmannA Study of Mating Selection in Drosophila melanogasterL. SprechmanBiology
1977Richard Allen LutzThe Effect of Diethylstilbestrol on Three Organs of the Reproductive Tract of the Male Albino Laboratory Mouse (Mus musculus)K. BergstresserBiology
1977Stephen MervanClassical, Keynesian and Neoclassical Models of Economic GrowthS. SamiiEconomics
1977Robert D. MinoAn Electron Microscope Study of the Developing Heart in the Chick EmbryoJames MitchellBiology
1977E. Thomas MoyerUse of an Electron Conversion Detector for Mossbauer Corrosion StudiesJoseph PowlettePhysics
1977Frederick S. PattThe Motion of Charged Particles in Selected Electromagnetic FieldsJack RidgePhysics
1977Ruth M. PollackAdolescent Loneliness in Three Twentieth Century American WritingsB. MichaelEnglish
1977Fred SchultheisCyclic GroupsDoris SchattschneiderMathematics
1977Suzann ThomasA Phenomenological Critique of CyberneticsH. JungPolitical Science
1976Scott A. BurkeAn Investigation of Diffusion and Thermal Conductivity Properties of Hydron Burn DressingA. GaumerBiology
1976Curt A. CanfieldSelf-deception and Self-defeat: Japanese-American Foreign Policy During the Manchurian Incident 1931-1933Robert StinsonHistory
1976Cindy L. DellatoreA Functional Analysis of the Role of Visual Imagery and Mnemonics in Reading ComprehensionL. SchroederPsychology
1976F. Robert HuthA Study of Methods for Conserving Passenger Transportation EnergyA. SearsEconomics
1976Jeffrey D. LipkoAn infrared Study of the Per Cent Enolization of Disubstituted CyanocyclopentanonesS. KulpChemistry
1976John J. MilliliConjugation in Paramecium jenningsi and Observation of the Surface Topography of the Vegetative Animal with the Scanning Electron MicroscopeJames MitchellBiology
1976Karen MitchellZionism: From Ideology to Political RealityW. KohlsHistory
1976Frank J. MitmanNorthampton County Rope Dance: The Hanging of Charles GetterE. RhodinJournalism
1976Eileen Jane MixonThe Marxist Theory of Revolution as Presented by Karl Marx, Vladimir I. Lenin, Joseph Stalin, and Mao Tse-Tung: An Historical AnalysisW. KohlsHistory
1976Thomas J. PriceEconomic Development through the Creation of the New Man: The Transformation of Consciousness in ChinaGary OlsonPolitical Science
1976Joseph M. SorianoVariations in Some Hematological Parameters of the Leopard Frog Rana pipiens as Affected by TemperatureL. SprechmanBiology
1976Edward J. VatzaThe Effect of Alpha Brain Wave Feedback on Post-Training Alpha Abundance and Personality TraitsA. LoGiudicePsychology
1976Mark A. WimmerAnti-Semitism and the Third Reich: Its Historical Roots, Why It Became Official Policy, How It Was Implemented, and Why It Was Carried to Such ExtremesW. KohlsHistory
1975G. Thomas Behler Jr.The Development and Assessment of Bilingual-Bicultural Education for Puerto Rican Americans in Elementary SchoolsJ. HilanderSociology
1975Beverly J. BoekhoutApplications of Connectivity in Switching CircuitsM. BrubakerMathematics
1975Carol Lynn BrownThe Intricate Artistry of F. Scott FitzgeraldGeorge DiamondEnglish
1975Roberta A. DollingerThe Effect of Three Methods of Presentation and Socioeconomic Class on Recognition Performance in the Presentation of Low Frequency Words to KindergartenersD. WalkerPsychology
1975Patricia Joan FossA Comparison of the Philosophies of Borden Parker Bowne and Augustine on the Subject of Time and EternityG. Clarke ChapmanReligion
1975Marilyn L. HerwigThe Effect of Postnatal Malnutrition on Cognitive DevelopmentJ. DilendikEducation
1975Helen C. KinderCarl Ruggles, a Composite ViewM. SchantzMusic
1975Robert Joseph KovacsAn Investigation of Phytochrome Controlled Senescence in Marchantia polymorpha l.John BevingtonBiology
1975Carter R. LeeDemocracy and Public Welfare: The Early Political Thinking of John F. Kennedy, 1940-1951Robert StinsonHistory
1975Robert George PremeczDevelopment of a Musical CompositionK. HavankoMusic
1975Cheryl E. RushStudy of a Modern Mathematical Masterpiece: Galois TheoryM. BrubakerMathematics
1975Glenn M. ShortA Light and Electron Microscopic Study of the Developing Heart in the Chick EmbryoJames MitchellBiology
1975Jeffrey L. WelaishSocio-cultural Determinism, Subjectivism, and the Objectivity of EthicsF. Mc ConnellPhilosophy
1975Wheaton W. WilliamsAneurin Bevan, M.P., Government Minister: A Study of His Political Career against the Background of the Economic History of South WalesW. KohlsHistory
1975Barry YeakelThe Naturalism of John Dewey: A Critical AnalysisF. McConnellPhilosophy
1974Linette BoyerVoice and the Elegies of John DonneR. BurcawEnglish
1974David T. D'AngeloThe Respiratory Rate of the Pectoralis Muscle in Two Genera of TurtlesA. GaumerBiology
1974Jospeh A. DiConcettoThe Addition of Organometallic Reagents to Para Substituted PhenylcinnamontrilesS. KulpChemistry
1974Otto DreydoppelEPIC and the New Deal: Upton Sinclair's 1934 Campaign for the Governorship of CaliforniaRobert StinsonHistory
1974Susan M. Dreydoppel (Lenius)Slavery and the Moravian Church in North CarolinaD. GilbertHistory
1974Cassandra EttingerBeyond the Mirage: A Study in the Time-space Continuum in Lawrence Durrell's Alexandria QuartetE. RhodinEnglish
1974Jane Gill (Kenealy)An Investigation of the Development of the Cult of the Virgin MaryDennis GlewHistory
1974Ellen M. HenryPreventive Health Care through Use of Natural and Organic Foods: A Sociocultural Profile of the "Devotee"J. HilanderSociology
1974Christine L. HudakAn Empirical Study of Women's Views and College MatriculationBettie M. SmolanskySociology
1974Carol HunterIsolation and Unitage Determination of the Dextransucrase EnzymeK. BergstresserBiology
1974Keene J. JabbourThe State Legislatures in AmericaR. HammelPolitical Science
1974Kevin F. JonesComparative Effects of Progesterone on Female Mice and Vasectomies on Male MiceA. GaumerBiology
1974David Ray LassoThe Socialist Revolution in Chile: What It was and Why It Failed, 1970-1973C. HuffPolitical Science
1974Edward J. LentzA Comparison of the Linguistic Philosophy of the Middle Ages and Contemporary Analytic PhilosophyC. RussellPhilosophy
1974Robert C. MayAn Assessment of the Effect of National Housing Policy Upon Low-income FamiliesA. SearsEconomics
1974David E. MinoA Histochemical and Ultrastructural Analysis upon Neurulation in Rana pipiensJames MitchellBiology
1974Michael B. MrazA Study of the Musical Elements in Chinese Vocal and Instrumental MusicV. HagemannMusic
1974Bernard V. O'Hare"Why me, Lord?": A Metaphysical Approach to the Problem of EvilF. McConnellPhilosophy
1974Renee Lynn RobertsHistochemistry of the Frog Lung Fluke, Haematoloechus medioplexusJames MitchellBiology
1974Donald P. RussoThe Question of an Emerging Republican Majority and the Future of American PoliticsR. HammelPolitical Science
1974Karen A. SchionningAn Examination of Selected Themes in Works by Kahlil GibranT. GregoryEnglish
1974Colleen M. SentersA Study of DelosDennis GlewHistory
1974Ann M. SloyerHyper-children: A Study of the Diagnosis and Treatment of Hyperactive Behavior in the ClassroomJ. McDermottEducation
1974James SolomonThe Consumption Function: An Empirical Study of the Decomposition of the Consumption FunctionS. SamiiEconomics
1974Mary E. WagnerThe Rise to Power of the Woodville Family in Fifteenth Century EnglandJanet LoengardHistory
1973Craig CaldwellThe Synthesis and Infrared Spectra of Several 2, 3-disubstituted-propanenitrilesS. KulpChemistry
1973Lesley Virginia GarrenJose Ortega y Gasset: A Preoccupation with the Spanish CircumstanceM. EliasSpanish
1973Jan S. KapcalaAnalysis of Blood Plasma Lipid Classes of Guinea Pigs on Vitamin A Deficient DietA. GaumerBiology
1973Mark S. MelnychukRespiratory Capacity and Histochemistry of the Biceps Femoris Muscle in Mice of Different Genotypes and SpeciesA. GaumerBiology
1973Judith P. MiskimminThe Women in the Plays of Friedrich Hebbel: A Study of the Tragic Influence of the Men in Their LivesH. WuerthGerman
1973Jeanette Carol NewcomerA Histochemical, Morphological and Ultrastructural Study of Cattle Rumen CiliatesJames MitchellBiology
1973Lynn Buralli PohroneznyAsian Influences Absorbed by Four Contemporary ComposersM. SchantzMusic
1973Jeffrey A. TothThe Roles of Delphi in HerodotusDennis GlewClassics
1972Nancy Louise CanningThe English Periodical Response to the Deistic Controversy Between 1710 and 1740L. BurkhartEnglish
1972Sally FortinoHarpsichord Tradition and Its Place in 20th-century MusicM. SchantzMusic
1972Janine JaggerThe Effect of Amphetamine and Barbiturate on the Extinction Threshold and Rate of Self-Stimulation in RatsR. JohnsonPsychology
1972Gary E. NothsteinThe Influence of Television on Presidential PowerE. WoodburyPolitical Science
1972Linda M. PekarskiSome Theories and Conditions of Alliance FormationM. KantrowitzPolitical Science
1972Leonard RighiSocial Criticism in the Plays of Sean O'CaseyE. RhodinEnglish
1972Linda F. RoscoeA Demographic Analysis of Ticket-splittersT. MeadPolitical Science
1972Bruce E. YelovichThe Evangelical Content and Intent of "Heliand"; A Study of the Missionary Message and Character of This Old Saxon EpicH. WuerthGerman
1971Karen BenckertThe Moderate Men: The American Tory: Key to a More Balanced Understanding of the American RevolutionJ. McDermottHistory
1971Robert Paul FlickerDetermination of the Neel Temperature of Antiferromagnetic FeF3 Using Mossbauer SpectroscopyJoseph PowlettePhysics
1971James P. McNallyTreatment of Social-Evaluative Anxiety by Behavior Modification Procedures in Group PsychotherapyD. WalkerPsychology
1971Megan M. RichmondMr. Eliot's Saturday Night: The Poet and His Ways to SalvationL. BurkhartEnglish
1971Constance M. SokalskyPrejudice Variation as a Function of Voluntary and Involuntary ContactA. LoGiudicePsychology
1971Mary E. StoneLehigh Valley Candidates: Winners and LosersT. MeadPolitical Science
1971David B. VasilyThe Classification, Morphology and Histochemistry of Rumen Ciliates From Eastern Bos TaurusJames MitchellBiology
1970John E. AllahandIterative Methods in the Solutions of Second Order Differential Equations of the Type y"=f(x,y,y')M. McAllisterMathematics
1970Jerome W. BuzasThe Synthesis and Enol Content of Several 2, 2-Disubstituted-6- CyanocyclohexanonesS. KulpChemistry
1970Marion Frack EggeInstruments and Music of the Brass Ensemble prior to 1750 and Adaptation of Baroque Ensemble Music for Twentieth-century PerformanceM. SchantzMusic
1970Andrew J. HudakObscenity: The Warren Court and the Quest for a RuleT. MeadPolitical Science
1970John J. MalloyThe American Medical Association: Its Role as an Interest GroupT. MeadPolitical Science
1970Lance E. MetzThe Significance of the Early English Tobacco Trade in the Financial System of the Early Stuart EraJ. JonesHistory
1970Jody Robert MillerThe Alienation Theory of Bertolt Brecht as Shown in The Threepenny OperaE. JacobsonEnglish
1970Louis Daniel PowletteThe Great Plague in London: A Tragedy of ErrorsJ. JonesHistory
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YearStudent NameTitleAdvisor(s)Area
1969Anita Carril AmigoThe Enigma of Miguel de UnamunoM. EliasSpanish
1969Ann CromwellTawney's Century Revised: An Historical DebateJ. JonesHistory
1969Walter V. L. EversleyEnglish National Identity in the OratorioJ. JonesHistory
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1969Lois L. MohrA Test of Robert F. Winch's Theory of Complementary Needs: The Structured Interview Approach Sociology
1969David John OleksaThe Kornilov AffairD. BarryHistory
1969Ronald W. SantickyA Study of the Kinetics and Mechanisms of the Thermal Decompositions of TNT and Picric Acid in a KBR MatrixM. BaderChemistry
1969Larry Frederick SineExperimental Study of Mossbauer Source PreparationJoseph PowlettePhysics
1969Ronald ThomsonThe Defense Policy of John Adams, 1797-1800: A Study in Political IndependenceD. GilbertHistory
1969Jeffrey van OrdenAttitude Change and the University ExperienceA. LoGiudicePsychology
1969Peggy VanDorenAn Introduction to Philosophy for the Elementary School Education
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1968Karen Lee HarrisThe Program for the Reformation of Manners and Morals Presented in the "Tatler" and the "Spectator": Periodical Essays by Joseph Addison and Richard SteeleL. BurkhartEnglish
1968Carol Dean HennNATO Policies of the United States, 1964-1967: The Johnson TreatmentT. MeadPolitical Science
1968Stewart T. HermanThe Synthesis and Hydrolysis of 5-cyano-2, 2-diisopropylcyclopentanoneimine and 5-cyano-2, 2-diphenylcyclopentanoneimineS. KulpChemistry
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1968Patricia N. McAndrewThe Royal Danish Ballet: August Bournonville and the Nationalist Elements in His WorkJ. JonesHistory
1968Andrea RockwellReflections on Early Nineteenth Century America: An American Self-image as Seen in Selected Writers of the TimeD. GilbertHistory
1968Ginger A. RooksSelf-Concept and Behavior Change in Juvenile Delinquents as a Function of Weekly Interview SessionsA. LoGiudicePsychology
1968Jack V. ScarolaTraffic Congestion in Manhattan: An Evaluation of Alternative SolutionsA. SearsEconomics
1968Patricia SchoellerGuidance Services in Elementary SchoolB. WiensEducation
1968Robert J. SemperThe Mossbauer Effect: An Experimental Study of the Hyperfine Structure in Fe57Joseph PowlettePhysics
1968Eric Robert ShimerThe Stilwell Mission: 1942-1944D. GilbertHistory
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1967Judith I. DerkThe Real Number SystemR. RobertsMathematics
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1967Jayne WisselJonathan Edwards and His Treatise Freedom of the Will: An Excerpt From the History of American PhilosophyE. WillisHistory
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1967Olindo ZanchettinAntoine de Saint-Exupery: A Voice of the Twentieth CenturyD. TylerFrench
1966Joseph J. FasslThe Effect of Surgery on the Reproductive Capacity of the Laboratory MouseA. GaumerBiology
1966Charles W. FinadyEssentials of the New Antitrust and a Criticism of Merger PolicyA. SearsEconomics
1966Marie GerbinoAn Impression of the Existential Link of Tragic Man in Contemporary American LiteratureE. RhodinEnglish
1966Judith A. MarinoThe Russian Revolution of 1917 as Interpreted by the New York Times and Selected PeriodicalsW. KohlsHistory
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1965Thomas VadaszThe Federalists in Opposition: 1800-1815D. GilbertHistory
1965Michael B. YoungThe King in Parliament (1660-1673)J. JonesHistory
1964Judith R. BartoeThe School Mathematics Study Group Program in the Secondary SchoolJ. HackenbergEducation
1964Rosanne BrickerThe Queen (Elizabeth I) Versus the House of Commons for Control of Religion in EnglandJ. JonesHistory
1964Polly ClarkWolfgang Borchert: Champion of MankindM. GumpGerman
1964Marilyn FishWilliam Golding and the Nature of ManL. BurkhartEnglish
1964Patricia IngertoA Comparison of the Performance of a Group of School Phobic Children and a Group of Discipline Problem Children on the Blacky and Kuhlman-Anderson Tests Education
1964Stanley A. IobstThe Synthesis of 2, 2-diphenyl-5-cyanocyclopentanoneS. KulpChemistry
1964W. Scott KehsThe Preparation and Hydrolysis of Certain Phenyl (Alpha, Alpha)-diphenylalkyl KetiminesS. KulpChemistry
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1964D. Gary MillerThe Elements of Vulgar Latin in the Peregrinatio Ad Loca SanctaG. TylerClassics
1964Victoria Lee VroomStravinsky: Three Sacred Works, a Textual AnalysisM. SchantzMusic
1964Janice F. WhitfieldForces of Nationalism present in Elizabethan EnglandJ. JonesHistory
1964Edward WildeThe Sino-Soviet DisputeO. ShaoPolitical Science
1963David BethuneThe Soviet-Yugoslav Dispute (1945-1948) Political Science
1963Susan E. Burger"The Beautiful and Damned": F. Scott Fitzgerald's View of the Rich History
1963Angie FresoliCelestinaM. EliasSpanish
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1963Janet M. GlevaThe Political Theory of Bertrand de Jouvenel Political Science
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1963Bart Palenchar2-benzoylcyclopentanone and the Hydrolysis of Phenyl 2-oxocyclopentyl KetimineS. KulpChemistry
1963Florence PerryAn Assessment of Current Research on the Incidence of Early Marriage in Contemporary Society Sociology
1963Elaine A. SchrammThe Christ Symbol: The "Unifying Center" of Faulkner's Intention English
1963H. Joseph TrodahlA Study of the Variation of the Hall Effect with Magnetic Field in a Single Crystal Germanium SampleJack RidgePhysics
1962Francis AmigoGeneral Features of Soviet Economic Planning: Emphasis on Mobilization of Human Resources Political Science
1962Linda R. BurnettSamuel Richardson, Moralist and Literary ArtistL. BurkhartEnglish
1962Emma L. DemuthComenius-captive of PansophyL. Burkhart / J. HackenbergEducation
1962Gail EkstrandAn Explanation and Critical Evaluation of John Dewey's Educational Philosophy Education
1962Barbara SnyderIntroduction to Measure Theory Mathematics
1961Cynthia GeimanEugene O'Neill: The Shattered VisionL. BurkhartEnglish
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1960Griffith DuddingHawthorne's Symbolic CharacterizationL. BurkhartEnglish
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1960Nancy Baker TraubitzJohn Donne English
1960Theodore Edward WildeTheories of Active Resistance in Nationalist Socialist GermanyO. ShaoPolitical Science