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Applying to Honors

Students usually participate in the Honors Program during their last two semesters at Moravian, typically the Fall and Spring of their senior year. However, students are encouraged to apply for Spring/Fall participation (or other sequences) if they have other obligations during their senior year (such as student teaching or study abroad) or if they intend to finish all of their requirements in the Fall.

Applications proposing a timeline other than Fall/Spring should include a rationale for the proposed schedule.

The deadlines to apply for entry to the Honors program are below.

  • Early deadline is mid-term of the semester before you wish to begin your project. If your application meets this deadline then you will receive a response in time to register for Honors during your normal course registration period. Also, this is the deadline to apply for one of the Honors Project Support Grants.
  • Final deadline is the last day of classes of the semester before you wish to begin your project.

For a typical student, applications are due during the spring semester of junior year. For off-sequence projects, applications are due in the fall semester of junior year.

To apply, read the Policies and Procedures page to find out if you are eligible. If you are, then please fill out the Honors Program Application and send to Dr. Axel Hildebrandt, Dept. of Modern Languages & Literatures (Comenius 405) by the appropriate deadline (see above). The form should be signed by your advisor(s) and by one of the reference librarians at Reeves Library to indicate you have spoken with them about research tools in your field.